Venerated Venomous Consort
2972 Inner Demons 4
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Venerated Venomous Consort
Author :Mu Danfeng
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2972 Inner Demons 4

Little Black had rolled all over on the ground, and then jumped like its tail had been stepped on! "Cold! Cold! Cold!" It yelled in the midst of all that movement. 

While jumping around, it suddenly landed in front of Fan Qianshi! Its large body blocked Fan Qianshi's vision, so he was unable to see the woman in white for a moment.

Fan Qianshi was astonished as he felt like he was just awakened from his dreams. He often used ecstasy to confuse others, but he did not expect to fall into someone else's trap. She almost fooled him. 

The candle dragon was massive in size, and it blocked his sight completely. At that moment, the man regained his consciousness and realized that he had fallen into a trance.

He pushed the candle dragon away as he said, "Just get off me!"

Since Fan Qianshi was definitely very powerful, Little Black did not dare to keep blocking him. It took the opportunity to run away but also claimed credit where it was due, "You do know that you were in a trance, right? If it were not for me, you would have turned into an ice sculpture!"

Fan Qianshi was too tired to entertain it right now. 

His heart was burning like a fire.

It must be one of her inner demons! But how did it get formed? 

The woman was like a blank paper in the past. Even though he treated her so well, she still abandoned him and did not see him for the last time before she was immortalized.

In fact, she kept him occupied studying the candle dragon's egg.

It was ridiculous that he had to spend so much time just to hatch an egg, but he wanted to hatch it early in order to cheer her up.

Nevertheless, he did not expect her just to use it to distract him. 

Her mind was on Di Fuyi, and all the arrangements before she was dead were for Di Fuyi. She even transferred all her skills to him. Everything was so well prepared.

Whatever it was, what did she have to do to become a demon?!

He looked at the woman in white again, only to find that she had left and was headed toward the snow.

The blood was rushing to his heart once again. But just when he was about to chase after her, she suddenly disappeared.

As soon as that happened, the clouds in the sky dissipated, and the sun came out again. 

The weather soon became hot, while the ice and snow melted rapidly. In just a few seconds, it was like a fire was burning in the desert. He could even feel the dryness in his throat with one breath.

"Hot! Hot! Hot! It's too hot! Something is wrong with this desert! It's cold and hot!" The candle dragon was finally able to open the scales. Its mouth was ajar, and it looked shocked.

Obviously, it was the first time it saw a place where the weather changed so drastically.

However, Fan Qianshi was obviously occupied in his thoughts and did not care about it. He turned back and left.

"Hey, where are you going?" The candle dragon wondered.

"I am going out to buy wine!"


"Didn't you come here to find Di Hao's soul? I can sense that the pink candle dragon is here."

Fan Qianshi paused for a moment, but then, he simply continued walking forward. "I will get to him after I buy some wine!"

Little Black was speechless. He has been rushing to find this desert, but now that they had found it, the man still had time to go and buy wine!

Did his master lose his mind? 

In any case, it had to follow its owner, so it just left as well.

After an hour, Fan Qianshi looked at the yellow sand around him miserably. He finally understood one thing - he was trapped in this desert! He could not go out!

He was an expert in wizardry barriers but could not find a way out. Even the candle dragon could also break the barrier. This was rather odd as the candle dragon could typically break any barrier by its loud screeches. 

But this time, its throat was almost hoarse! This desert was still the desert, there was no border, and they had not found any way to go out.

Forget the wine; they could not even get water.


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