The All You Want System
135 Chapter 135
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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135 Chapter 135

Haytam entered the restaurant and he was directly welcomed by a waiter.

"Welcome in our restaurant, are you alone or are you awaiting other persons?"

"I am alone."

"Ok, follow me."

The waiter was very polite, but there was some disdain in his eyes. Haytam could see it very clearly thanks to his level of cultivation and his understanding of human nature. Haytam were not wearing luxury clothes right now, he was wearing a special designed tracksuit made by the system, that was extremely comfortable and resistant. And the most important thing is that this designs was very similar to what the people wear in this place. There were many designs, from super luxury to super poor, but he preferred the normal design, that looked not so plain but also not so luxury.

Once they reached a table, the waiter gave him a menu and then left him. Then a person would need time to decide what to eat.

After five minutes the waiter came again and asked: "Have you decided what to order?"

���Two grilled ducks, a salat, and juice." Said Haytam without hesitating.

The waiter was somehow surprised that Haytam ordered the most expensive dish in the restaurant and not once but double. You should know that the grilled duck costs 2 golden coins and was very expensive for a grilled duck. It was the specialty of the restaurant and they were very proud of it, but not all were able to afford.

The waiter nodded and then left again.

Haytam was waiting now for his food and observing the people around him. The restaurant was full with young people and they all looked young and rich. Maybe they have the same age as Haytam.

"It seems like I am the only one that comes to a restaurant like this alone." This was his observation after looking all the people.

After a half a hour the waiter came back with the two grilled ducks, the salat and the juice. But there were also some accompaniments for the duck, that were served only with the grilled duck.

The waiter left the food in the table and left again quickly.

But Haytam looked at the dishes on the table and his appetite was roaring for the food. So, without thinking twice Haytam began to eat.

But now it was the time for the other people to look at Haytam.

"He ordered two imperial grilled duck to eat alone. Is he new in the city and o does not know the prices?"

Some of them said to the other table friends.

"Wow, if my allowance permitted me to eat like him, I would be very lucky. But my father is so stingy, he gives me only 1 gold coin per week. If I continue like this, I will die poor." Other complained about their financial situation.

Haytam on the other side was eating his food and hearing the complains of the others.

"They all want to wat like me, but nobody wants to work for it."

"Ok, I also do not work, but my situation is different."

Haytam them spent the next two hours there and then he went to the auction house. The auction house had only opened its doors now.

"Wow, this is really majestic. Even without technology, everything works without problem." Haytam was surprised to see how everything worked only with QI.

"Hello, I want to buy a ticket."

"Yes, a normal sit for 5 gold coins and a VIP sit for 20 gold coins." The worker there replied.

"A VIP ticket please."

The worker then took a card out and gave it to Haytam. And Haytam gave the man the 20 gold coins.

After he entered the auction, the worker shown her surprise. She saw strange people buying tickets here, but she never saw a young man with plain clothes entering an auction and even paying for the most expensive sit in the auction.

"This job is really interesting; you can see so many crazy people every day."

Haytam soon reached the VIP section and with the VIP card, he had no problem accessing his sit, which was a little room with everything you need and was very anonymous if you wanted.

"Why being anonymous if I can show off, I do not need to hide. If I want something, I will buy it. If someone wants to trouble with me, then I will fight it. Why hiding also hiding?"

Also, he opened the window of the little room and now everyone could see him, and he could see everyone. It was much better than looking through a screen.

And of course, with his actions, he attracted the attention of everyone once he opened the window completely. Then nobody from the VIP section did that, because the most of times they bought the VIP sits to be anonymous not to show off.

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    《The All You Want System》