The All You Want System
139 Chapter 139
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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139 Chapter 139

Haytam followed the old and the young man that he spied before in the auction house to know where they were living. At the same time, he was ordering the system to do some arrangements.

"System give to the soul in the necklace enough QI to awake, at the same time, upgrade the necklace and give it a space where I can enter and live there. There should be everything, but the most important this, is that I will be able to see everything from the inside."

[Yes, master. The necklace was upgraded, the necklace is now an portal to the earth like planet I created. The space is identical to the earth you know and the space too.]

Haytam was happy, the order he gave a time ago was finished and he could use it now.

"Upgrading the system was a good choice, the earth was created in so a short time, that is good. Even if it is only a recreation, the earth will be still the earth, only without any humans."

Haytam wanted to have an earth like planet, like he knew and loved, because he missed it and he knew that the system was not able to send him there for some reason. So, he had to create his own and now he wanted to use it as his operation base for this new mission.

"System, the portal to the space, is only accessible to me and no one can notice it or use it by conscience."

[Yes, master!]

Soon, Haytam reached the entrance to a big piece of the city that was surrounded by walls. It was the entrance of a clan, the Lee clan.

Haytam looked around and he was sure that this clan was prominent and rich. They had even two jade lion statues in front of their doors. Nobody, that was poor or normal would put two statues of jade in the entrance. He also saw the amount of guards outside, that were surrounding the walls and patrolling the whole time.

Haytam used his hear sense and began to hear the conversation of the guards, he knew that he would find good information from them.

"Today's meal is chicken with rice, I hate this dish. They give it to us almost every day."

"I know, but what can we do. Chicken and rice are way better than eating soil to survive."


"Do you want to have a drink tonight with me?"

"nah, my wife is waiting. She will kill me if I go and waste money."

"Bro, you changed since you married. You are not the same anymore."


"Did you hear about the grandson of the first elder. I heard that he is already at the 3rd level and on his way to the 4th level."

"Yes, I heard that too. What a pity for the son of the clan leader, he was once a genius and now he will be a 1st level forever."

"What good can he do? He is only a little bastard with big ball, that wanted to show off. At the end, he is not even worthy to be the son of the sect leader. Alex is much better and with the help of the first elder, he will skyrocket very high soon."

"Shut up, the clan leader helped us so much, how can't you have some respect for his son. Do not be ungrateful." The young guard said angry, like if he was very touched by this matter.

! Humpf!


Haytam heard the last conversation and knew that they were talking about the young man and the old man he saw in the auction house and the third one was who he searched.

"let us see what kind of boy he is, I hope he is not a spoiled brat that cannot do anything." Haytam was hoping in his heart, he wanted to find a righteous boy and not some spoiled child.

Haytam used an invisibility technique from the system and entered the clan territory, he was walking slowly and watching his surroundings.

In front of him were Alex and the first elder walking together to somewhere and both looked very happy. They also were greeted the whole time by all the people they met on their way.

"Welcome back first elder!"

"Welcome back young master Alex!"

This two sentences could be heard by the people the whole time, until both entered a luxury courtyard. The courtyard was too magnificent and luxury and big, it had everything you could imagine what a courtyard could have.

"It seems like the advantages of being the first elder are not light." Haytam commented, and then he continued searching for Chan Lee, the boy that was destined to have a bright future since Haytam picked his interest in him.


"Young master Chan, please go. You will not get an allowance this month."

"Why? Everyone got his allowance, why only me not."

"Do not disturb and go!"


Haytam heard this from far away and his interest was picked up, then he headed to the voices

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    《The All You Want System》