So You're Such A Doctor Song
34 In the end, she didn’t even give a crap about it.
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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34 In the end, she didn’t even give a crap about it.

Zheng Yan burst into laughter and went along with Changqing by nodding her head. "That's right! I'm deeply worried too."

"You two…" Chi Yining uttered as her face became flushed with anger.

Instead of paying any more attention to Chi Yining, Changqing and Zheng Yan ignored her completely and vacated the room.

Zuo Qian was standing at the door waiting for Changqing while his elegant eyebrows were knitted together. "Changqing, a lot of the staff at the TV station actually do think highly of you. The reason why they remained silent was only because of Station Head Feng's pressuring them from the top."

"I know." Changqing shrugged her shoulders with a look of resignation. "It's fine. I should focus on being a host. Starring in a TV series can come later."

Seeing as Changqing really didn't have any plans on starring in a TV series, Zuo Qian stopped harping on the matter as well.


During the evening, Changqing brought a handful of fruit and a bouquet of flowers that she purchased earlier to the hospital and found the ward she was looking for by glancing around the hospital. When she entered the ward and saw Shen Lu, who was lying on the hospital bed, she instantly stiffened. Tears filled her eyes as though sand had gotten into them.

Shen Lu was once a former bona fide beauty who always carried herself with a gentle and quiet bearing befitting her status. But now, her current state differed vastly from before as her cheeks had turned bony, and her face lost all its color. She no longer possessed long, pitch-black hair. A gray wool cap took the place where her hair once sprouted instead.

"Changqing, you're all grown up!" Shen Lu gently smiled as she beckoned to Changqing. "Hurry and come closer. You've gotten so beautiful now that Auntie almost couldn't recognize you anymore!"

"Auntie, how did you… get sick?" Changqing asked while she wiped away her tears and held Shen Lu's hand at the same time. "Was it because of the unhealthy food in America?"

"Exactly. Perhaps my body would still be healthy if I had chosen to stay in Yangzhou right from the start." Shen Lu agreed. Immediately after that, she poked fun at Changqing with a tone of sadness and regret. "How time flies! Back then, you were still just a little girl and the precious treasure of both our families."

Upon hearing Shen Lu's words, Changqing's face turned red. "Oh right, why isn't Uncle visiting you at the hospital when you contracted such a serious illness?"

"We… have been divorced for many years now." The color of Shen Lu's eyes dulled as she replied.

Changqing was struck dumb by Shen Lu's answer.

"Bam! Bam!"

Right at that moment, the door to the ward suddenly rang twice with knocking sounds and was pushed open.

After the door opened, a man walked into the room. The man was wearing an exorbitant tailor-made black suit, and his majestic figure exuded an imposing air to his surroundings. But after he saw the people who were in the room, a trace of gentleness flashed across his black pupils.

Changqing stood up nervously when she saw Fu Yu entering the ward. She didn't expect to see him again just a few hours after the meeting. It wasn't that long ago when she was still trying her best to completely eradicate her thoughts about him while at the meeting.

Glancing at Changqing and her son, a trace of happiness gushed from within Shen Lu's eyes. "You rarely visit me at this time usually. You couldn't possibly be coming here because Changqing is paying me a visit now, right?"

Fu Yu smiled and nodded while he looked at Shen Lu. "You've got it right. I came to visit you precisely because of her. Changqing, how long have you been here?"

"Only for awhile," replied Changqing as she tried her hardest to suppress her increasing heart beat and expectations because of Fu Yu's reply. "Auntie, when are you undergoing your surgery?"

"Tomorrow." Shen Lu sighed. "I'm unsure whether or not the surgery will be successful."

"Auntie, you're such a good person. God will definitely bless you with longevity." Changqing cried as she became more emotional the more she spoke. "I forbid you to die!"

"Let's hope so." Shen Lu tenderly rubbed the back of her hand. "As long as you promise me that you'll visit me after the surgery tomorrow, I reckon that I might be able to make it through the surgery alive with my teeth clenched just to see you again."

"I can do even more than that—I'm willing to stay here to accompany you," Changqing replied to Shen Lu with reddened eyes.

"It'd be great if only I had a daughter just like you." Shen Lu lamented while taking a brief look at her son. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fu Yu took out an apple and began to peel the skin while keeping mum. Meanwhile, Shen Lu and Changqing continued chatting about their shared memories of the past.
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》