The All You Want System
148 Chapter 148
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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148 Chapter 148

Haytam gave the order to create a planet, that looked like the earth he knew, a long time ago. But because the system was still not strong enough, it was very slowly by the creation of that planet, but after coming to this new dimension, the system was upgraded and the speed for the creation of that planet became faster and faster. Whatever, even if it will be very slow, it was only for fun.

"Let see what the system was able to create. I hope it is similar."

Haytam saw a portal opening in front of him and then he stepped into it.

Haytam felt how everything was changing around him, it was not like the last time when he crossed the dimensions, because he could not see the different dimension in this portal, like the last time.

Normally the portal would also show you doors to other dimensions and you had to choose which one you wanted to enter, but this one was different. There was only one door and it took you directly to the dimension created by the system. There were no right or left to go in, there was a only one door at the other end.

Once he crossed the door, Haytam saw himself floating in the space. He was alone there, and it would be dark if not because if the star light, he would not see anything.

After having crossed the portal, Haytam began to look around him to see where the earth was.

But before he found the earth, he saw something more exciting.

"Wow, this is Jupiter! It is incredibly, this is the same Jupiter I knew from the geography class. I have to look at it closer, I heard that this planet had more than 60 moons. I have to check it personally."

Haytam was excited and flew to the planet. As he approached the planet, he also saw rings around the planet, they were difficult to observe, but it was still there to see when you were near of it.

"it has also rung around it; I did not know this."

"There are also the 60 moons, it is also very big."

"But the size cannot be compared to the smallest planet in the dimension I was reborn in."

It was normal, Jupiter was big when it was observed by the eyes of an earthling like him, but once a person from the cultivation dimension saw it, he would say that this planet was not even worthy of being called a planet.

Whatever, this was not a cultivation world, or it was not intended to be one. It was only a dimension that was created for Haytam and he knew the best what to do with it.

After he visited Jupiter and calmed his curiosity, he flew then directly to the earth and wanted to see how it looked like now.

And once he reached the planet earth, or the replication of it, Haytam saw something incredible.

"Why is there only a big continent instead of five continents?"

[I created the earth based on everything you saw and knew about the planet earth. After compiling the information about it, I recreated the earth in its first form. This continents were also called Pangea. Later the continent Pangea was split in six continents, also known as Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, America, and Antarctica.]

Haytam nodded and was impressed by the system, he himself could not remember all this.

"Did you use also the information, that were subconsciously taken, like from documentaries or Physic books?"

[Yes, I used all those information to create this earth."

Haytam nodded again and was surprised by the system. He did not know that even forgotten memories could be recalled if the system wants.

Whatever, once he reached the atmosphere of the earth, he went through and stand in the air for a while.

"System, is there really no way to return to the original earth?"

The system did not reply as usually, it kept silent for a moment and they said.

[Master, I am sorry. I tried since the first time you asked if I could bring you back to earth and I failed every time. I searched other dimensions, separate dimensions and even black holes and the void. Since you become one with the Natural Law, I tried to use this connection to search for clues, but nothing. It is as if the earth never existed. I even searched for strayed souls, that could have appeared here, but were originally from the earth, but nothing.]

Haytam kept silent for a time and did not know what to say. He wanted the whole time to return to the earth, to his family, to the simple live. But it seems like he would not be able to return.

"It seems like I have to live in the cultivation world for a while."

"System do not stop searching for the earth. If you get clues, tell me please at first."

[Yes master]

Haytam was not more in the mood to look closer to the earth, so he called the portal again and left this earth. Which will be his personal planet, where he would feel home in the future.

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    《The All You Want System》