The All You Want System
136 Chapter 136
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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136 Chapter 136

The people around him began to be curious about the identity of Haytam, they wanted to know who this kid was that had the courage to show his face from the VIP room. If he bought something that everyone wanted, then everyone would be after him.

"Who is that kid?" Asked a man from another VIP room.

"I do not know, master, he never came here before. Should I check him?" replied a voice from his side.

"If you do not know, then he should be an outsider. Do not worry to much about him, he is for sure from some aristocrat clan and want to show his strength." Said then the man that asked first.

In another VIP rooms similar conversation were occurring too. But one thing was the same by them all, and that was that nobody had an idea who Haytam was.

Haytam of course did not know about what the people in the other VIP rooms were talking about, because the rooms were good secured and did not allow anyone to listen from outside.

"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to our annual auction of the MI clan."

"We are proud about to be holding the biggest auction in thousand kilometers."

"We have today a large variety of items to auction and you will be happy to see them."

A young woman with a voluptuous body came out from the backstage and she began to speak to the multitude.

She sucked all the male attention to her in an instant, she was so beautiful and sexy with her perfect s-shape body and blonde hair and blue eyes, that nobody could resist.

But the females in the auction were not as happy as they saw how their partners or friends or men, they like were bewitched by her.

"I am Sara MI and I am the host for this auction today. I hope you enjoy it."

Haytam was looking at this woman with curiosity, he knew that something was wrong with her. He could sense how a fragrance was coming from her and she was attracting all the men to her.

"This is not a perfume; this is a spell. A love spell, that attracts the attention of the men and some women too when the hormones made it possible. Interesting, trying to fool the men to buy more. Good trick, but not with me."

Haytam sensed the fragrance from the woman directly, he could sense it and smell it. But he had resistance to all types of poisons or things that could affect his mental health and he was much stronger than her, therefor he could resist her enchants easily.

"Whatever, let see what they can offer."

After the introduction from the hostess, the auction began little after.

"The first item today is an interspatial ring with more 100 square meters. The price begins by 5000 gold coins!"

"7000 Gold coins!"


"10000!" The price quickly raised to 15000 gold coins and then stopped; the winner was one from the public auctioneers.

"Are the spatial rings here also so rare? Wait, yes they are." Haytam asked himself at first, but then he remembered that he had a library in his head and could see that. And as expected, the interspatial rings are rare here too. The most important ingredient to produce them was rare in this continent too, because it did not come naturally in the nature, but they came from interspatial cracks between dimensions.

The tunnel that Haytam and the other used to come to this dimension, are called interspatial cracks or tunnels. Sometimes there are turbulences between the doors to the dimension in the cracks or tunnels and the interspatial rocks are formed and then they fall in dimensions in form of meteorites.

There are even special trained beasts and cultivators that have the job to find those interspatial rocks and when they find it, they sell it for extremely high prices.

Like the ring that was sold now, the ring was small and did not weighed more than 5 grams, but it still costs 15000 gold coins. And the rocks that are found are usually big meteorite. But when the continent is so big and the people demand them so much, the price will only go higher. And the fact that one of those meteorites did not came often, but only once every few years, makes this rock more special.

"I have the system; I do not care about this. I hope I can find something more interesting in this place."

Suddenly someone knocked the door from the room were Haytam was sitting.

Haytam was curious to see who the person was that came in the middle of the auction to him.

"hello, how can I help you?" Asked Haytam after opening the door with a button.

"Young master, my master is inviting you to the banket in the main hall. He hopes you respond to his invitation." Said the man without seeing the face of Haytam.

Haytam did not move from his sit and was still watching the auction, he did not turn to look at the person that came.

Haytam then waved his hand and replied: "I will think about it."

The he closed the door in the man's face.

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    《The All You Want System》