The All You Want System
145 Chapter 145
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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145 Chapter 145

"And? What do you think about this boy? I saw that you like him." Asked Haytam suddenly and reveling himself.

Eleonor was a little surprised because she did not feel his presence before. But she knew that this young boy who seems to be at the 5th level had a lot of powers and abilities that she could not explain with her vast knowledge.

"Indeed, you found a pure diamond. And he is also the most suitable to be my disciple."

"Good, I am happy to know it. Can you tell me what his soul beast is? I am very curious about it." Haytam asked, he had a lot of knowledge, but this was not one of them. He also asked the system, but the system only replied that it does not know.

"His soul beast is a real dragon in its initial form, also called baby form. I heard about this soul beast only by coincidence in a dream of mines while I was cultivating my technique. I thought the whole time that it was only common dream, but it should have been the technique showing me the true firms of a dragon. But this are only my speculation, I cannot guarantee anything."

Haytam nodded and began to think for a moment.

"It is possible, like my connection with the Natural Law that allows me to have dreams about the dimension and the people about in it and special places, the technique creates a special connection to the cultivator with the dragons." Thought Haytam. He really had many strange dreams this few days and he could only explain them when he connected them to the Natural Law.

For example, he dreamed how in a vast grassland, the earth began to shake, and a spirit plant was born. The dram looked se real, that Haytam asked the system if this grassland existed and he got an astonishing reply.

[The grassland in your dreams is the Munik Grassland in the south and what you dreamed with did not happen. But scanning the underground of the grassland, I found out that a spirit plant seed was about to flourish. If I am not wrong, your connection with the Natural Law enable you to see the future of the dimension.]

That night, Haytam could not sleep well after hearing that and he was very excited, because he found out that he could see in the future. Even his almighty system could not do that, therefor he was very excited to have an unique skill, that only he had and nobody else.

Whatever after finding out, that his soul connection with the Natural Law was more than only summoning thunders, Haytam was very satisfied and happy.


Haytam also left he space a little after and then went to follow Chen Lee again to see what he wanted to do. Then finding a good place to cultivate was more difficult than one could imagine.

For example, the cave they were a few moments ago was not good to cultivate, because it was too small, and the QI did not reach the place very good.

Haytam observed how Chen Lee returned to the clan and went to his father, who was in his office.

"Father, can I come in?" Asked Chen Lee waiting at the door.

"Yes, come in. Do you need something, my son?"

The middle-aged man sitting at the table looked old, his hair was white, and he did not look so vital like he should.

This was Pedro Lee and he was the clan Leader officially, but he did not look like a leader because of his weak look and his tired look.

"Father, I need an own courtyard. It would be the best if it were outside the clan."

"Why do you need an own house, are you not happy living with me?"

"It is not like that; it is only that I need it."

"Can you tell me why?"

Chen lee looked around to check if somebody was there and he wanted to make sure that no other people knew about this.

Pedro saw this and he was not sure about the actions of his son, but at the same time he knew that this was a serious matter that was very important for his son.

"I found a master, that can teach me to become a true cultivator. You know that no technique works with my soul beast and I cannot cultivate without it."

"Son are you sure that this masters of your is not here to scam you? I might look old, but I steel have iron fists, nobody can scam my son."

Chen Lee laughed and replied after seeing his father's reaction.

"Do not worry father, I can guarantee you that this master of mines is many times stronger as you and the other people from the clan or the city. He only picked me because of my soul beast, it said that my soul beast was one of the rarest beasts that exists, and it had a lot of strict conditions picking the right technique to cultivate."

The father was surprised to hear from his son that someone was stronger than him, because his son knew exactly how strong he was. And he knew that his son did not lie, because his son never lied, and he proved himself to be honest on many occasions.

"Alright, do you want a courtyard in the city or outside?"

"outside and tell the others that I was banned or something, because I do not want to discuss with them why I left the clan territory."

"No problem, but you know that you are making things difficult for me."

"I know dad, but this is necessary. I am also very thankful."

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    《The All You Want System》