CEO in a fantasy world
4 Chapter 233: Backstory
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CEO in a fantasy world
Author :Inserted
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4 Chapter 233: Backstory

Utilizing his royal identification, Caesar passed by the heavily guarded gates with ease. Not many carriages usually entered and exited Limbo kingdom during the night, so the defenses were relatively lax. Not to mention the fact that Caesar had long been noted as an influential figure amongst the nobles, so his demands were catered to quite swiftly.

The six white stallions that pulled the carriage had adopted Caesar's personality and even defecated wherever they pleased, gazing upon the guards with unmatched arrogance. Unfortunately, the Knights were unable to do anything in retaliation, cleaning up the mess with disinclination. Caesar observed this scene with amusement in his eyes, inwardly praising the horses.

Words were not expected to be exchanged when dealing with nobles, resulting in Caesar's carriage rolling on its way after a brief checkup. The horses flexed their well-groomed muscles as they walked, neighing imperiously and showing absolute prestige. Their confidence has been bolstered from carrying Caesar, as if they were aware that their master was on another level in comparison to the average human.

Naturally, both Caesar and Joe found their actions quite comical, neither of them willing to alter it in the slightest. A pet generally took after their owner, so it could only be imagined what personality traits the steeds would adopt. Caesar was a naturally aloof and arrogant person, so if his pets were haughty, he accepted it.

Thinking to here, Caesar's eye dilated as he peered into the back of the carriage. He had completely forgotten about the small cat he obtained from the abandoned chapel. He planned to give it to Elizabeth, so he quickly stood up from where he was sitting and rummaged through the back of the carriage.

"Oi, it's not like you to become so anxious, what's wrong?" Joe asked from the side, yawning into his hands and lounging on his belly. A sly light glimmered from his eyes as he looked downward, small black creature lying in his soft embrace, sleeping soundly.

Caesar didn't pay the silly dwarf much mind and continued looking, only recollecting himself after a few moments of failed searching. He closed his eyes and decided to sense for any living creatures in the surroundings, easily locating the small lifeform under the fat Joe. His sword-like eyebrows furrowed in a disgruntled manner as he subtly heaved an exasperated sigh.

It was not in his character to become so worked up over a small matter. Thus, he straightened the collars of his suit and slicked back his hair, sitting back down on the carriage as if nothing had transpired. He even ignored Joe's goofy smile, clicking his tongue distastefully.

Suddenly, Joe couldn't restrain his laughter and bellowed out, creaking the entire carriage, and even waking up the nearby birds. His laugh resounded throughout the surroundings and caused a vein to appear on Caesar's forehead, "that little girl has captured your heart, huh?" Joe commented with a snicker.

Caesar didn't refute his words, but he ignored them for the time being. Instead, he pulled out the contract he had created with Black, inspected its contents one more time. It was not merely an oral agreement, nor was it something that could be stopped. Since it was a signed contract, if it were to be breached, the man would become wanted at every single adventurer's guild. Not to mention the reimbursement that Caesar would receive from the contractee's family, according to the law.

It was straightforward, as long as Caesar supplied wage and lodging, a group of workers would arrive at every full moon. On top of that, a suitable band of adventurers would help escort his merchandise to their respective buyers, formulating relatively decent and smooth transactions. Furthermore, with Limbo kingdoms support, not many kingdoms would dare attack Rahvin's trade routes.

With this in mind, Caesar tapped his chin and rubbed it, feeling a small stubble beginning to grow. The waves created from the trebuchets and crossbows were starting to die down, so it was about time to lay low and rake in the money. He had wanted to relax in Rahvin for around a year or so following the wars in the dark continent, but his plans had crumbled with the invitation. Now, it was time to prepare for war.

Caesar leaned back and let out a long breath, scrutinizing the beautiful moon. He was always a man who overworked himself, even if he didn't plan on it. His beautiful eyes closed as he reminisced about his unseemly past back on earth.

His father had been a semi-successful and handsome businessman, who had married his beautiful birth mother after laying a solid foundation in corporate. He was around thirty years old at the time, and it was a blissful marriage, no complaints from either family. That was, until Caesar's birth mother, Paula, had gotten pregnant. Her body had always been frail, and even more so once Caesar was born. She was constantly bed-ridden, leaving his father, Kenji, an immigrant, worried at work.

This continued for a total of three years until Caesar's mother regretfully passed away, leaving his father in an unfathomable depression. Kenji drank away his sorrows, leaving Caesar alone to practically raise himself, which wasn't an easy task. It wasn't until Caesar was already eight years old that his father remarried another woman, producing two more healthy children.

However, though a grand occurrence, his step-mother hated him to the core. He was only a child, yet he reminded his father of his ex-wife, and his step-mother of her as well. Avoided at all cost, Caesar was deathly lonely. Thankfully, he could be considered somewhat of a genius, learning things at an astonishing pace.

Throughout primary school, he excelled in his academics, rising to the top of the school quite easily. He became the envy of all and set the standard for his family—excellence. Other kids were told to be wary around him, and although he was at the top, he was a rather lonely child.

His own family had shunned him. The one who he was trying to impress the most, his father, ignored him. Life was a living hell, especially when his fathers business started to fail, causing him to vent his stress onto the young Caesar. He beat him with belts, boots, spoons, and even fists. His own brothers were too young to care, and his step-mother watched with a gloating look.

He was forced to wear hoods and long-sleeved shirts to school so that he could mask the bruises and scars. At ten years old, the beatings didn't stop. They got worse. His alcoholic father became more and more relentless as time passed, but Caesar withstood the pain.

Things didn't change much until he was already sixteen years old, where he had finally grown into a tall and slightly muscular man. His chiseled features, defined jaw, pointy chin, and arrogant face irradiated immense attraction. In contrast, Kenji had grown older and generally stopped beating Caesar, turning his attention toward Caesar's little brother.

Of course, even the stoic-faced Caesar couldn't hold back his repressed rage. Even with the constant abuse and loneliness, he still loved his little brothers. It was due to this fact that he got into a huge fight with his father, ending in hospitalization for both of them. However, when a man like his father was gone from work for over a month, they tend to lose their job. Their once rich life plummeted, and even Caesar's tuition was left unpaid, slowly generating tons of debt.

Naturally, even those Caesar did the right thing from an ethical point of view, his family loathed and blamed him. "It's your fault we're in this mess," they would scream, not caring about his feelings in the slightest.

The cruelty of the world showed itself to Caesar at a young age, forming his sadistic and ruthless personality. He decided to temporarily give up his love for his family, taking a loan and pursuing education. With a high IQ and EQ, he quickly soared through his university and established a business of his very own. It generated enough money to take care of his family finally, but it was already too late.

Even with all of his hard work, his step-mother committed suicide soon after. That wasn't too big of an issue, but his little brother was forced into depression, especially after being compared to his older sibling by others. His very own brother began to hate him, simply due to the fact that he tried to support them.

However, Caesar dealt with the pain of being hated by one of his loved family members, paying for their tuition, food, and even lodging. Life was looking up until his youngest sibling, his sister, was diagnosed with some form of incurable cancer. Millions of US dollars were put into the research facilities, but nothing changed. Caesar, who had relied on money his entire life, was unable to save his very own sister.

Of course, it didn't take too long for his sister to die due to assisted suicide, forcing his only remaining brother to loath Caesar even more. Life had betrayed both of them, and they just took two separate approaches to life. One became a successful and rather ruthless businessman, while the other wallowed in his own sorrow.

Though, it was fined until that damned woman came along…

Thinking to here, Caesar's eyes flashed open as he pulled the reins to the horses, ushering them forward. A chilly atmosphere surrounded him, and even Joe glanced at him strangely… "I'm sorry man, I didn't know the cat thing would put you in such a bad mood," he said meekly.

Caesar withdrew his powerful aura and chuckled dryly, "we'll be back at Rahvin kingdom within the next week, would you like to do some training while on the journey?" Caesar asked with a tilt of his head. He had always wondered if the beserkers blood would sate his vampiric urges, so it was time to put it to the test.


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