CEO in a fantasy world
1 Chapter 1: Transmigration
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CEO in a fantasy world
Author :Inserted
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1 Chapter 1: Transmigration

"Caesar, please tell us about your latest inventions," an average looking woman asked, hold onto a microphone.

"Caesar, can we please get your opinion on this."

Disregarding the commotion, Caesar stepped out of his limousine that was parked in front of his mansion. He was a tall, middle-aged man with weathered features. Streaks of white ran through his raven black hair, revealing his age. His face was well defined, and his eyes were cold. Additionally, he possessed well-groomed facial hair and a domineering aura.

'Who let these damn paparazzi near my house?' Caesar angrily thought to himself. He was a wealthy businessman. Rather, 'rich' was an understatement. It wouldn't be naive to say that Caesar was one of the undisputed ten richest men in the world. He held a large number of stocks in nearly every big corporation.

He didn't spare a glance towards the obnoxious paparazzi and entered into his mansion, slamming his door hastily after. The paparazzi frowned in reaction to Caesar's cold shoulder. However, that didn't stop them from proceeding to wait outside of his residence in preparation for when he exited. They were hungry for information, especially from someone as well-known as Caesar!

Caesar walked inside of his overly large villa and headed towards the counter, where he then stopped in front of his collection of whiskey, proceeding to inspect each bottle.

"This one will do," Caesar whispered to himself and picked up a bottle labeled '105-year-old master of malt.' Caesar delicately poured the whiskey in a crystal glass and sat down on his sofa, directly in front of his massive flat-screen television. His entire living-room was filled to the brim with state of the art technology, surpassing even those residing in the tech industry.

Immediately after sitting down and relaxing, his phone that had been resting in his pocket started to vibrate and ring, "goddammit, not a moment of relaxation," Caesar mumbled as he reached for his phone and answered it. Immediately, loud yelling entered Caesar's ear.

"SIR Y-Y-YOUR," A raspy and young voice exited the phone.

"Would you stop your yelling and tell me what happened?" Caesar asked while massaging his forehead and leaning back on the sofa.

"Ahem, sir, your brother was spotted talking to that esteemed lawyer, Kurtis" After his words entered into Caesar's ears, he could feel the temperature drop to below freezing, even through the phone.

After a moment of silence.

"Take care of it, Bruno," Caesar replied, coolly.

"Boss, we can't just 'take' care of it, he is a famous actor as well as YOUR brother… This knowledge is already practically known throughout the world," Brun said hurriedly, the anxiousness in his voice was apparent.

"Then I'll take care of it myself," he answered curtly.

Caesar ended the call and dialed a different number on his phone.

"Hello?" a voice familiar to Caesar rang out, high pitched and immature.

Caesar's eyes turned sharp. "What are you trying to accomplish?"

"Humph, of course, I want to see your arrogant face crumble and for you to beg me for forgiveness."

"For what, exactly?"

"Y-you bastard... I deserve some of your success. We are family, yet you are hogging all the money for yourself. Lilith revealed to me what kind of monster you truly are; I feel humiliated to be even compared to the likes of you" Caesar's brother spoke through the phone in a fit of anger and slurs, presumably intoxicated.

"Sigh, brother, the money has truly changed you," Caesar replied with an exasperated sigh and ended the call. He figured that nothing he did could possibly educate his idiot of a brother. Unfortunately, he listened to that damnable woman more than his own flesh and blood. It was not uncommon for famous scions to be controlled and manipulated by their significant other, applying to both genders.

After Caesar ended the phone call, he grabbed the entire bottle of whiskey and entered his room, upstairs. His mansion resided on a large hill, far away from the populace. The view was beautiful, and Caesar began downing large swigs of his alcohol while gazing off into the distance. He wasn't particularly fond of the landscape, but it was better than staying cooped up in his room.

Caesar's brother hadn't always been a puppet. In the past, he used to be innocent and loving until. That is, until Lillith changed him. Thinking to here, Caesar quickly finished off the entire bottle of scotch. Suddenly, he stood up from his chair on the balcony, and while barely managing not to fall, he made a phone call.

"Boss, what do you want at this time of night?" Bruno asked, clearly still half asleep.

"Sell my stocks for cheap and donate all the money towards various child charities… use half the money to fund as many schools you can throughout the world!"

"B-Boss, are you sure?" Bruno was unquestionably wide awake at this point.

"Yes, I have a legal document in my study already written. There are, of course, assets already prepared for you too, Bruno. Thank you for your loyalty."

"Boss, are you drunk? I can hear the slurs on some of your words," Bruno asked, incredulously. He didn't want his chief, and most importantly, his friend, to wake up with regret.

"Does it matter if I am or not? Do your damn job," Caesar replied vehemently. Nonetheless, a broad smile was plastered on his face, which betrayed his harsh words.

"Yes, sir…"

After ending the call, Caesar laid down on his bed. He didn't look forward to the paparazzi or all the noise that would be present tomorrow. He also didn't want to hear his brother's childish rage, complaining that Caesar didn't give him anything besides the mansion.

Thinking to here, Caesar closed his eyes and fell into a deep slumber.


Caesar could vaguely hear crying.

'Am I dreaming?' Caesar silently thought to himself.

As he opened his eyes, he noticed an unfamiliar ceiling. Soon, he felt a splitting headache. Caesar put his hand on his forehead and furrowed his brow.

"Y-young master, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hit you on the head, but you were forcing me!" a young, girlish voice entered into Caesar's ears and broke him out of his deep contemplation. He didn't recognize the young lass in front of him, nor the room that surrounded him.

"Huh?" Caesar looked up and saw a nearly undressed young girl, shaking in an unfamiliar bed, holding the sheets up to cover her body.

"Who are you, and where am I?" Caesar asked out of both curiosity and confusion.

"O-oh no, does the young master have brain damage? The duke is going to kill me!" The woman started mumbling out unintelligible words from her mouth — presumably due to the intense fear that she felt.

'The words she speaks are of an unfamiliar language, yet I can understand them?' He thought to himself, utterly perplexed. The great CEO, Caesar, couldn't help but receive a dark premonition.

Caesar turned around and noticed a giant mirror. As he gazed into it, his expression soon contorted into that of shock. Not due to the huge mirror, but what was inside of it. The reflection was so abnormal, yet so familiar.

A fragile body, long, flowing white hair that reached his waist, brilliant yellow eyes, sharp facial features, sword-like eyebrows, Phoenix eyes, a slightly pointy chin, and overall, extraordinarily handsome facial features. The main issue was, that it wasn't him!

"I became a flower boy?" Caesar muttered to himself in disbelief.

Soon, a flood of memories came crashing down into Caesar's brain. He felt as though hundreds of spears were constantly stabbing into his head, causing immense pain. This lasted for about the same amount of time it takes for an entire stick of incense to burn. Sweat trailed down the sides of his face and dripped onto the pale, white sheets below him.

"This world is called Althoria? Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, magic, I-I'm in a fantasy world?" Caesar whispered a few words out in shock, not at all like his typical calm and composed behavior. He couldn't be blamed for breaking character. After all, this was not something that happened every day. It was surreal.

The door abruptly swung open, breaking Caesar out of his thoughts. Caesar looked at the newly arrived man. He adorned a Black tuxedo with white gloves, and seemed to be around 60 years old, but possessed an overall elegant look.

"Young master, Mephisto, the Lord has summoned you to the dinner table," He spoke in an aged and frustrated voice. The disappointment in his tone was detected even by Caesar, who was sitting a decent distance away. It didn't take a rocket scientist to comprehend what the butler was thinking. Primarily because of the maid, still half-dressed on his bed.

The butler glanced at the shaking girl, but didn't pay her much more heed after. He then continued on to say, "Also, it may not be my place to say this, but young master, you should be more... Cordial towards the ladies, as you are of high noble blood."

With that being said, Caesar began madly scanning through his memories and soon figured out the butler's name was Sebastian and was surprisingly quite loyal. The previous owner of his body treated Sebastian quite coldly; however, towards a loyal subordinate, Caesar, would never mistreat them. Bruno, his old secretary, was a testament to this fact.

"I'll hurry to the dining room. Thank you for notifying me, Sebastian. Can you go inform my father that I need to dress first?"

Surprise flashed within Sebastian's eyes. He expected the young master to respond with 'not right now, I'm busy' or 'shut your mouth, you lowly servant'; however, his response was a pleasant surprise.

"As you wish, young master," Sebastian quickly glanced at the lady on the bed before closing the door and walking away.

Caesar studied the ripped clothes on the floor and inwardly scoffed at Mephisto's body before staring at the lady on the bed. She was rather beautiful, with brown hair tucked behind her perky ears. Her eyes twinkled within the light of the candle as she subtly glanced up and down her near-nude body.

"What is your name?" Caesar asked.


"I unequivocally apologize, Sophia; I truly not know what took hold of me to do such an atrocious thing to you. I promise that this will never happen again," Caesar apologized with a perfect half-bow.

Sophia was appalled that the young master was apologizing, but more so surprised at his eloquent tongue and graceful manner. Was this the same young master that had always committed acts of debauchery? In just a few moments, the entire image of the man in front of her shattered to pieces, slowly being reformed.

Without paying Sophia much more mind, Caesar moved into his over-sized closet and pulled out a long, white shirt. It was plain with a large assortment of black buttons running down the middle of it.

"Here you are, be sure to dress thoroughly, you don't want to catch a cold," Caesar said with a warm smile forming on his lips. This was, of course, faked. Innerly, he was cursing the fact that he had clean up someone else's rash mess. Even if this 'someone' was the owner of the body he incorporated.

"T-thank you," Sophina's lips trembled, her cheeks blushing. But, it soon faded away when she remembered that the same man had almost forcefully made her his woman. 'I can't forgive him that easily!' she thought in a fit of frustration. Unaware that Caesar had been watching her every move from the side.

"I'll be leaving to meet with my father," Caesar said, noticing the strange emotions on her face. He didn't care if she thought poorly of him; in fact, he still hadn't truly accepted his 'fabled' transmigration.

"Okay," Sophia replied, hesitantly.

Caesar opened the door and walked out, his warm smile soon disappearing, replaced by a cold expression. "I need to sort through all the new information, but before that, I need to meet the previous owner's father… no, My father."

Caesar walked down a long hallway, filled with vases and beautiful paintings until he reached a set of stairs — the that stairs led into the dining room. The room was decorated with a red carpet and golden chandeliers alongside a table set with silverware and wine. Flowers intertwined with each other at the base of the table, made out of the finest of rose-wood.

A blonde-haired middle-aged man was sitting at one end of the table with a plate full of food. He was probably waiting for Caesar's arrival to eat/ Sebastian stood behind, him filling up his drink whenever need be.

Caesar slowly walked over towards the table and sat down, not minding Sebastian and his father's strange look.

"Did anything happen recently, my son?" His father inquisitively asked with squinted eyes. He had just received some information from Sebastian.

A deep voice echoed throughout the entire dining room.

"Nothing too special father, why do you ask?" Caesar asked with a tilt of his head, playing dumb.

"You have changed," His father replied with a snort and no longer observed Caesar, but instead, he focused on his food.

'As expected of Mephisto's father, being able to discern minute details… Although my body and voice are the same as Mephisto's, I can not hide my stature that is full of pride and sophistication. Although I changed bodies, my past was not fake. I was the CEO of many companies and the top of the food chain. I was a successful self-made man; I can not change who I truly am in a manner of minutes' he thought inwardly, but did not show any of his thoughts on his face.

"Is that so, father?" Caesar asked, unperturbed.

"Indeed. A good change."

Caesar's father soon used his fork and knife to majestically cut the meat in front of him and commenced eating. Seeing his father begin to move, Caesar didn't hesitate, and also started eating. Soon, only the sound of food being chewed and forks tapping the plate rang out for about five minutes until his father broke the silence.

"The crown prince is holding a ball at the palace in two weeks. I wasn't going to bring you due to fearing that you would be an embarrassment. But now, I am planning on taking you; I want you to prepare yourself."

Caesar rummaged through Mephisto's memories, attempting to locate memories of the crown prince, but there was none.

"Father, I don't think I should att-."

Before Caesar was capable of finishing his sentence, his father interrupted him and said, "My decision is final. Also, I don't want you to be fooling around with servant girls anymore, especially the maids. Your reputation could be tarnished, and it would be hard for you to find a splendid wife."

"Understood father, I was planning to stop, even if you didn't tell me."

"Oh? That's good, my son. You are finally growing up, your mother would be proud," Doubt lingered in his Father's eyes, but it soon disappeared.

After finishing dinner, Caesar told his father goodnight and headed towards his room. After he exited the hall, his father looked towards Sebastian.

"What happened, Sebastian?"

"I don't know my lord, he took a maid in his room, and he came out like that."

"Hmm, Interesting. Well, it is not a bad change. I want you to keep an eye on him."

"As you wish, my lord."

Caesar, once again, walked through the long corridors and shortly reached his room. After opening the door and entering, he soon noticed his bed had been made, and the maid Sophia was nowhere to be seen.

"Sigh," Caesar breathed a sigh of relief and laid down, trying to sort out all of his memories.

Mephisto was the only son of the esteemed duke, Crowley. However, instead of inheriting Crowley's intelligence, Mephisto was a spoilt brat that threw his weight around in the capital. Crowley covered up most of Mephisto's blunders and kept him away from any parties, so nearly no nobles knew of Mephisto, but the commoners feared him.

This world contained otherworldly species such as elves, dark elves, trolls, orcs, goblins, dragons, etcetera. Of course, magic also existed. However, it appeared that Mephisto was not talented in magic, which was one of Crowley's main regrets. How could his son inherit the household if he had no magic talent?

"Sigh, have I truly transmigrated into another world?" Caesar suddenly whispered while looking toward the ceiling. Although he didn't have much emotional baggage, he still technically lost everything. Even his body. Such a result was not easy to get over in a short amount of time.


[Preliminary data collected]

[Transmigration gifts]

[four cubic meters, storage space ring x1]

[One spin on the wheel of fate]

[Choice of a constitution, you may only choose one]


2.Dark Elf



5. Fairy

[System energy depleted, disappearing in 00:59….00:58….00:57….]



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