The All You Want System
151 Chapter 151
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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151 Chapter 151

Chen Lee felt numb at all his limbs and could barely move, he could not even stand up and go to his bed. He needed someone to help him, but nobody came that day. Nina, who was supposed to bring his food, did only left the food outside the house, and then left again.

He was obliged to stay there and recover his energy by his own and then practice again the next day. So, he slept on the ground that night.

Haytam was observing everything that day and he saw how the young man was struggling alone, he was not even able to stand up because of the training.

"He is a good boy; I hope he continues with this motivation for long time."

Then Haytam entered the space in the necklace to see Eleonor.

"Eleonor, how are you doing?"


"You should speak more, do you know?"


Eleonor seemed to be thinking something very deep and she was concentrating herself.

"hey, do you need something? I can give you whatever you need."

Offered Haytam seeing her struggling thinking about God know what.

Eleonor suddenly realized that and she turned to Haytam excited.

"I am sure you saw him training. Am I right?"

"Yes, I was observing him. That martial art is very good, I did not know that a martial art could make a cultivator at level one so tired."

Eleonor smiled and replied:

"In the Ancient Era were Martial arts the basis of every cultivator, but as time passed the martial arts began to be forgotten and at the end they were categorized as combat techniques for mortals. I found this out in an ancient era ruin and this martial art is one of the best that exists. By every successfully set completing, the body will destroy a barrier in itself and the body will be strengthening and developed to be able to tale large quantities of QI and the meridians and dantian will also be developed. Once he creates the 11 waves sound in his body, he will be ready to cultivate with my technique."

Haytam heard her explanation and found it plausible. He also checked his knowledge about the ancient era, and he found only a few things.

"System, do you know about the ancient era?"

[Yes master, but the knowledge of that era was destroyed, and I cannot bring it out from the nowhere. There are some ruins of the ancient era and there are some techniques and methods and knowledge, but they are sealed, and it is better to keep them as fun factor for you.]

Haytam was bluffed by the system, because for the first time, the system did not collect knowledge about something because it did not want.

"What do you mean by fun factor?"

[Master, as your servant, I want you to have some fun and the only fun you can get when you become stronger is to visit those ancient era ruins and discover things there. Those ancient ruins are not as easy as you think, they are deadly places where a cultivator can die in an instant and without knowing how.]

Haytam heard the system and kept silent. He thought that maybe the system was right, and he needed something like adventures in the future.

Eleonor was seining how Haytam suddenly kept silent for too long and she thought that he was too shocked by the information, as she wanted to say something, she was surprised suddenly by him.


"Eleonor, tell me quickly what you want!"

Eleonor was interrupted and she could not reply quickly.

"hello! Are you still there? Eleonor!"

"Yes, I am here. I need some plants for Chen lee, his body is at a critic situation, when using plants for baths, he will be able to recover faster and he will also grow stronger by absorbing the plants essences."

Haytam smiled and nodded, he knew exactly what she needed. He had to ask the system to create it, but he could get, and he knew it.

"Wait a moment, I have to check what I have."

Then he asked the system mentally: "System, you heard what she wants, give me some item that can help her."

The system did not take long, before it replied.

[I have a herbal cupboard with all types of plants. She has only to write the type of plants she needs, and she will get it. If she has the whole receipt, she can also write it and the cupboard will give the most suitable plants, that works better together.]

Haytam nodded and said to the system to give him the herbal cupboard. In an instant, the herbal cupboard appeared in front of Haytam and Eleonor.

"What is this?"

"It is what you wanted; I will explain you this magical herbal cupboard."

Eleonor did not saw anything special about the cupboard, but after using it, she was bluffed and shocked, then she never saw something this magical.

"Thank you very much."

Haytam smiled and nodded in reply and then he left the space again, he also needed some rest.

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    《The All You Want System》