CEO in a fantasy world
7 Chapter 236: Arrogance
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CEO in a fantasy world
Author :Inserted
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7 Chapter 236: Arrogance

Caesar's carriage passed by the thick walls of Rahvin kingdom, entering through the lifted gates and drawn bridge. Warriors hailing from both the royal guards and Rahvin military could be seen stationed along the roads, bowing down toward the royal crest. Expressions of respect and absolute loyalty were etched onto their faces.

Seeing this, Caesar smiled and ran his fingers through his fluttering hair. Now that most of his promises and boring tasks were taken care of, he could finally focus on Rahvin Kingdoms' economy. That is especially so now that the fox-kin and gnomes have incorporated themselves into their society.

When regarding the gnomes engineering proficiency, the fox-kins physical strength, the elves magic, and humanity's sheer numbers, Rahvin Kingdom was in a very powerful position. It was about time that the crouching tiger preyed onto its enemies and established its foundation in the annals of history.

Thinking here, Caesar looked around and observed the flourishing populace. The Knights adorned high caliber cloud-steel armor, beautifully crafted blades, and dozens of ballistae and other siege weapons were stationed on top of the walls. The culmination of all of Caesar's hard work was positioned in one place.

A chuckle suddenly escaped from his lips as he elegantly stepped off the carriage. Thunder rang out in everyone's ears and clouds began to swirl from up above. Caesar's rhythmic footsteps stopped once he reached a nearby captain, a middle-aged man in his thirties. He gulped down a mouthful of saliva while staring at the ground, not daring to look up.

"Prepare a large number of rations and inform all high ranking military personnel to meet inside of the royal palace, " Caesar ordered while quickly walking past the congealed group of men and women.

He flashed toward the entrance of the palace in a matter of minutes, shocking the nearby guards. Unsympathetic to the men, Caesar pushed open the wide gates and walked down the royal halls. It was time to announce his, the crowned prince's, arrival.

Boom! He busted through the courtroom, interrupting the amassed officials and nobles inside the hall. They held their tongue as they jolted their heads toward the door, shocked to see who had arrived. The person everyone inside the room, besides King Crowley, dreaded.

"Good evening, gentlemen, " Caesar opened up with a cruel smile, "this loyal subject has a decree I wish to offer!"

Silence pervaded into the hall as his words ended, leaving the officials flabbergasted. Since when has Caesar ever referred to himself as a subject? Since when had he ever submitted a decree? What kind of strange event took place to make the dreaded blood prince become so humble?

Crowley, sitting atop his throne, waved his hands and urged Caesar to continue his words. Never in a million years would Crowley wish for his son to act so restrained in front of him. It was the opposite, he believed that it was Caesar who should be sitting on the throne instead of his fat bottom.

"As the royal son, Mephesto Pheles, I wish to offer you some advice, my father, " he paused while glancing around the room, " you are old and deserve rest. After garnering all of your achievements and rendering remarkable rewards for the Rahvin Kingdom, I think it is about time you retire the crown."

"This…" Crowley stammered.

An uproar immediately broke out as the officials began to furiously talk amongst themselves. Never before has someone so brazenly asked for the throne, but this was Caesar, after all. Those who protested such an action could not even voice their complaints due to the massive influence that Caesar wielded. They could only pray to God that Crowley would deny him.

But, regardless of their various thoughts and prayers, Crowley was ecstatic! He had been waiting to hand his throne to Caesar for a very, very long time. He jumped up to his feet and nodded his head with as much enthusiasm as he could possibly muster.

"I had been thinking along the same lines, my son!" He roared, happier than he had been in a while. Even the initial delight of seeing his son after so long could not compare to the ecstasy that he felt at this moment.

Another uproar echoed out inside the halls as Caesar took a few steps forward. "Then it is settled, I shall carry on the torch and bear your mantle, " he said, "we can hold an official coronation later, but we have much more pressing matters to attend to."

Caesar continued to talk while walking, soon reaching the very top of the throne, standing side-by-side with Crowley. Although Caesar had moved very meticulously and careful over the last year, he could no longer manage things from the shadows. He needed to lead his people at the forefront if he wanted to yield the best results. That was how it had always been. 

He didn't waste any time. Disregarding the crown resting atop Crowley's head, Caesar focused on the throne. He moved neither too slow nor too fast as he sat down. Yet, no one inside of the hall could even blink; they merely stared in awe.

Their stupor was only broken by the opening of the grand hall doors. Multiple high-ranking soldiers and generals marched into the room and knelt on one knee. There were many humans, elves, and fox-kin alike. Even Sylvian and Tom were present.

They all stared at Caesar, who was now sitting on the throne. When one ordered for all of the influential military personnel, especially when it was the Grand Marshall, great things were about to occur. There was not even sufficient time to celebrate Caesar's return.

"Now that everyone is assembled, I wish for all of you to carry out my orders with absolute fealty, " Caesar bellowed out.

"The three nations who had formed a coalition against us have still not been forgiven! They threatened to extinguish our flame and raze our lands to the ground. How could we possibly consider ourselves a proud nation if we let these infidels trample on our dignity?"

Caesar smiled, "with our current numbers, we can easily spread our wings and grow further, establishing numerous trade routes and a higher population. The bounty for this war is something that our Rahvin kingdom cannot pass up!"

The military personnel and nobles breathed in a breath of cold air as Caesar continued.

"I wish to launch a joint attack on these three kingdoms. The fox-kin will siege one, the elves another, and the humans will attack the last one. We will prepare adequate rations and siege weapons, along with the purchasing of some mercenaries."

Caesar went on and on, explaining the logistics of war and making countless orders, preparations, and effectively moving the hearts of everyone present.

Finally… it was time for Rahvin Kingdom to leave its long slumber


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