The All You Want System
138 Chapter 138
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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138 Chapter 138

The auction continued slowly and nothing important happened. For Haytam was this auction very boring, he did not find anything that he liked or something he could need.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is our last item. This item was found by and adventurer in a cave and is very mysterious. We tried to find out what it is, but we could not find out. But we are sure that this item is special and could be used to store QI in it."

"For everyone that has interest in it, the item will begin at the basis price of 25.000 gold coins. The auction begins now."

The people in the audition looked at the item, that looked like a necklace with a ring on it, but at the same time the ring was fused with the necklace and could not be moved. The necklace looked beautiful, but nobody knew for what it was good. They could not buy a necklace for 25.000 gold coins only for joy. It was too expensive.

Haytam who was still sitting lazily and thinking about his plan, thought for a moment and he was absolutely concentrated. But as he saw the necklace, he thought that it was a good item.

"Why is a spirit container here? It is a high rank item and should not appear in this barren land. Should I buy it?" Asked Haytam to himself and a little after without thinking, he bid for the necklace.


"The first bid is here; someone wants to bid higher?" Sara Mi was absolutely happy to see someone that wants to buy this almost useless necklace.

"What is he doing? Does he have too much money to spend?" The others were all curious why someone would spend money on that necklace, that seemed useless.

"it seems like the young master in the VUÌP room is the only that has interest in our item, if no one bids a higher price, then our item will go to this young master in 1, 2, 3! Congratulations!"

Haytam nodded and was satisfied with himself, at the end he bought something, that was good.

The necklace cached his attention because it was not a normal item, but a very spiritual one and one that could not be found commonly.

"This Spirit Container in form of necklace is very powerful, it is used to contain spirits and souls in the necklace, and you provide it with your own QI to let them survive. If someone under the 3rd level would wear it, then all his QI would be absorbed, and he would lose his cultivation in a few days. The problem is that, he would not even know it."

Haytam loved the knowledge he had in his brain, then it spared him a lot of time to know what something is."

After the auction, Haytam left the auction house happily with the necklace in his hands. The necklace as he said was very beautiful and was made for men and women.

"System, scan this necklace and search for any anomaly!"

[Yes master.]

The system scanned the necklace and short after it had the results in its hand.

[The necklace is 18000 years old and is made by a very powerful metal with the origin from the outer space. It is very resistance. From what I found out, was this necklace almost 10.000 years underwater. It seems like the cave where it was found, was connected to a lake or similar. Then it was under sweet water and not in salt water.

There is a soul in the necklace, the soul is inactive because of the lack of QI. If somebody under 4th level would wear, then he would be drained to death, because the soul there needs a lot more QI than in normal situations.

I scanned the soul and it seems like it is not an evil one. But it is very weak and can disappear at every moment. It is very curious that the soul could survive for so long without a host.]

Haytam di not know how to react, he did not know if this was really only luck or it was something more. In the action house he found a candidate, here he found the perfect item for the candidate and the family of the candidate is also perfect. He could create his own real life novel and he knew that he was able to do it. Everything was so perfect timed, that he could not believe his eyes.

"it seems like I must create an immortal legend in this dimension. The world wants me to prepare everything for him." Haytham said joking. He always wanted to be at the side of those main characters in novels and he knew that he found the perfect candidate and that he could complete his dream.

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    《The All You Want System》