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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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897 Frame-up 8

"Your Majesty, the palace maid personally witnessed this scene. In addition, there are many who were aware that the brat is the red-robed lady alongside Yun Luofeng! If Your Majesty is unbelieving, you can send for men to summon the palace maid. They're all Your Majesty's trusted aides and it's impossible for me to bribe them!"

Consort Shu wasn't wrong about this.

The imperial medicine preparation room was an important place in the Imperial Palace and thus, people who were able to work there were the Emperor's trusted aides. Therefore, Consort Shu had the courage to stand up and expose everything!

The red-robed lady entering the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room was true. However, she was someone Consort Shu had found to dress up as Huohuo. After all, Huohuo had frequently gone in and out of the Ye Family together with Yun Luofeng but people from the palace had yet to see her.

"Your Majesty!"

All the ministers knelt in succession. "We beg Your Majesty to save the Empress immediately."

The Emperor did not take notice of these ministers as his cold and detached eyes coldly gazed at Consort Shu. "You're saying Miss Yun intends to plot against the Empress? What evidence do you have?"

"I didn't intend to reveal it at the start," Consort Shu slightly pursed her lips and a complexed feeling flashed through her eyes. "Yun Luofeng adores Your Majesty and naturally had hatred for the Empress due to love, and wanted to harm her life. She also knew that Your Majesty has a gentle temperament and as long as she wasn't discovered in harming the Empress, Your Majesty might not punish her! Furthermore, General Jian is trusting of her and would not suspect her killing the Empress. With General Jian's protection, she would naturally be secure knowing that she has a backing."

The Emperor's temperament was indeed gentle, but he had a bottom line and that was the Empress.

However, many women were unaware of this bottom line and considered the Empress as a woman that the Emperor pampered but didn't love! As such, there were countless people within the Imperial Palace who wanted to harm the Empress.

Consort Shu felt that this explanation was more persuasive, so she brought it out.

Ye Jingxuan was worthy of being her teammate as after hearing Consort Shu's explanation, he hastily spoke up for her. "The matter of Yun Luofeng admiring Your Majesty… I am aware. However, what she said to me that time was, she had to cure the Empress and perhaps the Your Majesty might take her in as a concubine due to gratefulness! I didn't expect that she would actually attempt to kill the Empress…"

The Emperor laughed. At this point in time, he was amused by these people.

"Miss Yun admires me?" Why wasn't I aware? Furthermore, she already has a fiancee so why would she think of becoming my concubine?"

"I've also advised Yun Luofeng to have a good life together with Yun Xiao. Although he's a trash, at the very least, she could be officially wedded to him! Yet, Yun Luofeng covets a high position and great wealth. She said that she'd rather become the Imperial Family's concubine than the wife of the Ye Family. Your subordinate didn't have a choice so I had agreed to her request."

Ye Jingxuan's expression was unsightly and his face was filled with anger.

"What I hadn't expected was, she would be so vicious and this kind of person isn't fit to be the daughter-in-law of the Ye Family! I shall substitute my nephew to divorce her! From now on, her life or death is unrelated to the Ye Family and will be left to Your Majesty to decide!"

Hearing their words, the Grand Princess was dumbstruck and laughed maniacally only after a long time.

"Hahaha! Ye Brother didn't want me back then and instead, married a woman who made him a cuckold. Right now, her son had even married a cheap slut! Retribution, this is retribution! Jun Fengling stole my man and she'll definitely receive retribution. It seems like God has eyes! Hahaha!"

The Grand Princess was rejuvenated in her heart. She liked to see Jun Fengling not having a great time.


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