So You're Such A Doctor Song
55 Depression. Part 1
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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55 Depression. Part 1

Zuo Qian patted her head as a glimmer of a smile appeared in his warm eyes.

His action made Changqing feel an inexplicable sense of familiarity, and after pondering about it, she pouted her moist lips as she remembered that the scumbag, Song Chuchu had patted her head this morning as well, though she felt that Song Chuyi patted her head like a dog.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Zuo Qian asked as he noticed that her mind had suddenly wandered off. However, after asking, his heart tightened. "Are you thinking about Fu Yu?"

"I'm not. Just that a certain annoying person crossed my mind. Gee, we're almost late to the meeting that the head producer arranged with us. Let's hurry!" Changqing ran towards the elevator while simultaneously urging Zuo Qian anxiously as well after she noticed the time.

Looking at her bright and beautiful behind, Zuo Qian suddenly slightly regretted supporting her in starring in the drama series. He felt it'd be great if she would just remain in his shadow for the rest of her life. However, he knew that like real gold, sooner or later, she would emit her own unique brilliance as well.

But would she be out of his league when that time came?


At around nine o'clock in the evening, after they finished recording the show, Changqing and Zuo Qian headed out for supper along with some of the celebrity guests who appeared on their show. During supper, Guan Ying called Changqing several times.

Seeing that it was almost time for her to meet Guan Ying, Changqing bid farewell to the others and drove to the hospital. In the early evening, she had already spoken to Song Chuyi and found out he was going to a dinner gathering with his colleagues today, so she didn't have to worry about banging into him at the hospital.

Guan Ying drove her usual mini cooper to the hospital, and when Changqing saw her car pulling in, she could remember vividly that during their meet-up yesterday, Guan Ying mentioned to her that Fu Yu was going to give her a sports car that was worth several tens of millions as a gift, but she refused to accept the gift.

When Changqing compared Fu Yu to her husband, she silently sighed.

She really shouldn't have compared them.

"Changqing, do you think my outfit looks okay?" Guan Ying asked for her opinion. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a beige sweater. She appeared pure and attractive.

"You look gorgeous! You look particularly like an honest girl! Auntie will certainly be pleased with you." With slightly mixed feelings, Changqing asked, "Xiao Ying, aren't you afraid there's a possibility you'll encounter your ex-boyfriend here? I've encountered him several times before. The doctor who conducted the surgery on Auntie was him!"

"Didn't you say he left the hospital? Besides… if we really do encounter each other here, then so be it." Guan Ying bit her lip lightly. It was essential for her to cling onto the huge tree that was Fu Yu for now, at the very least.

Changqing knitted her eyebrows. "Actually… I talked to Dr. Song once before. He seems like… a good person. Furthermore, I heard from my sister that the surgery fee he charges is really high. Just from operating on Auntie, the surgery fee alone cost a whopping two million dollars."

After bringing up this matter, Changqing got a little bit angry. How could this Song Chuchu not tell her that he was earning so much money even though she was his wife? If it wasn't for her sister's help in inquiring about this matter at the hospital, she never would've found out about it.

"Is that so?" Guan Ying was briefly stunned. Shortly after, she put on a forced smile. "He earns a lot, but he couldn't provide any help for my career."

"… Oh." Changqing's eyelashes drooped. "Then have you gotten over him yet?"

"Actually, in the past, he was fairly nice to me." Guan Ying suddenly showed a sad expression. "Among the men I've known, he was the most meticulous and he was the one who was the nicest to me…"

As Changqing listened to Guan Ying's disclosure, an indefinable emotion surged inside her.

Although Song Chuyi occasionally treated her better than he usually did, when she compared how he treated her to his treatment of Guan Ying, she knew the disparity between them was huge.

It was entirely possible he wasn't over Guan Ying. If not, why would he take me to a cafe Guan Ying likes and is always so fierce to me… Changqing lamented.

Unable to understand why, the sweet feelings she experienced that morning swiftly turned into depression.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》