The All You Want System
141 Chapter 141
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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141 Chapter 141

"What do you mean by offering your help? I am the heavenly empress; nobody can help me. Even if you could give me QI, I am still very powerful and can kill you instantly." The Heavenly Empress of the Dragon replied indignantly.

She could not understand what a 5th level QI Devourer can help her with. She could kill millions of him in an instant if she wants.

"You are wrong, you cannot kill me. This Soul container in now under my control, that means that you cannot harm me even if you want. This is the reality, so wake up, you are not the Heavenly Empress of the Dragon anymore."

The woman suddenly began to look at her surrounding and searching for something. After a few moments she looked desperate as if she had lost something important.

"What did you do? How could you change the Soul container? I am still a 15th level QI devourer soul, you cannot control me." She shouts to Haytam anxiously. She had lost her little freedom that she still had before. Even if she were underwater and she were not able to absorb QI, she could still go out to look the outside and walk in a radius of 100 meter from the necklace. She only lost this ability after she had no QI anymore. Then the souls could go out, but they could not move the spirit container by itself, therefor they needed a host that could move them around and supply them with QI.

"Do not worry, it is not that bad. I only restricted you to talk with you right now, after this you will be able to do the same as before. I even reinforced your soul and you will be able to cultivate by yourself and you will not need a host to get Qi." Said Haytam to calm her, this was an advantage after improving the spirit container.

The soul began to check if what he said was real and after she closed her eyes and tried to cultivate and after ten minutes, she could feel how man from another place began to flow in the space of the necklace and then she began to absorb the QI. It was a magical feeling because I was not the same as cultivating with a physical body, it was like the QI fused with the soul itself and became more real. She was now half transparent, and she looked ethereal, but after she began to cultivate, her ethereal appearance began to consolidate and get more color.

After one hour, she finished cultivating and she felt incredible and could not believe it.

"How did you do that? This should not be possible."

"Do not worry about the details, I am here for something else."

"Alright, I will help you but only because you improved my conditions and saved me."

Haytam smiled only and then he said:

"I want you to train someone with your technique, he does not have any potential like I saw, but he is also strange, because he even did not managed to pass the early stage of the 1st level."

"What? Do you want to train someone like this? You are demanding the impossible. How can I be sure, if he does not teach others my technique or something similar, I cannot risk this."

"Do not worry, I am still alive, and I am powerful, if he does something stupid, then he will be stopped by me. But do not worry, he is someone that had a hard live and he will be very grateful to you, and who knows if he really has potential."

"Ok, but if he is really to untalented, I will not teach him for long."

"Yes, yes, whatever you say." Replied Haytam.

"Ah, do not tell him that I am the one behind you. I hope he does not know about my existence. I want to be the watcher and do not want to participate directly. If you see me while I am, with him, then ignore me and do like you do not know me."

The Heavenly Empress of the Dragon nodded, and she accepted the terms of him. But for her was this a good deal, she has only to tech a boy a technique and that was it. She does not have to give more. She thought that for Haytam to improve the soul container, he had to pay a high price and she knew that this high price could not measure with money.

"What is your name, I could not find any resources were your name was mentioned?"

The Heavenly Empress of the Dragon laughed and said: "I never told anyone my name; it was the best protected secret I had after the technique. But I will tell you, my name Is Eleonor. I think that is sufficient."

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    《The All You Want System》