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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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62 Envy

Jiang Duoyao also gazed at her full of interest and was about to open her mouth when Changqing suddenly hooked her arm around hers and said with a smile, "It's getting late. Let's go in—I'm getting a little hungry."

She walked alongside Jiang Duoyao at the front. Jiang Duoyao said in an unhappy voice, "Didn't you always say Chi Yining bullies you? Since I just happened to be around today, I even wanted to take revenge for you."

"You already made it obvious enough." Changqing felt warm and fuzzy inside. "I understand your intentions but no matter what, all these are station-related affairs. I don't want you to get involved. The confrontation between Chi Yining and I has been going on for two years. She's a vile character, doing things both openly and secretly. Duoyao, although you're popular now, you aren't as stable as Ruan Yang, so you should be more prudent. If you don't handle things well, you'll be accused of putting on airs and bullying hosts."

Jiang Duoyao was stupefied, saying with shock, "Aiya, you lass, your mind turns faster than mine now. I was still constantly worried about you being foolish and unsuitable for this industry in the past, but Ruan Yang kept arguing with me. Looks like she knows better than I do."

"I'm still quite aware when I'm not supposed to be foolish, okay?" Changqing immediately curled her lips up into a pleased smile.

But when she lifted her head and saw the couple approaching, she couldn't keep the smile on her face anymore.

Under the bright colored chandelier, Guan Ying was wearing a white maxi dress tonight, making her look graceful, elegant and sophisticated. Beside her, Fu Yu was dressed in a black suit. He wasn't wearing a tie with a pink shirt inside and he even undid the top three buttons, making him look imposing yet at the same time, giving him a slight hint of toughness.

Changqing had never seen this side of Fu Yu.

However, a mature man with a hint of toughness would only make women's hearts throb and make them even more captivated.

At least tonight, Fu Yu was the only focus in the eyes of women.

However, at that very moment, his arm was intimately hooked by Guan Ying. The gentle and sweet smile on her face was filled with happiness just like a budding flower that just bloomed.

A sour and hot sense of envy started to rise within Changqing.

Why doesn't Fu Yu like me?

"Why are these two here only now?" Guan Ying asked with a sweet smile.

"We were having a little chat outside with a few people from the broadcasting station." Jiang Duoyao shook hands with Fu Yu. "CEO Fu, you look extremely dashing tonight."

"Really?" Fu Yu smiled with his eyes. "What does Changqing think?"

With his gaze suddenly on her, Changqing was dazed for a while. Guan Ying's heart tensed up and looked immediately at Fu Yu after remembering what Shen Lu said at the hospital.

She might not have known Fu Yu for a long time, but she could tell something was up from his gaze.

When in front of her, there was only a very light trace of life in his eyes even if he was smiling, yet at this moment, even though it seemed that he was just smiling lightly, there was an inexplicable vibrancy in his eyes, as though a desolate winter was finally welcoming a tinge of green.

Fu Yu had never cast this look towards any female artist under him.

The one in Fu Yu's heart was Changqing. Guan Ying was suddenly extremely certain of this.

Deep within her eyes, hidden anguish and complexity started to breed. Why was it Changqing, of all people?

Changqing had everything she didn't have. She clearly didn't have a mother, yet she could be free of woes and worries under the care of her father and sister.

After they graduated, everyone worked hard in order to make their mark but she could survive well in the broadcasting station with her father's support.

Now that Yan Lei was out, Fu Yu, her childhood sweetheart, popped out as her backing.

Sometimes, she felt filthy comparing herself to Changqing.
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》