The All You Want System
143 Chapter 143
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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143 Chapter 143

Time passed in the cave and the young man finished talking to the tomb of his mother. He stood up and looked around, but it was like a routine check, then he did not expect anything new. It was only for precaution.


"What is this?"

"Since when was here a necklace?"

"Was someone here before I came?"

Chen Lee was a precautious person and he always checked everything, but this was not expected.

"it looks normal. Was it the whole time here or is that new?"

Chen Lee took the necklace and checked it, he wanted to see if there was any sign that leaded him to the owner, but there was not. And soon after he took the necklace in his hands, he felt how he was sucked in.

Haytam was seeing everything from behind and he smiled, that was what he wanted to see.

"The game has begun." Whispered Haytam and then followed Chen Lee in the necklace, once there he was invisible for him and for the Heavenly Empress of the Dragon. He was like a watcher and he wanted to enjoy this moment.

"Welcome in my space!" Said the Heavenly Empress of the Dragon with a magnificent voice showing her dignity and power.

Chen Lee was instantly suppressed by her and did not know what to do.

"Who are you? And where I am?"

"You are in the necklace, boy."

"How is that possible? Let me out and I will do anything you want."

The young man was terrified, he was scared to see a beautiful woman so suddenly and not knowing about where he is. It was not easy to accept, so he wanted only to go back to where he was before.

"Boy, do not worry. If you were chosen by the necklace to enter this space, then you are blessed by the heavens." Said the Heavenly Empress with a small smile that did not disappear from her face.

Obviously, she could not tell that Haytam was the one that gave him the necklace, so she could only lie and say that this was the work of the heaven.

"What do you mean by that? I want only to go out."

"Do you know who I am?" asked the Heavenly Empress. At the same time, she let her aura out to suppress the boy for a little.

"N… No, should I know you?" The young man was terrified, but he still answered.

"I am the Heavenly Empress of the Dragon! I was the supreme governor of all this world 10.000 years ago." She said with magnificent and she spoke like an empress.

The young man in front of her got more scared as he saw how she was behaving and had no idea who she was. He for real had no idea.

Haytam who was on the side, said: "Eleonor needs to know that she was almost forgotten by the mortals and weak cultivators, who would know who the Heavenly Empress of 10.000 years ago was? But it is really sad to be forgotten in the river of time."

Haytam was loving how everything was going so smooth and that there were no problems till now.

Back to Chen Lee and the Heavenly Empress.

"Sorry, but I have no idea who you are. Can I leave this place now?" replied Chen Lee with caution, he thought that this woman was crazy or something.

Eleonor almost fell from her sit and was shocked, it looked like a comedy as she heard what he said.

"If we were 10.000 years back, you would have knelt whatever I was in the near, even if you did not see me. But now, I am only an old woman that was forgotten by everyone. Whatever, I already governed this place and tasted what is to be the strongest being. I think I need a successor now."

"Boy, what do you think about being my disciple?"

Chen lee was surprised by the sudden invitation to be her disciple. He did not understand what she wanted and now she was asking him to her disciple. That was too much for him and he appreciate it, but he knew he was a waste and even if she wanted to teach him something for real, he would not be able to do so.

"No, I refuse. Can I go?"

The Heavenly Empress almost fell again as she heard the rejection, she was the Heavenly Empress and even if so, much time passed, she was still not used to be rejected.

"Boy, I know your problem. You are at the 1st level, but you cannot cultivate further. Your spirit does not react to the cultivation method and you think that you are only a waste in cultivation. But hear me, you are not a waste, it is only that you did not meet with the right master like me."

Chem Lee listened to her and was surprised, for the first time he felt that someone could understand his struggle. And something deep in him was saying to listen more to what she was saying, maybe she had the solutions he needed.

"If you become my disciple, I guarantee you, to become the strongest cultivator even and to get your revenge. Then from what I felt as you entered was resentment, that was very deep in you. And I only want to say, that your resentment is useless, and you do not need it. If you are powerful enough, you can solve everything that is unsolved in your heart."

Chen lee was standing there, and he was in deep thoughts after listening to what she said.

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    《The All You Want System》