The All You Want System
140 Chapter 140
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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140 Chapter 140

"Chan Lee, the allowance for you this month was used to help Alex to cultivate. So, be thankful that you can help a true genius to cultivate." Said a young man with a little bag in his hands filled with money.

"If you want to help your beloved genius, then give him your own money, why should I pay for it." Replied Chen Lee angered with the situation.

"I did not decide that, I already have my allowance, so I can go and buy something for me. Do you want to come with me and buy something?" The same young man replied laughing and then he began to walk to somewhere.

Chen Lee was left there, and everybody ignored him and laughed about him. They were amused that he was so angered.

"Why always me? What did I do to deserve this?" Chen Lee said to himself and left the place too. But he did not stay in the clan territory, but he went outside from the backdoor, so nobody noticed him.

Haytam followed him and was observing the boy and what he was doing. The boy seems to be 17 years old and had a skinny figure. He looked frail and easy to break and not like a cultivator. Haytam scanned him and he was at the 1st level QI Devourer, but it was strange because he was only entry stage. But at the same time, he seems to be since a long time a 1st level, so that was strange, because the entry stage could be passed in a few days and was the easiest part of a cultivator in his life as cultivator.

[Master, the soul has awakened. Do you want to speak with it?]

The system suddenly spoke and Haytam was surprised by this. He could never get along with the surprise messages from the system.

"Yes, of course. But continue looking were that young child is going and give me then an exact location."

[Yes master!]

Suddenly Haytam conscience was sucked into the necklace and in front of him the world changed. He was now in an different spatial space. This space was only a big room and in the middle of the room was a woman standing there.

"Welcome to my private space, you are a young man, I did not saw a young man since a long time. Do you want to be my disciple?" The woman turned her back and showed for the first her face and then said.

The woman was beautiful, like a fairy, but her eyes showed a coldness that he never saw. But that coldness was not a bad one, it was more an indifference coldness. Like everything in this world was normal and she was the only one that was different. But at the same time, it did not contain any arrogance.

"Wow aren't you a little too fast. Why should I take you as a master?"

"I think you do not know who I am, I am the Heavenly Empress of the Dragon. Everyone wants to be my disciple."

She replied calmly.

"I think you are only in need of a disciple and you wanted to make the first one that entered this space your disciple. I know that you were jailed here for a long time and you almost died if I did not recharge you with QI, do you know how much QI I needed to charge you?"

The woman was shocked by the answer of the young man, it was the first time that she was rejected.

At the same time, Haytam was looking for information about her. And he found it very quickly.

"Also, you are the Heavenly Empress of the Dragon. You were once the strongest cultivator that this dimension and all the others ever saw, and you were like a god in this dimension. Your saying was the order to everyone. But 10.000 ago your best friend and family betrayed you and killed you, of course under the excuse that you have gone crazy. I must say, you have a good history."

"Your strength comes from the unique cultivation technique called the Seven Demon Dragons and your soul beast called Dragon Serpent, a normal snake that combined with the cultivation technique became a Dragon Serpent. Your enemies and friends were all jealous because of the technique you had, and they killed you to get the technique, unfortunately they were not able to catch your soul and interrogate it."

Haytam was like someone that was the whole time in her near and knew everything about her. She was shocked, nobody knew that she was born with only normal snake as a soul beast. This was her biggest secret and she never trusted anyone to tell this secret.

"You found this magical technique in a broken book in a public library and because you were poor and your parents could not help you to cultivate, you decided to try this broken technique, but at the end you found out that this technique was the strongest that existed. And with your new technique and thousands of years of cultivation, your earth ranked soul beast became and divine soul beast with draconian attributes."

The woman could not more stay calm and she began to tremble, this was to accurate, nobody should know so much about her, this was too much.

"Are you here to steal the technique, if yes, you are wrong here. Even if you try to steal it, I will not give it to you, and you cannot force it out."

Haytam began to laugh, and she was insecure why he was laughing. That made her more nervous.

"You are wrong, I am only here to offer my help to you."

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    《The All You Want System》