The All You Want System
147 Chapter 147
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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147 Chapter 147

Chen Lee was someone with very light luggage, he only took two set of clothes and a few of personal things he collected through the years. For example, he took a box with a ring that he got from his mother when he was born.

It was one of the few things he had from his mother and what he appreciated the most from his personal assets.

He had luck, that the clan did not care about the things that he took out with him, because it was already very good for them that he left the clan, a few jewelry or coins were nothing compared to the position of the young master of the clan.

"Finally, I can leave this place without worrying about losing the only legitim position I have. Once I cultivated stronger than all of them, I will come back and show them that I was worth it, and they will regret treating m like this."

"No, Chen Lee control yourself. You are not doing this all for them, it is for you and only for you. Once I became strong, I will not need them anymore and I do not have to return. They will come to lick my boots for my help one day."

Then Chen Lee walked out from his old house and began to walk to the exit of the clan. On his way everyone was staring at him, they all knew that Chen Lee was expelled from the clan and that he had nothing more to do with him.

But even if they did not have a great relation, they still did not comment about him being expelled or laughing about him. It was the minimal respect they could show for the ex-young master and the son of the current clan leader.

But not all of them were like that, there were always exceptions and bad seeds in the clan, for example the son of the first elder.

"Young master… Ups, ex-young master, how are you feeling?"

"it is a good feeling that your own father expelled you?"

"tell in detail, this will be a historical record in the history of the clan, and I want to redact the story."

Chen lee saw his arrogant smiling face and was disappointed with him. After all they still had the same family name and they should show a little respect, even if it were only to show off.

Chen Lee saw him in the eyes and sighed, it was the expression of someone being seriously disappointed. It was the same face when a father knew that his son did something very bad and that he had no chance to do it right again.

Alex Lee saw the expression of Chen Lee and froze, he never expected such a reaction from Chen lee, not even his own father or grandfather would dare to look at him in this way. He tightened his teeth and was angry. His face completely red.

Being the son of the first elder and the genius of the clan, he was always treated with highly respect and was also treated as the legit young master of the clan, even if officially he was not.

But Chen Lee that could not cultivate further from the 1st level was looking at him with disappointment was not something he could ignore. It was the most humiliating thing that happened in his live.

"After you live the clan, you will not be protected by the clan anymore. I will make your live a hell and you will regret looking at me at this way." Whispered Alex lee to himself. He was not an idiot to say that with high voice, then he turned and left the place. He was too angered to stay there.

"Young master Alex, what happened? Did we not want to laugh about that little weakling?"

"Go away, I am not in the mood to do anything."

Even to his lackeys, had he no patience.

"Ok, I will go to practice. When you want to do something funny, then call me."


Chen Lee left by the time the clan and was on his way to his new home that was a little far from the clan. He will live from now on in a courtyard outside the city and he will have only a little contact with the world.


Haytam was the whole time behind him and was pleased by the show he was seeing. It was better than reading a novel because he was seeing it by his own eyes. And if he was really like the main characters in the novels, then this journey will be in the future more exciting.

"The first step is done!"

"Now it is time to make him grow stronger!"

"let us also visit the fake earth!"

"System, take me to the earth."

[Yes master.]

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    《The All You Want System》