So You're Such A Doctor Song
49 Let“s hope that scumbag Song will never watch the television ever again for the rest of his life. Part 1
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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49 Let“s hope that scumbag Song will never watch the television ever again for the rest of his life. Part 1

As Wen Tong was walking away from her, Changqing hurriedly tugged at the corner of her shirt. "Gee, I was just venting my dissatisfaction a little. I didn't really mean it. If I don't shoot the ad, I won't be able to afford new summer clothing."

"It's good that you're aware of your current situation." Wen Tong grabbed the chance and immediately reprimanded her. "I want to pull in better deals for you too, but you have no one but yourself to blame as you don't fight hard for opportunities. With those few platforms that your TV station provides, your exposure to the public is minimal. You constantly fail to get cast in drama series that your TV station produces too. Did you think you would ever get these advertisement deals if it wasn't for my desperate efforts in pulling them for you? How could you even complain?!"

Changqing remorsefully ducked. "Gee, can you not put it that way? Look at me! I got good looks and an amazing figure! I'll eventually be shining brightly with popularity sooner or later! A wonderful future is certainly certain if you follow me."

Wen Tong poked her cheeky face with her finger. "Oh, by the way, after the advertisement you previously appeared in aired, the management from Yu Qiong unexpectedly called me on their own and personally asked you to endorse their brand! The endorsement fee they offered isn't on the low side either. I already accepted it for you."

The corners of Changqing's mouth twitched. "Yu Qiong is a brand for lingerie, right?"

"That's right!"

Changqing wanted to cry when Wen Tong confirmed her suspicion. "Let's hope that scumbag Song will never watch the television ever again for the rest of his life," she muttered.

Otherwise, she would lose all face!


After the shoot was finished, Changqing decided to have a drink to vent her frustration as she was in a bad mood.

But who would've thought that while she was on her way out, the station head would inform her to return to the TV station?

She swiftly went back and to her surprise, Station Head FengStation Head Feng personally opened the door for her and invited her into his office with a face full of smiles. He even brought her a chair to sit on.

Changqing was flattered. Back then, even with her Dad's influence, she didn't get such treatment from the station head.

"Station Head Feng, may I know why you were looking for me?"

"My child, why didn't you tell me earlier that you and President Fu from Shang Wei media grew up together since you were young? It's such an important matter too!" Station Head Feng said with a fond look.

Changqing got goosebumps all over her body.

Station Head Feng continued: "President Fu called me personally today. He wanted to make sure that the role of the supporting actress went to you. After much contemplation, I agreed with the notion that you're indeed much more suitable than Chi Yining to play the role."

"No, no, no. Station Head Feng, I don't like to act." Changqing turned down the role. Song Chuyi's menacing face flashed across her mind. She was no longer even in the mood to sit down. "I like to maintain the status quo. Really, you can go ahead and give the role to Chi Yining."

"Changqing, are you angry at me?" Station Head Feng said in an anxious tone. "I wanted to cast you for the role at first! It was editor-in-chief Cao and the rest of them who didn't support you! I didn't have a choice back then!"

Changqing almost puked from looking at his act.

Meanwhile, Station Head FengStation Head Feng continued to painstakingly advise Changqing: "President Fu warned he'd withdraw his investment if you didn't agree to star in the role! This amount of money means nothing to him, but this drama series is a big project for the TV station this year! If the project goes down the drain, people above me will hold me accountable! Changqing, there aren't any hosts that wouldn't want to fight for the chance to appear in a drama series nowadays. Once you become popular through the show, your fans will increase, and the ratings of the show you host will improve as well! I know very well that your assistant is busy all the time helping you find opportunities, but you have to know that opportunities are hard to find nowadays."

Changqing came out of the TV station in an even worse mood than before she entered.

After she pondered for a while, she gave Fu Yu a call. "Brother Fu Yu, didn't I tell you not to talk to my station head?"

"Changqing, I did it for your own good," Fu Yu said sincerely and earnestly. "A person is only young for a period of time. Once you miss out, you will definitely be washed out from the industry after two more years, even if you have Zuo Qian's protection in 'Challenge to the End.' My mom always treated you like her own daughter, so she hopes you're being well taken care of by me too."
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》