The All You Want System
146 Chapter 146
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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146 Chapter 146

Pedro sighed after seeing the resolution in the eyes of his son, this was the first time that his son wanted something so badly. He understood directly that this was important.

"I have a little courtyard in a hill near the city, there is also an agriculture land, that I use to grow corps. This is one of my personal assets, so the clan cannot interfere with what I do with it. There are also some slaves, they will help you with your necessities and plant the crops."

The clan had clear rules about personal assets, normally a normal clan member would not be able to own nothing under his name, if he wanted to buy a house or a something, he needed to go to the elders and ask them to buy it in the name of the clan.

But the elders and the clan leader had the right to possess a limited amount of assets under their name without sharing it with the clan, it was to show the other clan members that they had a higher status. But the assets could not exceed an amount of money, if they did excess then they have to give it to the clan too. It was very bad for the hard-working members of the clan, because all their hard-worked money would go in the case of the clan and then distributed to all the clan members.

There were some situation were a family in the clan bought a house after a long time or built it, but then the clan elders decided to give that house to another clan member and the family that worked hard for it would have to shut up and lower their heads.

But this was the only method to support the cultivators in the clan, because if they had to work and cultivate, then they would not grow fast and strong.

This was the sad destiny of the normal clan members, that were also the majority. They were born to support the cultivation of the cultivators and if they tried to do something against this rules, then they would be expelled from the clan and all what they had would be confiscated. So, they would have to leave with only their clothes on and nothing more, not even a necklace that your parents gifted you would be saved from the confiscation.

Chen Lee then got the exact ubication of the courtyard and then thanked his father and left the office.

His father could only sigh the whole time because he could not understand his son.

"I wish you were born as a genius; on this way you would not have so many difficulties."

"Butler Gin!"

Pedro shout and waited.

In the next moment, an middle-aged man in grey robes came in the office and lowered his head as a form of respect.

"Yes master, how can I help you?"

"From now on my son, Chen Lee, is not a part of the family anymore. Every act and decision he make, has nothing to do with the Lee clan. Make sure that everyone knows about this." Pedro Lee said with a cold voice.

The butler could not believe what he heard right now, he even thought that his ears was bad and that he was imagining things. 'How can the most carrying father throw his son out of the clan? Gin, you must be getting older, you should go to the doctor.���

"Master, can you repeat please, I think I am getting older and my ears too."

"I said that my son is not a part of the clan anymore, he and the clan have nothing more to do with each other."

This time the butler was petrified, he who lived for nearly years and served the clan for nearly 30 years, heard for the first time something like this. He was there as the son of the clan leader was born and he was there as he saw how the clan leader educate him and made everything for his son.

But now from the nowhere, he was throwing his son out of the clan. It was like sending a ship to a wolf pack.

"Master, you cannot do that. His is your son, I cannot accept this decision. It is too dangerous for him there outside. He also cannot cultivate."

"Butler Gin, I know that he is like a son for you, but the decision was already taken. Go and inform everyone."

Butler Gin looked at the clan leader with different eyes, but as a butler he could do nothing. He was powerless in this clan, the most he could do was to help the poor boy that had to leave the clan.

At the same afternoon, the whole clan was shocked, and everyone spoke about the new news about the expulsion of the young master of the clan, but at the same time some of them were preoccupied. They thought that the clan leader was very kind, but now after they heard that he even expulses his own son, they began to think different about him.

But not all were shocked, a lot of them were also very happy and they found in this news a new opportunity to higher their positions in the clan.

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    《The All You Want System》