The All You Want System
133 Chapter 133
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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133 Chapter 133

"BOSS! We failed you and one of our men was killed!" Said the leader of the group to the boss of the bandits, called Blaine Blackhead.

This bandits were divided in groups and every group had a group leader- But all the groups and groups leaders had the Boss as their emperor. If he said something or wanted something, they all had to do everything to make it become real. If not, they would suffer the anger of a the level QI Devourer and that was not good for anybody in the groups.

The group leader that met Haytam and was defeated, was the leader of one of the weakest groups in the whole bandit group.

"Who dared to kill one of my dogs? Do he wish to die or what?" Asked Blaine. He did not look sad or angry, but he only wanted to know who did that.

"We do not know, but he is very young and has the same cultivation level as you Boss. We tried everything, but at the end he was too strong and one of our men died." Replied the man.

Blaine Blackhead was thinking after he heard that, he was not a complete brute and had some common sense.

It was strange that someone in his level was not known here. He himself was a 5th QI devourer and even if he was a bandit, he still got respect from others and was feared. But the young man they were talking about did not seem to be known by others and maybe came from another place. If this is true. than they had bigger problems than he thought.

"tell me more about him." Said Blaine.

"he looked very normal when we met, but he was very calm the whole time. He even ignored us and wanted to continue his way, but after we stopped him, the man that was in front of him was killed instantly and in a speed that I never saw."

"Ah, he also had no idea who we are, even after telling him that you are our boss. Even hearing that you are a 5th level QI Devourer, he did not give shit about it and continued walking."

Blaine Blackhead was now a little confused, he thought that the other party did not know who he was and his cultivation level, but it seems like he did not know them at all and from his acts, he should be even stronger than him or at least as strong as him.

"You said he was a young man?"

"Yes, he did not look older than 20 years and looked very plain." Replied the man in fear.

"Go now and do not try anything against that man, he is dangerous. If you meet him again, try to be on his good side and tell the other too about him. GO!"

Blaine was a bandit and he knew how to adapt very quickly, and this was also the reason why he was still in this position. Always when someone appeared that could destroy him and the group, he would do his best to avoid that person or at least to not make him or her angry. He was a true survivor and nobody could win him when it is about surviving in a society full with cultivators. He called it the 'Art of Surviving'.


Not very far away, a young man was still walking alone. This young man was Haytam.

"System when are we reaching the next city?" Asked Haytam desperately.

[In ten minutes, we will see the city borders.] the system replied. The almighty system that could do everything, was now only a navigation system for Haytam and he was using it completely.

"If I can see it in ten minutes, why not speeding a little?" he said this and then like a flash he disappeared from the place where he was and only a silhouette that was running like the wind was to see in the horizon.

Exactly in one minute, Haytam reached the city, he was not only able to see it but he was in the city entrance.


This was written on a large piece of wood on the entrance. It was very simple written and could be seen by everyone.

Haytam then walked straight to the city and was not stopped by guards or anyone, but then an alarm sounded.

"The cultivator that is trying to enter the city should register at first." A guard said calmly, and everyone was looking around them to see who the cultivator is here.

Haytam looked at himself and thought: "Are cultivators different or what?"

But he approached the guard and said: "I am the one that wants to enter the city."

"You should know that a cultivator has to register his entrances and exists because of the danger you bring with you." Said the guard as if he was used to say that.

"Sorry, I always lived in a village, I did not know that I have to register for anything." Replied Haytam.

"Do not worry, it happens more than it should, follow me."

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    《The All You Want System》