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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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68 Terms 2

Yun Luofeng's lips hooked in an angle, looking at Gao Ling with a faint smile as he flew into a rage out of humiliation.

"If I can save him, you shall fulfill two terms of mine."

"Humph!" Gao Ling coldly snorted. "If you can really cure this elderly man, even if it's 100, let alone 2, I can still guarantee it! The premise is that you must rescue him!"

"What if you back out at the last moment?" Yun Luofeng crossed her arms in front of her chest, lightly raising her eyebrows.

"There are so many people bearing witness here, how would I back out?" Gao Ling retorted disdainfully.

Yun Luofeng, this wastrel, besides being a good-for-nothing, liked to spew conceited nonsense even more! In any case, this kind of thing had happened not just once or twice! So it was absolutely not worth believing!

"These people are all your people, I don't believe them!" Yun Luofeng extended a finger, dismissing them. "I need to find someone impartial."

The instant that these words were spoken, a mild and gentle voice was heard from behind her, making people feel like they were being cleansed by spring wind and making their body feel comfortable.

As though just by listening to him speak was a type of ultimate pleasure...

"I will be the witness, I don't know if Miss Yun will be satisfied?"

Yun Luofeng turned around, her sight landing on the approaching man dressed in a brocade robe. Her eyebrow lifted, her lips containing a hint of teasing. "I don't know if I should say it's a coincidence or the spirit of Your Highness the Fourth Prince continues to linger? How is it that every time that I meet Mu Wushuang, I also meet you at the same time? Could it be that Your Highness the Fourth Prince has affections for Mu Wushuang?"

Gao Ling's expression morphed, sending an antagonistic gaze towards Gao Shaochen, clearly treating him as a love rival.

"Cough cough!" Gao Shaochen dryly coughed twice, a hint of embarrassment appeared on his handsome and gentle countenance. "Miss Yun, are you teasing me? Do you think that everyone is similar to a certain person who mistakes a fisheye for a pearl? Compared to Mu Wushuang, this Prince is more fascinated with Miss Yun."

Yun Luofeng blinked. "It's a pity that I'm not interested in you, so you're better off seeking Mu Wushuang."

"Miss Yun, don't you think the two of us are the same kind of people?" Gao Shaochen lifted the corner of his lips, waving his folding fan open. His smile was kind and good-natured, but it could not hide the shrewdness in his eyes. "So, this Prince will eventually stir your interest. But before that, you are not allowed to push me towards other people!"

The man's disgust toward Wushuang was evident from his words, causing Mu Wushuang's face to become cold in an instant. Her haughty, beautiful eyes were glaring at Gao Shaochen.

"Fourth Prince, Wushuang's heart belongs to Crown Prince. Even if you wanted to marry me, Wushuang still wouldn't marry you!"

As though Gao Shaochen did not hear Mu Wushuang's words, he continued to warmly smile towards Yun Luofeng, "Miss Yun, will you be satisfied with this Prince as the witness?"

"As long as Fourth Prince doesn't cover up for Crown Prince, what do I have to be unsatisfied with?" Yun Luofeng's expression was haughty, her night-like eyes contained a confident luster. "If I can cure this elderly man, I hope Crown Prince can fulfill my two terms! First, you are not allowed to pester me no matter what happens in the future. More importantly, you are not allowed to mention the previous engagement!"

Gao Ling was stunned for a moment and then sneered at her. "Don't worry, this Crown Prince definitely won't pester you!"

The current Gao Ling naturally did not imagine that there would be a day when Yun Luofeng's words would actually come true. That he would indeed endlessly pester Yun Luofeng whose innate talent and ability had already come out in the open. He even shamelessly wanted to reinstate the engagement.

"The second matter," Yun Luofeng lifted the corner of her lips, her black eyes turning towards Mu Wushuang beside him, "I want you to slap Mu Wushuang, and you will not stop until I say so!"


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