CEO in a fantasy world
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CEO in a fantasy world
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8 Big Announcemen

@@Hello guys and girls, it has been a long year and all of you have followed me without question through it. There have been some ups and downs, but nonetheless, I think that I can finally take this book of hiatus soon. I know a lot of you have wanted daily releases, especially my big fans, so I will naturally do that.

But, it is only polite of me to inform you guys of what I have been doing as of late. The beginning of CEO in a Fantasy World, as you guys may know, has a lot of errors. I mean, blazing errors. Gradually, my writing became better and I was able to deliver quality not very common on webnovel, but I never took the contract. This meant, I made absolutely no money besides on p-atreon, to which I earned around $20 on a good month.

SO, I decided to write a new book. Some of you may have seen it on Webnovel for a little bit, but it is no longer here. I have finally published a book on Amazon, and I wanted to inform you guys of what exactly I had been doing, and why CEO was on a hiatus.

A huge thank you to my patreons that have been there, and as always, I hope some of you can check out my story! It is $2.99 on amazon, or free if you have kindle unlimited.

Anyway, have a fantastic day, daily updates coming soon!

Link to book:\u0026qid=1576350645\u0026sr=8-1-fkmr1



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