So You're Such A Doctor Song
2 Sis, The Doc is Female, Right?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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2 Sis, The Doc is Female, Right?

"No need for that. I'm going with Ruan Yang; my place is on the way to her place."

"Alright, see you. Let's keep in touch. It's been a while since I saw Uncle and your sister." The color of Fu Yu's lips looked mellow underneath the lights. After he entered the car, Guan Ying also opened the door to the passenger seat and sat inside.


It was only after Ruan Yang's huge van traveled some distance that Changqing thought of something and couldn't help but ask, "Before, didn't Guan Ying mention that her boyfriend was a doctor?"

"That's the one you bumped into in the corridor," Ruan Yang replied with a mixed expression.

"Guan Ying brought Fu Yu along to the meet-up tonight and we subsequently bumped into the bonafide boyfriend there. That's when we realized Guan Ying has been Fu Yu's girlfriend for a while. Tell me, how could anyone stand being cuckolded like that?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"How could Guan Ying do that?" Changqing muttered. Her values made her unable to accept something like two-timing. However, she couldn't say much about this situation as the man involved was Fu Yu.

"It's normal." Ruan Yang raised her cherry blossom-like lips and said, "Among the four of us, only Guan Ying and you are somewhat famous. You're doing quite well in the field of hosting, and your family's financial situation isn't bad either. Whereas the situation for Guan Ying is different. Her family's financial condition is somewhat poor. She's 25-years-old now and can be considered a single who debuted in the entertainment industry early. If she doesn't get famous soon, she'll have a much harder time in the industry as she grows older. Fu Yu is an investor with deep pockets that many people want to leech off of. This is an opportunity for Guan Ying to change her life as well."

"But I feel that Guan Ying's boyfriend is quite miserable…"

"Sigh, but I heard about Guan Ying's boyfriend… having some issues regarding that kind of thing," Jiang Duoyao said in a small voice.


"It's true. Guan Ying also mentioned before that they have yet to do the deed even after dating for a year. I heard that many male doctors have little to no interest in that kind of thing since they're used to seeing female anatomy."

"He looks pretty handsome though. Wouldn't it be wasteful if he has trouble with that?" Ruan Yang let out an emotional sigh. With the same sentiments, Changqing nodded like a chick pecking on rice.


During the night, Changqing had trouble sleeping. She again dreamed about the scene where Fu Yu rejected her love letter that she gave him during her first year of university. In the end, it was Zhangrui's phone call that rescued her from her own dream.

"Didn't you mention yesterday that you were feeling discomfort down there and wanted to visit a gynecologist? I told a friend of mine in the hospital from the gynecology department. Get there at 7 o'clock in the evening and call my cell when you arrive. I'll take you to the doctor for a check-up."

"Sis, is your friend reliable? She won't reveal the fact that I went for a check-up, right?" Changqing worryingly said, "I'm considered a celebrity now, and if the matter of me getting a check-up was leaked, the reporters and media would definitely write something like I'm getting an abortion or I have indecent personal relationships."

"Hold it right there! You call yourself a celebrity? You're just purely fooling around in the entertainment hosting industry," Zhangrui said in a snapping tone with a voice filled with pampering towards Changqing. "Rest assured, the doctor is someone who can be counted on."

Changqing's heart felt at ease.

In the evening, Changqing deliberately wore a mask to the hospital, and Zhangrui took her to the gynecologist straight away.

During the journey there, Changqing asked, "Sis, the doctor is female right?"

"Of course the doctor is female." Zhangrui glanced at her. "Did you expect your sis to let a man examine you?"

Changqing clenched her sister's arm tightly with a smile. She thought it was nice to have an older sister.

When they arrived at the consultation room, Zhangrui suddenly received a call. After she finished her phone conversation. she turned her head and awkwardly informed Changqing, "A while ago, Dr. Chen, who was supposed to see you at your check-up, went to the operating room with all the female doctors who are on the night shift as a patient of Dr. Chen's was sent to the operation room on short notice. As the patient's situation is a bit dicey, Dr. Chen told me that she asked Dr. Song, who she has a good relationship with, from the Neurosurgery department to come over. Dr. Song has a minor degree in obstetrics and gynecology and is also one of the best in the field in this hospital too…"
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》