The All You Want System
142 Chapter 142
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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142 Chapter 142

Short after, Haytam left the space in the necklace and continued what he was doing before. Chen Lee was now very deep in the back mountains of the Lee clan. Haytam scanned the surrounding and he found nobody but Chen Lee.

The back mountains were a chain of three mountains that stands right behind the clan territory of the Lee clan. The three mountains are very large, and they are filled with beasts and demos beasts. The demon beasts there were only between 1st level and 4th level, and the 4th level was already the demon beast lord of the three mountains and all the other mountains in the surroundings. It was very rare to see such a demon beast in this part of the continent.

Those three mountains also belonged to the Lee clan, because they bought it a long time ago. They used it as a training place for the younger generation or to punish someone that did something wrong. They had many uses for it, that is what is important.

"What is he doing here alone? And why is he entering a cave?" Haytam found this lad a little interesting, while observing him, Chen Lee maintained his calm the whole time as if nothing happened, then he saw how he was treated in the clan before and that was reason enough to let the shit out, but he did not.

Whatever, once he entered the cave, Haytam made himself invisible and followed him too.

"Careful! There are traps!" Haytam realized at the last moment. As he wanted to enter the cave, he did not saw anything, but suddenly he saw a fine line and a cub and a few things more, that were typical for a trap. There was even a hole in the middle of the entrance.

"This lad is really intelligent, if not for my spirit perception, then I would not be able to see the traps."

The spirit perception, that he was talking about, is a natural sixth sense that cultivators could gain, but not all, when they experiment real danger or they train till they can use it. It is basically a radar for danger and every time the spirit perception comes to work, the cultivator knew that there is danger in the near or somebody has ill intentions towards him.

Haytam gained this spirit perception in the void, he was so alone there that he experimented with his body less conscience and somehow, he activated it. And this is also very useful, when he is walking into somewhere that he does not know or to know that somebody is following him.

Haytam then entered the cave avoiding all the traps and then went deeper in.

"Sorry mom, I failed you. I try my best to cultivate but nothing happens, I try to help father but it is also useless. I am not good for nothing, like father."

"I know I should not have rancor towards him and I know he is doing his best to help me, but I cannot forget that he could not protect you or even burry you properly. Even as the clan leader, he has almost no saying and he been like a puppet. I cannot stand this anymore, but this is really difficult for me."

"I wanted to take my monthly allowance today, and the person in charge did not give me anything. He said that I gave my allowance to support Alex, the grandchild of the first elder. He is also already in the 3rd level and everyone praise him as a genius, even if that all was because he got all the resources, he wanted from the first elder."

"It is sad to see how the clan became so biased to Alex, only because he is a 3rd level now and he is the only in the younger generation of Wind city that reached that level. But I read in the library a book about using too many resources and I found out, that as more resources a cultivator used as more impurities will come in the body and his potential will be blocked sooner or later."

"Whatever I felt today a little sad and wanted to tell you everything because you are the only that listens to me. I know you would say that I should be patience, everyone has his time and a chance in this life to become big, but I think that I will not last for long. As the official young master of the Lee clan, I am unable to cultivate further from the 1st level, and sooner or later they will kick father and me out from the clan. I can already sense the changes in the clan."

Haytam was beside him and saw and listened to everything, and he was touched. This 17 years old boy had lived more difficulties that someone at his age would live. From what he listened, this was the tomb of his own mother and from he understands, she was not accepted in the clan, therefor she could not be buried there. This boy has really a sad life.

"Boy, I will give you this opportunity and this is the only one I will give to you. I hope you use it smartly." Said Haytam, even if Chen Lee could not hear him. Then he placed the necklace in the near of the child and waited till the necklace was found by the child.

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    《The All You Want System》