So You're Such A Doctor Song
33 Station Head Feng, is Chi Yining really suitable?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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33 Station Head Feng, is Chi Yining really suitable?

Changqing didn't pay attention to Zheng Yan's words. Her mind was currently occupied by the thoughts of Guan Ying and Shangwei Media.

"It seems like Fu Yu really adores her. After graduating from university and working her hardest in the industry for several years, Guan Ying only played minor supporting parts. This is good for her. Guan Ying has always wanted to become famous; I hope her wishes can come true this time," Changqing thought to herself.

"Station Head Feng, is Chi Yining really suitable?" Zuo Qian said abruptly. Startled by his question, the crowd looked in his direction while Chi Yining's expression changed slightly.

Zuo Qian continued to emphasize his point objectively. "First of all, I have to admit that Chi Yining's outward appearance is really pretty good. However, there has been a lot of negative comments on the Internet criticizing her as a host on several big events organized by the TV station. Actually, I believe Yan Changqing is more suitable for this role. Her beauty is widely recognized in the entertainment industry and furthermore, she has a fairly good public image. Lastly, the most important point is that Yan Changqing, Jiang Duoyao and Ruan Yang are all graduates from the North City Film Academy. As such, it's indisputable that they have outstanding acting skills."

Once he started to oppose Station Head Feng, many others nodded their heads in agreement silently. It was just that they didn't dare to openly agree with Zuo Qian.

Station Head Feng felt unhappy on the inside, but rather than show his unhappiness, he showed an expression of mild regret on his face instead as he was, after all, a sly old fox. "Zuo Qian, I understand that you and Changqing have a good relationship, and to be honest, Changqing immediately popped into my head when I first heard about this role. But after I read the script, I changed my mind. Both Chief Editor Cao and the head director agreed with me that Changqing looks too ravishing for the role, and this TV series looks to provide a breath of fresh air to its audience. I'm afraid that the audience would comment negatively on Changqing if she was to play the role."

"That's right. How about we let Changqing play the fourth supporting actress instead? She'd suit that role better. It's just such a pity that Shangwei Media already claimed the role of the third supporting actress." Chief Editor Cao gave his opinion while smiling.

Zuo Qian was furious. Changqing's qualifications were much better than Chi Yining. If she accepted the role of the fourth supporting actress, she would definitely be mocked harshly by the public.

"I decline. I don't actually like acting in a TV series. Thank you Chief Editor Cao for your kind intentions." Changqing was very clear that even if they continued on with the dispute, there wouldn't be any changes to the assigned roles. She immediately signaled Zuo Qian with her eyes and rejected the offer in a sweet tone.

Chi Yining's scarlet red lips instantly showed a spurious smile. "See that, teacher Zuo? You acted kindly to help her fight for the part, but in the end, she didn't even give a crap about it."

Zuo Qian directed his cold, furious stare at Chi Yining.

Changqing frowned while feeling annoyed.

The conference room was completely enshrouded in silence. Ultimately, as Station Head Feng didn't want to offend Zuo Qian, he signaled to Chi Yining to shut her mouth by warning her with a cold look on his face. Afterwards, he changed the topic and asked for recommendations of candidates to play the fourth supporting actress from everyone at the meeting.

The meeting lasted until noon, and when the crowd left the conference room, some were happy and some were sad.

When Changqing was packing up her notebook in preparation to leave the room, Chi Yining approached her from the front with a haughty smile on her face. "Changqing… sister, why did you decline the offer for the fourth supporting actress? The role's actually not bad. If you accepted the role, we'd now be working on the same crew. We're both employed under same the TV station, so I'd definitely take great care of you on the set."

Changqing suppressed her anger and smiled. "Thanks for your kind intentions. However, I'd like to advise you to practice your acting skills now while you still can. Guan Ying and Ke Yongyuan are both film academy graduates. When the time comes, try not to hinder the progress of the shoot too much or embarrass our TV station. Ah! I'm really worried! After all, with your skill level, even a typical recording of a variety show at the station resulted in netizens flooding the internet with spam about you acted pretentious during the show." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》