My OP System
4 Hua Lucifer
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My OP System
Author :LordMoonlight16
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4 Hua Lucifer


So it's been 1 years since I been born. My name now is Hua Lucifer. My mom name me this because she thought it was a good name. My mom loved me very much but I hate my father a little.

In a courtyard you can see a little boy with skin as a gem and black silky hair. With eyes that can see though everything. If a woman see this little boy they will think that this is the most adorable little boy they ever seen. This little boy is Hua Lucifer.

"Mommy mommy look what I found"(Lucifer)

"What did you found?Lulu (Nicknamed I think it sounds cute if you have others name it)"(Ru Xiaoya)

"It's a girl"(Lucifer)


[Quest: Save Xia Qingyue without she knowing that you save her

Reward:1 wish from God]

{Hey system what is this reward?}(Lucifer)

[It mean that host can have 1 extra wish from God](System)

{System why can't she know that I save her}(Lucifer)

[I don't know Host](System)

{So how can I help her if I don't know what is wrong with her?}(Lucifer)

[Sorry Host you need to found that out yourself](System)

{Ok}(Lucifer) @@


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