The All You Want System
144 Chapter 144
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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144 Chapter 144

"I accept you as my master!" Chen Lee suddenly said and knelt in front of Eleonor and bowed his head. He was looking very serious and was decided.

"I do not want to be weak forever, I am tired from being weak. Please master, train me to be strong and fight for my dreams!"

He was tired to be the weakest one in the clan, to be weakest one in the city and be the weakest at all places. He wanted, and was willing, to be strong. And he was not stupid to decline this opportunity.

Eleonor smiled seeing this young man in front of her, she wanted only to fulfil the request of Haytam, but after seeing this young man and his spirit, she was more than willing to accept him as disciple and pass him her most important technique.

She was the Heavenly Empress of the Dragon and everyone wanted to be her disciple and thousands of young people bowed in front of her, but where rejected in the spot.

"He is the first one, that wanted purely to be strong, he does not have second thoughts about wealth or having power to govern over others, he only wants to be strong. This is indeed a good seed to nourish and train." Eleonor thought, she was very happy.

"Good, I will train you from now on and you have to do everything I tell you to do, if not you will die while training. The technique I will impart you is not some normal technique, where you only need to breath and work with your spirit beast or weapon. This technique requires the spirit, the body, and the soul, all these three have to be in harmony and they have to be trained to the limit. This will not be the easy cultivation in seclusion and waiting till the QI comes to you and then you can use it."

"Show me your soul beast or soul weapon and let me check why you cannot cultivate further."

Chen Lee stand again and had a decided look, then he let his soul beast out.

In the next moment, a little worm was floating in the air, it looked very cute and it looked also very weak.

"this is my soul beast, everyone said that this is the trashiest soul beast ever and only people with bad look would get it. But at the same time, they had no idea what this worm was, because there was no register that had information about it." Said Chen Lee after summoning the soul beast, but even saying that, he had a caring gaze on the worm.

"But even if they all said that this was trash, it is also the only one that is honest to me and I know that it would never betray me." Continued Chen Lee.

The expression of Eleonor did not change after seeing this soul beast, she was not moved by it at all. But in reality, she was in shock: "how can this be possible? This is the baby form of a dragon, a true dragon. Why does this disciple of mine have a dragon as soul beast? Is this a joke or what?"

The worm, that Chen Lee summoned, was not a worm but the baby form or, also called, initial form of a dragon. It was the rarest soul beast a cultivator could get, some said that only the luckiest people could get it. But at the same time, it was the unluckiest thing that could happen to a cultivator, because without the right technique to cultivate, they would stick at the 1st level forever.

"Chen Lee do not care about what the others said. This soul beast of yours is better than all the others that exists, you did have the luck to awake it, but not have the luck to have a technique that could cultivate it."

"this soul beast of yours is very special and needs a special technique to cultivate it, at the same time without that technique, even if you do not want to cultivate with the soul beast and wants only to cultivate the QI, your soul beast does not allow you to do that."

"I am sure you tried every technique you could find, but no one worked, and it was like your meridians and dantian were sealed."

The expression of Chen lee turned black and he looked at the cute worm, he thought that the worm was the culprit of everything. But then suddenly he realized that what he was thinking was bull s*it and that the only culprit was he, that was unable to find a suitable to find a technique.

"But I do not know what type of luck you have, the technique I wanted to impart you, is the most suitable technique that exists in this vast dimension. I am thinking that from now on, you will be my luck star, so do not die rapidly because of my training."

Chen Lee was excited, as he heard what she said at the beginning, he thought that maybe he was not lucky, because he thought that the technique she wanted to impart him was not suitable, but now he was very, very excited.

"Really? I can cultivate from now on. Is this really real? I waited for this moment since I awake two years ago and now, I am not far from it."

"Yes, you can begin to cultivate. But before anything, go and find a suitable place for you to cultivate, this space is not suitable for you to cultivate, when it is time to cultivate the soul, then you will come here, but for now, you have to go."

"Yes master!" Chen Lee shout, and then he felt how he was sucked again, in the next moment he was again in the cave and the necklace was not more in his hand but was around his neck. He did not remember doing it, but it was not important for now.

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