So You're Such A Doctor Song
26 Could you get any more repulsive than this? Part 2
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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26 Could you get any more repulsive than this? Part 2

"He was a lonely old man. His only son passed away due to an accident in his early years, and this dog was the only companion he had by his side. During the time he was in a critical condition, the only option he had left if he wanted to live was to undergo a surgery, and even the success rate of the surgery was extremely low." As Song Chuyi changed into his house slippers, he continued on: "He told me if the surgery ended in failure, he hoped I'd raise this dog on his behalf. In the end… the survey turned out to be a failure, and it was the first time I failed a surgery."

As per usual, he had very minimal changes in his expression even when he was talking about the dog.

But from the fragments of their conversation, Changqing could sense that the dog held a special place in his heart, and she became moody as a result. Her sister once told her before that Song Chuyi always treated his patients well. She didn't believe her sister at the time, but her stance was gradually collapsing now.

"Change your shoes into these." Song Chuyi instructed as he placed a brand new pair of house slippers that were light pink on the floor.

The cute smiley design on the slippers was adorable. Changqing was surprised. "Did you buy these specifically for me?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Song Chuyi looked coldly at her before turning away.

Just when Changqing was beaming with delight and was halfway into changing her slippers, the dog suddenly bit one of the slippers playfully and started running away with it.

"Robben, stop causing trouble," Song Chuyi ordered while furrowing his eyebrows.

"Isn't Robben the name of a famous soccer player?" The corners of Changqing's mouth twitched.

"Yep. His previous owner was a fan of Robben," Song Chuyi replied while he gave Robben a nasty look.

While shaking its tail, Robben obediently returned the slipper back to Changqing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You're so well-behaved." Changqing complimented the dog while also casting a glance at Song Chuyi's cold and serious face. Looks like the dog has been living in fear under his dreadful rule for quite a long period of time. What a pitiful dog.

Changqing patted Robben on the head and began to survey her surroundings. The color scheme of the apartment heavily used cool colors and she didn't like it.

"That's your room." Song Chuyi pointed to the right.

Changqing went over to the room, and her expression turned to that of surprise once again. Her room looked completely different from the living room outside. The bedsheets and couch in her room were entirely pink, and furthermore, a large white polar bear plushie was placed on top of the huge bed as well.

"Wow, so cute." Changqing scooped the polar bear in her arms and lifted it up. From the condition of the bear, she determined it was brand new. "When did you buy this?"

Changqing's big eyes were sparkling brightly and was too much for Song Chuyi to handle. Thus, he looked away from her before replying, "Yesterday night."

That meant he bought it after he took her home yesterday.

Changqing felt slightly touched. Ever since she had grown up, no other man had ever prepared these for her except her dad. Furthermore, he had a fairly good insight of her preference also. "How did you know what I like?"

"After sleeping in your room, it was apparent to me what sort of things you like," Song Chuyi said nonchalantly as he thrust his hands into his pockets.

"Thank you." Changqing grinned. It was one thing to know what she liked but another to act upon it. "I love it here."

Approached by Changqing's immensely pure and charming peach-blossom eyes and her ever so sweet sounding voice, Song Chuyi clenched his fists and coughed. "Do you need anything else?"

"No need. I'm good." But after Changqing finished speaking, she noticed the wardrobe and said sheepishly, "Just the wardrobe. It seems a little small."

"There's an adjacent room where you can keep your clothes and shoes. The toothbrush and the towels have all been placed in the bathroom, and I bought some daily necessities as well. Go have a look to see what else you need and buy those things on your own. I have work to attend to. As for lunch, decide whether to order delivery or cook yourself…"

"I'm alright, go ahead and attend to your things. I can handle it myself," Changqing replied while she nodded incessantly.
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》