The All You Want System
130 Chapter 130
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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130 Chapter 130

Haytam already knew what the people here would need, and he left everything on the hill in a cottage he built. All the materials were provided by the system and they would be enough to build a whole city.

Even if they needed something more, there was a computer like device that was connected with the system, and if they had problems or needed something, they could alarm him.

After settling everything down, he wrote a letter and let it in the house that the village gave him.

Then he left the village and disappeared in the horizon.

A few hours later in the village, Sam and Sara were searching for Haytam. They needed to consult about organization matters. But after searching him a long time, they could not find any traces of him.

Only after searching in the house, they found a letter on the table. Sam took the letter and read it. Directly after he finished reading it, he had tears in his eyes.

Sara saw him crying and took the letter and began to read it by herself:

"Dear little brothers and sisters, I remember the first time I met you in that old house and decided to take you under my protection. At that time, you were so small and fragile, that even the wind could blow you away. You had such a terrible life, that I could not ignore you and continue with my life. After taking you with me, for the first time of my life a got a sense of responsibility, and even if I was not with you the whole time, I was proud of you. It was a pleasure seeing you growing up.

I know I made your lives difficult as I failed choosing a good wife and made you suffer for years and do things you did not wanted to do. I really regret it. But somehow, I could correct this and now almost everything is ok. You are not anymore young and free, some of you have a family and others are searching for one. But I cannot do the same as you for now.

I decided to go away and search for a new adventure, but I go without guilt, then I know you are in a better place. I know you have to build it before it becomes perfect, but I know you can do it.

I tried to stay here, but I am not the type of person that can stay in a place and live peacefully.

Thank you for everything, I love you all. Maybe we can see each other soon.


The letter was short, but enough to express what he wanted to say.

"It seems like he is forever away. I knew that this day would come. He never stayed in a place for a long time and he need changes every time. I hope he has a safe trip and that he someday will return here t visit." Said Sam after a time. He was the one that knew the personality of Haytam the best. He was also the one that had more time with him,

He knew that Haytam was a type of person that travelled the whole time. The only time he stayed in one place, was as he felt in love with Alice. In order to make her happy, he let his desires sink and he began to build a city to live with her. But at the end he was fooled and almost killed. Therefor he could understand him.

After they found the letter, they had a meeting with all the other, and they told them that Haytam left the village. But this time they were somehow happy for him, that he began to do what he like to do. They all knew that Haytam had a free soul and he did not stay in one place. So, after reading the letter they felt relieved that he found his path again and that he will continue what he began a few years ago.

In the house of the tribe elder, the tribe elder was sitting with crossed legs and was looking at the bag in front of him. He was smiling.

"This young man is really incredible; he did what he said. Maybe I have the opportunity to bring my brother to the right path."

After saying this he took a stone from the bag and closed his eyes and then the blood tiger appeared behind him. Instantly they began to suck the Blood QI from the Blood QI Stone.

This day everyone was happy, and they marked this day, as a day of holiday. It was the day that their big brother and idol parted away. Of course, they were a little sad, but it would be sadder that he stayed here without motivations.

In front of the entrance of a forest, far away from the village, a young man was standing and contemplating the forest.

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    《The All You Want System》