So You're Such A Doctor Song
41 It angered him even more.
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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41 It angered him even more.

"When did I ever become your woman?" Changqing retorted with pouty lips.

"Your name's recorded on my household register, and as such, I deem you my woman." Song Chuyi squinted his eyes and said with his head lowered to stare at Changqing, "Do I really have to bed you in order to consider you my woman?"

Changqing bit her lip. Her face turned red and she was angry with him. "You failed to keep your promise. Before we registered ourselves for the marriage certificate, we had a clear agreement that you weren't allowed to kiss me!"

"Exactly! I didn't kiss you. It was a smooch just now." Song Chuyi beat around the bush by using her words against her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Changqing was stunned. "There isn't any difference between smooching and kissing. You're simply quibbling about this!"

"A kiss is just a light peck on the lips whereas a smooch can go on for a very long time," Song Chuyi said as he raised his eyebrows.

Changqing was exasperated when she heard his retort. "You're uttering nonsense! Then what about this—I mentioned from the beginning that you must not have any physical contact with me, but just now, you constantly fondled me!"

"I didn't fondle you. I was just embracing you. They're totally different things." Song Chuyi denied her accusation. He had a sudden urge to see her get angry as he felt that her angry face was very adorable.

Changqing gritted her teeth. She couldn't believe he would be so cunning despite him appearing to be serious and solemn normally. "What a load of crap! You liar! You big fat liar!"

Song Chuyi decided not to argue with her anymore. "Well, what happened just now was simply a lesson for you. The lesson will be worse than this if there is ever a next time. Also, you're not allowed to participate in the TV series."

"The fact that you're forbidding me to participate in the TV series makes me want to persist in joining it all the more," Changqing said as she stomped her feet before turning away and started to walk out of the place.

But before she could make it out of the office, she was seized by the waist by a sudden force from behind abruptly. She lost control of her legs and started back-pedaling a few steps. Then soon after, his sturdy chest accompanied with the smell of disinfectant surrounded her.

"Changqing, cut it out. If not, I can't guarantee that you'll be able to walk out from this door in the next hour."

"You… What are you planning to do?" Changqing faltered. She sensed danger looming from the look of his eyes.

"What do you think?" Song Chuyi whispered while he caressed her earlobe.

Changqing was a pure-hearted maiden, but she'd seen a lot of impure movies.

In an instant, she thought of something that she shouldn't have thought about, and like a frightened little bunny, her legs tottered.

Song Chuyi was very satisfied by the look on her face. "I'm doing this for your own good. After all, you're too innocent. Even if your relationship with Fu Yu was great before, he is still, after all, a shrewd businessman. Shang Wei Media was established single-handedly by him. Such a person wouldn't invest in you for no reason. He needs returns on his investments. What else could a woman repay to a man? Changqing, sometimes you think too highly of men."

He spoke earnestly.

Changqing was uncertain about his claim.

She couldn't speak for others, but she believed Fu Yu wasn't that sort of person.

She felt Song Chuyi just had a grudge against Fu Yu for snatching Guan Ying away from him.

"Alright, I got it. I'm going to see Aunt Shen now," Changqing said. She pushed him out of the way and proceeded to the door.

"Are you really going to wait for Fu Yu?" Song Chuyi asked. He didn't stop her this time; he still had unfinished work to do.

"I'm going to wait for Auntie Shen to wake up anyway." Changqing promptly walked out after she replied to him.

Once she was out of the office, she immediately collapsed to the floor as she felt like jelly all over her body.

What's the feeling of being kissed by a man?

It's like floating in the air endlessly…

Just like that, she floated all the way back to the ward. When she sat down, her mind couldn't help but repeat the scenes that just happened.

Her face was boiling hot, and the taste of Song Chuyi seemed to be lingering in her mouth.
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》