Venerated Venomous Consort
196 Celestial Master Zuo Was Poisoned!
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Venerated Venomous Consort
Author :Mu Danfeng
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196 Celestial Master Zuo Was Poisoned!

Chapter 196: Celestial Master Zuo Was Poisoned!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Gu Xijiu chuckled, turned around and said, "You can say that you’re unlucky! Oh right, don’t blame me for not reminding you, the poison that you had last time was just trivial, you could easily get it out of your system. It’s different this time, you’ll need to calm down and meditate for three consecutive days, and for the time being, you shouldn’t perform any spiritual power or internal abilities, otherwise… teehee!"

"Otherwise, what? This lethal poison of yours is going to kill me?" Di Fuyi raised his brows in disbelief.

"Hmm, it isn’t lethal. I’m compassionate enough to not kill as I wish. This poison will only make you impotent - it’s not really a big deal. Alright, if you’re not afraid of becoming a eunuch, you can move as much as you wish, come and get me then!" Gu Xijiu waved, turned around and disappeared effortlessly within seconds…

The riverbank returned to its usual tranquility. Di Fuyi’s robes fluttered with the gust of wind.

The air was filled with the fragrance of the drink, the aroma of the fish, and the faint smell of her scent…

Di Fuyi was just sitting there with his sleeves down, looking out at the surface of the lake and contemplating. Suddenly, he smiled.

The corners of his mouth twitched upward. Then, he burst out laughing.

His laughter was infectious, like the sound of wind rustling through the bamboo forest, and like the shine of the moonlight dazzling through the window. His laughter grew louder and louder, and the ripples spread across the lake, as though the sound of his laugh had caused a series of waves on the surface.

He had enough of laughing. Lazily, he sat in his chair, and from the corner of his eye, he noticed something from afar, "The four of you, get out and show yourselves!"

The wind soughed. Four young men then appeared out of nowhere. They were dressed in elegant clothes and were all good-looking. These were the young men who paddled the boat. Apparently, they all possessed extraordinary Qing Gong – there was not a stir of dust in the air when they landed, even the tiny flowers bent just a little at their feet.

The four of them bowed to Di Fuyi, "Master!"

Di Fuyi looked at them, "Were you all enjoying the show? Didn’t you come and check on me, knowing that I was poisoned?"

The four young men were shocked, and shook their heads in disapproval, "No one on earth is capable of poisoning you. There must be a reason for a master to do this…"

"No, I am poisoned," Di Fuyi pointed out his words in a rather soft tone. He rolled up his sleeves to reveal his finger as if he was holding a flag.

Once the four young men had a clear picture of the color of his finger, their expression changed completely. The crystal clear skin had disappeared and at this very moment, it was purple, especially the fingertip. It was as purple as grapes!

Celestial Master Zuo was really poisoned!

The four of them were momentarily stunned. "Master, what kind of poison is it?" Asked the young men; their eyes shining brightly.

"Master, how does it feel to be poisoned?"

"Master, you’ve really been poisoned!"


Di Fuyi threw a glare at them and wondered, what were these four idiots thinking?

They did not seem to be concerned for their master. On the contrary, they all looked very interested, as if they had just made a new discovery…

He laughed, and raised his brows, "You all seem to be interested, aren't you? It seems like you take pleasure in my misfortune, don't you?" He let out a cold smile; cold as the chilling winds.

"…" The four young men were lost for words.

They finally came to realize that they were giving off the wrong impression to their master, so they quickly hid their expression in order to show their immutable loyalty.

These young men, however, were not actually concerned. After all, there really was not anyone who was good enough to poison the master! Celestial Master Zuo was undoubtedly invincible.

Di Fuyi took another look at them and sighed, but did not bother to reprimand them for their ignorance. He then took a close look at his finger.

A few moments later, he gently flicked his finger towards the air, and some purple blood could be seen splattering from the tip of his finger, before disappearing into thin air in the form of purple gas. His fingertip returned to its crystal clear state, and there wasn’t even a cut on the skin.

Clearly, he had cured himself from the poison.


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