The All You Want System
134 Chapter 134
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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134 Chapter 134

Haytam followed the guard and soon they reached a room in the wall of the city. It looked like a secret room and it was not easy to find, if there were not a little door, all the people would only see a wall.

"Ok, write your name, age and level." Said the guard as he put a paper in front of Haytam, then he continued: "The reason of visiting the city too."

Haytam was somehow surprised, that the city controlled so strict the entrance of cultivators. He knew that the cultivators were the minority, but they were also the strongest. Maybe it was because of their danger level.

"System, do they know how strong I am?" Haytam asked quickly in his mind the system, he knew that if he told his real cultivation level, he would be suspected.

[No master, they do not know.]

"Scan the city and tell me how strong the strongest cultivator is."

[The strongest one is a 6th level QI Devourer and there are a few 5th level QI devourer too.]

Haytam thanked the system in his mind and then decided to write that he was a 4th level QI devourer. It is for sure not that surprising as being 6th level.

He also knew that the strongest one should be the city lord, because from all the experience he got after travelling and going to different places. It was also very normal, because the city lord should be above all the others and can defend the city.

"You look young and you are already a 4th level. Even the young masters in our city are not so talented as you. They are at most a 3rd level and that is enough for them to call themselves the owners of the world." Said the guard after revising what Haytam had written.

He had right, the people on his age were 2nd levels or similar, but this could only be said for this city. Because as deeper you go in the continent as stronger is the QI in the air and the cultivators can cultivate faster.

"Can I know how is called this city?" Asked suddenly Haytam, he was curious to know.

"You are really from a village. This city is called the Neverend City. I know it hears a little bit strange, but we refer with the Neverend to the forest in the near. It is the forest that nobody could cross or when someone goes deep enough, they would die and never return. This city is very known because of that forest and a lot of people came here to hunt or to search for herbs."

"Thank you and good bye."

Haytam left that place as fast as he came there. It was not a good feeling to be asked about your identity and your strength only because you want to go to a place. It was not the best feeling.

After entering the city officially, he saw a lot of people coming a going, they all had something in common and that was their weapon or baskets.

"they have weapons on them but not all of them are cultivators. Are they the so-called hunters?" Haytam was curious to know about this people that dared to go to the forest to hunt, even if it was that dangerous. He himself crossed the forest, but that was only thanks to the system, he knew exactly that if he had not help, he would have died or something similar.

But these hunters did not go deep in the forests, but only in the entrance to hunt the weakens type of beast, that were only stronger than normal animals but not as strong as a 1st level beast.

After walking for a time, he saw a large building and saw a huge sign outside.

"Auction of the year today, everyone is welcomed!"

This was what there was written, and Noah found it interesting. He already had visited an auction before but that was with Alice, so he did not like this memory at all.

"let see what they are offering, but it begins only in 3 hours. I still have time; a meal would be good now." Haytam decided to visit the auction, but because it was still too early, he decided to o and eat something, maybe even doing something else too.

Soon after he decided that, he began to search for a good restaurant, but the city was filled with old bars and they were the only that offered food till now. Only after walking more and asking a few people he got to a restaurant. The restaurant looked fine from outside, so Haytam decided to give it a try an eat there.

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    《The All You Want System》