CEO in a fantasy world
13 Chapter 240: Collision of Ultimate Power
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CEO in a fantasy world
Author :Inserted
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13 Chapter 240: Collision of Ultimate Power

Inside of the thick belt of trees, a massive bird-like creature suddenly blasted its eyes open. A profound emotion gleamed within its eyes as it screeched into the air, flying toward Caesar's direction without an iota of hesitation. Mythical creatures like the Gryphon possessed an outstanding memory, so it was immediately aware of who the trespasser was. Although the monster was still afraid, it was prideful as well. How could it just stand by and let an evildoer into its home?

At the entrance, Caesar squinted his eyes and clenched the scythe at his side. Having come from Earth, facing thousands of tribulations, and evolving into the creature that he was now, there was no longer any fear to mention. Memories from his past life gradually became clouded and vague, as if he was beginning to become fully incorporated into his new identity. The only thing that remained from the past... was his name — Caesar.

Of course, Caesar soon discarded such meaningless thoughts and shot forward to where the Gryphon could be seen circling the remnants of the burnt forest. Finally, after so long, a being which Caesar had no position to face off against in the past, was willing to meet him. Not as a superior, but as an equal.

Both Caesar and the oversized bird darted through the lands and soon met each other, fifteen meters apart. The Gryphon unfurled its wings and glared at Caesar, to which he responded with a hundred or so spears made out of ice. "It has been a long time, and I still haven't forgotten the carnage you exhibited on my soldiers!" He thundered, his killing intent bolstering.

The wind fluttered Caesar's hair and clothes, causing him to appear like an immortal god descending upon the world. On the other hand, the Gryphon summoned a boundless amount of turbid winds, resembling a mythical creature revealing its heavenly might. Few beasts were capable of standing in front of a Gryphon, and most of them were already extinct.

Sunlight illuminated the battlefield between the two otherworldly creatures, but it did nothing to conceal the darkness emanating from Caesar's body. Even though he seemed evil, no power was corrupt, nor righteous. It was how the power was utilized that really mattered, as could be seen with the church.

Caesar's eyes flashed a deep shade of crimson, but even then, he could not perceive any flaws within the Gryphons body.

'It wouldn't be fun, otherwise,' he thought to himself, his ice spears multiplying from one hundred to two hundred.

They irradiated a bone-chilling temperature as they spun in the air, showcasing Caesar's strong desire to not only do battle but to kill as well. It didn't take much more time for him to gently raise his right hand and point forward. Like an army of thousands of elite archers, the ice launched forward like a volley of mighty arrows. They coursed through the air, breaking the sound barrier and booming for creatures within hundred of kilometers to hear.

However, an even more stalwart screech reverberated, emanating the strongest of winds and shattering nearly all of the ice within seconds. This was, of course, the Gryphons doing. It then blasted off the ground and swooped toward Caesar, its talons bearing down.

The nearby trees stumbled down, and the ground quaked. A burst of maniacal laughter erupted from Caesar's mouth as both of his hands balled into fists. Immediately, the thousands of broken ice particles congealed together and formed an astonishing number of spears. The sheer sum was uncountable at first glance, but it numbered at the very least, a few thousand. More prominent than that was the crystal-like gleam that formed on every single one of them.

After fighting the troll king, Caesar possessed much stronger control over his mana. Even if he fought Musashi in his prime, he was sure of victory.

Shocked, the Gryphon screeched even louder. This time, it was not out of ridicule, but fear. It commanded the clouds from up above to congregate and block the sun alongside blades of wind striking in every direction. But, even then, it wasn't enough to fend off against Caesar's well-established ambush!

Boom! Both forces collided with each other and shook the ground at its very core! The tectonic plates began rubbing against each other, and the nearby land was completely leveled!

A few of the ice spears actually managed to break through the Gryphons tough defense and penetrate its wings, but it still wasn't substantial enough. An unbearable rage struck the bird-like beast as blood dripped from the tip of its wings. Unable to control itself, thunder began to echo out, and rain started to fall. Vines intertwined with each other, and even the wind was transforming into an entirely different element.

Gryphon's were said to be one with nature — being capable of calling on the four main elements. Finally, all of its reserve power was on show, its target being Caesar, who appeared to be a speck of dust in front of the Gryphon.

Nonetheless, Caesar's majesty was not lower than the Gryphon's in the slightest. No, in fact, his aura was even more dignified! He called upon the entirety of the energy inside of his body and raised both of his hands into the sky as if he were attempting to reach the heavens. Immediately, in retaliation to the Gryphon's profound attack, a huge meteor of ice began to descend from the sky. It didn't end there; energy far more domineering than the ice started to coat the meteor.

It was dark in color, similar to the endless void. Not only did it beckon all living creatures to bow, but it also caused a sense of inevitable death. An ethereal image of an imperial emperor seemed to manifest within the aura. Black hair cascaded down his back, red eyes, and an imperial crown rested atop his head. Although his features were clouded and indistinct, it was still extremely domineering!

Sweat dripped down the sides of Caesar's face as he called upon his strongest attack. It blotted out the sky and came crashing down to meet the Gryphon's unification of multiple elements. Everything relied on this grand moment, this one attack!

BOOOOOM! Everything within a thousand kilometers felt the aftermath of this attack, causing small mountains to topple over and the sky up above to split apart. Both forces held the unimaginable power of two mythical-like creatures battling each other to the very end!

Lightning whipped around the darkness coated ice, while the darkness began to absorb the elements. One second turned into two, and two moments turned into an entire minute. The collision caused the veins of Caesar's arms to protrude out and blood to drip from the corner of his mouth.

The Gryphon didn't fare much better. Its feathers were beginning to fall out, and its blood seeped out even more profusely.

Strong forces on every side of the continent jumped out of their chair and looked to the north in shock. This was especially so for the Pope and the most influential forces of the church. Their mouths were agape, and shivers rode up to their spine.

"T-The Emperor is back?" The pope whispered incredulously. He would never mistake that aura.

Back in the forest, the battle was finally reaching its breaking point. Although the Gryphon wielded unbelievable power, it still wasn't a match for Caesar's authority. All of the elements were gradually absorbed, canceling out both forces at around the same time.

The bird-like creature mournfully screeched as it toppled over, unable to move another muscle. The feathers that once decorated its body riddled the ground along with rivers of blood. The only one who remained standing was Caesar, who was gasping for breath. His mana was drained, and he was just a hair away from going unconscious.

"I… Win!"


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