So You're Such A Doctor Song
37 Was she trying to gain his favor? Part 2
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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37 Was she trying to gain his favor? Part 2

The instant Changqing saw the dishes that he prepared, she pouted her small pink lips high up in the air and complained unhappily, "My first ever meal after moving in is so shabby; there isn't any meat either…"

In the past, Auntie Zhang would regularly cook up a variety of bountiful and delicious meals with her culinary skills that were similar to the level of a great chef back when she was still living in her home. This contrast between the meals was too much for her to accept at once, and she felt down and depressed just by looking at it.

Song Chuyi didn't get offended by her rudeness. Even he felt that the dinner looked shabby. "I've been too busy these past few days and had no spare time to buy ingredients. Just make do with it today, and I'll buy your favorite food tomorrow, okay?"

When she heard his explanation, Changqing immediately remembered he just finished work after working for the entire day and night in the hospital and realized she was being discourteous to complain about the dinner that he cooked after he came back from his tiring job. She felt sorry, but hearing him trying to coax her with such a gentle voice made a rather warm feeling arise inside her heart at the same time as well. It was a feeling of her still being pampered by someone. "Fine then. I'll put up with this dinner for today."

After giving him a glare with a proud look on her face, she got up and proceeded on her way to the kitchen to get some rice from the rice cooker for herself.

Maybe it was because she was hungry, or perhaps it was because of his decent culinary skills, but Changqing thought the seaweed egg drop soup was pretty tasty.

"You don't like eating cucumber?" Song Chuyi asked Changqing as he noticed she didn't take a single piece of cucumber to eat with her chopsticks.

"Yeah," Changqing replied with her head down while slurping the soup.

"Then what do you like to eat?"

After pondering for a while, she listed her favorite food unreservedly: "Honey glazed spare ribs, beef on toothpicks, corn fritters, poached fish fillet…"

Song Chuyi nodded his head as he listened.

Changqing was surprised: "You know how to cook them?"

"None at all."

Changqing. "…"

Why did you nod your head if you don't know how to cook the dishes? Changqing ranted inside her mind.

After finishing half the rice in her bowl, Changqing asked nervously: "Are you the main surgeon for Auntie Shen's surgery tomorrow?"


"How confident are you?" Changqing looked at him with her big radiant eyes which were filled with hope.

Song Chuyi ate a mouthful of rice and said: "Fifty percent."

"So little…" Changqing got depressed. "Can you try your best? Auntie Shen is really a kind-hearted person."

Song Chuyi's eyes suddenly changed and his gaze became unvarying and steady. "Changqing, I always try my best to treat each and every patient of mine, no matter their identity or medical condition. My principles will never change."

After he said his piece, he stood up and went to get rice for himself. Watching his back with his upright posture, Changqing suddenly thought he looked a little bit handsome.

When he returned to the dining table, Song Chuyi said in an aloof tone, "It's fine for you to care about Shen Lu, but from now on, you need to keep your distance from Fu Yu, much less going out with him to eat together." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Changqing was unhappy when she heard him say that and pouted: "Didn't you say we're not to interfere with each other's lives?"

"I wouldn't interfere with your life if it was someone else. However, I can't stand when that person is Fu Yu," Song Chuyi said with a stern face. "I'll let it go this time. But if I ever see you alone with him again, don't blame me if I become nasty."

Changqing became furious. She absolutely hated being threatened by someone. "Then tell me—what exactly do you mean by becoming nasty?"

"Do you really want to test me?" Song Chuyi squinted while he spoke. A chilling gleam flared out from his eyes.

Changqing uncontrollably winced under his gaze. She pouted and snorted before continuing to eat her dinner.

Song Chuyi was satisfied. He liked women who were paper tigers just like Changqing.

After dinner, he returned to his room to shower and subsequently went to bed before Changqing.

Changqing was all alone, feeling upset for a very long time, and she didn't sleep well during the night as well.

Song Chuyi had already gone to work when she woke up the next day.

As she approached the dining room, she discovered a middle-aged woman was there pouring milk while Robben's front legs were leaning on the table with a greedy look on his face. Changqing rubbed her eyes and asked, "You are …"
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》