The All You Want System
149 Chapter 149
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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149 Chapter 149

After this quick trip to the duplication of the earth, Haytam was happy and sorrowful at the same time. From what he heard from the system, he could maybe never find the earth and go back there. It was as if the whole world and everything else did not want hat he returns to his home planet.

"What can I do? I can only hope and wait till one day, they system brings me the good news."

Haytam said to himself with a pity expression and then began to see the place he came out. Because the portal to the earth was connected to the necklace of Chen Lee, Haytam would always come out in the near of Chen Lee, but not exactly on his side, because if that happened, then it would be difficult to explain. It was better to keep a secure distance between them.

"This is apple trees are really beautiful, I should have some too." Haytam found himself in a place with a lot pf apple trees, but it was not a forest or some wild place, it was clearly that this place was human made. All the apple trees were perfectly lined and there were also a lot of baskets around.

"Is this the agriculture land of the father of Chen Lee?"

[Yes master, we are in the apple plantation part. Chen Lee is at the orange section.]

Haytam nodded and walked to the oranges, which were a few hundred meters away.

The best part of the cultivation word was that you can plant whatever you want at every session and it will grow at every session of the year. You could grow corn in the winter and there would be no problem. The QI in the air was enough to make them grow faster and better. If a plant like wheat needed sun to dry, then they could invite a cultivator from the local government, and he would use cultivation techniques to make it dry faster and in a short time.

"Huhh, even with the possibility to make everyone have a better live, I cannot understand why cultivators do not want to help the commoners to produce more food."

"Because of the pride of the cultivators, the agricultures have really a bad chance to grow everything faster."

As a person that knew almost everything, Haytam was still confused about this phenomenon that happened in all dimension and by all types of cultures and advancement.

After walking along with the trees, Haytam saw Chen Lee again. He was standing there and talking with some people, that looked very poor.


"Welcome, young master Chen. We awaited you for a long time. Let me show you your new home."

An old man with a sincere smile was saying and then he took the wrist of Chen lee and began to bring him to another place.

"Thank you, I am on your care from now on." Said Chen Lee with a smile too.

At the side of the old man was also a little girl, she was not older than 7 years, she was also very cure with her short hair and red cheeks.

"Grandpa, why should he live with us, when we cannot even afford to buy food for three people."

"He should go somewhere else, I do not want to eat less only because of him, I do not want to eat only a quarter of a plate."

"It is only enough, if I can eat a half a plate like ever."

The little girl was somehow angry, and she said everything what she thought.

Chen Lee heard the little girl and his expression was serious.

"Nina, be quite in front of young master." Said the old man quickly nervously, but still kindly.

"Nobody will take our food away, do not worry."


"Nina, please!"

The little girl called Nina was angry and she turned completely red, even her ears. She lowered her face and then turned silent.

Chen Lee saw this and smiled; this girl was too innocent.

"Little girl, you do not have to worry about your food. I will really not take anything from you or your family."

"Here, take this. It is called honey candy. You can try it if you like it you can ask for more."

Chen Lee gave the kid a little Honey candy and then smiled.

The little girl was surprised and shocked, but because of happiness. She never ate a candy before, she heard some other children talking about it and she always thought, that this was the most incredible food in the world. As a girl born in the plantation, she only had fruits as snacks and this fruits were almost only damaged fruits, that could not be sold.

"Thank… thank you!"

Chen Lee nodded and then he said to the old man: "Please continue showing me the way."

The old man reacted and then nodded rapidly and repeatedly: "Yes, please come with me."

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    《The All You Want System》