So You're Such A Doctor Song
75 Your Husband Got Beaten Up 3
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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75 Your Husband Got Beaten Up 3

Robben was laying around, disturbing her cheekily.

"21, 22." Changqing pushed the dog's head away, sitting up and counting strenuously.

"Do you need my help?" Song Chuyi walked over. He pointed at her legs which were sticking out. "There doesn't seem to be any effect if you do them like that."

"Ugh… Okay," Changqing was embarrassed to reject his help.

Song Chuyi squatted down and pressed on both her legs. "You have 78 more to go, right?"

"Ugh… yes." Changqing nodded.

"Let's begin." He looked at her with clear eyes.

She lay on the floor and felt uneasy being stared at like that. Her face felt hot.

But there was nothing she could do except for summoning up her courage and doing it.

In the end, she only did 41. Her whole face was flushed red and her breathing was heavy as she lay limply on the floor, unable to get up.

"Didn't you say you wanted to do a hundred? You only did this little, yet you can't do anymore." Song Chuyi's gaze fell on her chest which was heaving up and down.

Changqing was oblivious. She pouted her lips and pleaded, "I can't do it anymore, can't do it anymore, really can't do it anymore."

Song Chuyi's temples throbbed. He thought of scenes he shouldn't be thinking of.

"I'm not doing it anymore." She reached out her hands that were behind her head and waved them vigorously. Changqing panted, "I give up. It's so tiring."

She supported herself up with her arms and sat up. Seeing that Song Chuyi was still pressing onto her legs and was pressing harder and harder, she pushed him. "Stop pressing on me."

She looked up, suddenly realizing that Song Chuyi's gaze looked a little weird. It was particularly deep, particularly passionate, a little like how he looked at her when he was on top of her at the Yan's residence.

She was no fool and was aware as she pushed even harder with bewilderment.

Song Chuyi held onto her hands and with one strong pull, Changqing, who no longer had any energy left, fell easily into his embrace.

He lowered his body and precisely captured those pink lips which had been enticing him the entire night.

He reminded her not to keep pouting, but she just didn't listen. Forget it if she didn't listen, but she kept using her tongue to moisten her lips during dinner and even did sit-ups in the living room after they got home. Did she not know how alluring this position was in front of a man?

His burning hands stuck closely to her slim waist.

How could he kiss her like that?

And her hand…

Changqing was flustered. She held onto that single strand of consciousness in her mind at all cost. "Hey… Aren't we getting a divorce in a year's time?"

Robben, who was laying curiously on the floor, was trying to see if his male owner was bullying his female owner. However, at that moment, the male owner stopped moving suddenly, as though he was on pause.

Lust started to gather slowly in Song Chuyi's dark eyes. He hung his head low, blocking out the light from the lamp overhead, thus making his face look dark and unclear.

Changqing lay looking at him, her heart beating irregularly.

This kind of Song Chuchu looked very scary.

She did her best to avert his gaze. Suddenly, she saw that the zipper on her shirt had been pulled down all the way to her waist.

She suddenly felt like she was burned by fire. Her entire face flushed red and she quickly pulled the zipper back up to her lower jaw area.

Song Chuyi breathed heavily and clenched his fists. He stood up and left without a word, banging the door behind him as he returned to his room.

"Bang." The sound of the closing door echoed in the living room. Robben seemed to have gotten a scare, hiding in Changqing's embrace in shock.

Changqing hugged him while staring blankly, feeling as though she was intimidated.

She really didn't know what he was thinking about.

She was just doing sit-ups and he suddenly kissed her. Forget it if he just kissed her, but he even…

She lowered her head and looked at her chest.

Then she shuddered and shook her head furiously, wanting to shake everything that happened away. However, the more she shook, the fresher the memories seemed.

What are we now exactly?

Changqing was upset.

However, she didn't think Song Chuyi was an obscene man. Through their interactions these few days, she could tell that although his temper was a little bad and he liked to put on a straight face, he was still quite nice to her. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea for a man and a woman to live under the same roof.

That night, Changqing had insomnia.

Song Chuyi wasn't any better. He only managed to sleep after taking two cold baths straight.

In the middle of the night, he suddenly heard Robben barking. Light from the living room streamed in from the crack of the door.

He got out of bed and happened to see Changqing covering Robben's mouth, squatting in front of the television. One of the drawers of the TV console was pulled open and seemed to be rummaged through. It was only when she saw him coming out that a hint of unease and awkwardness flashed in her big, dark eyes.

"What are you doing not sleeping?" Song Chuyi saw that her brows were tightly knit. Her skin looked pale and a hand was covering her stomach. Something stirred in his heart. "You're not feeling well? Stomach ache?"

Changqing said while looking pained, "You really are a miracle healer. I didn't say anything and you knew it."

"Are you feeling discomfort in your stomach or intestines?" Song Chuyi asked lightly.

Changqing nodded like a garlic pounder. She didn't bother about being reserved or worry about the previous awkwardness between them. "You even knew that. I was sleeping but I was woken up by my stomach ache. I used some ointment but it didn't help, so I wanted to see if you had any medicine in your drawers."

"Do you think the ointment is omnipotent?" Song Chuyi's brows twitched. "Serves you right for eating everything and anything at night. I have no medicine at home. I don't usually get sick."

Changqing was about to cry. "Is it right for you as a doctor to not have any medicine at home?"

"I don't open a clinic." Song Chuyi bent down, asking, "Where does it hurt?"

Changqing pointed at the area below her chest. After pointing, she suddenly realized she wasn't wearing her bra and blanked out, quickly covering her chest and lowering her head, escaping back to her room.

Song Chuyi pulled her arm. "Drink more hot water. I'll get medicine for you from the hospital."

Changqing stopped in her tracks, feeling moved as she looked at him, obviously in disbelief that he would be so nice.

Song Chuyi didn't look at her. He returned to his room to change and left.

Changqing wore her bra and drank a cup of hot water but she was in so much pain that she just squatted on the toilet.

Song Chuyi returned in less than 40 minutes. Changqing had already come out from the toilet in exhaustion and took the medicine with hot water.

Song Chuyi got her to lay back in her room and she fell asleep drowsily in less than 10 minutes.

She woke up after nine and Auntie Wang smiled at her, saying, "Mr. Song went to work. He said to get you to eat breakfast before taking your medicine."

Changqing looked at the box of medicine on the table. She had such mixed feelings that she didn't know what to say.

After breakfast, she still had a lot of time. She took a photo of her haggard face and uploaded it to Weibo: Fell sick, so pitiful.

After she uploaded her post, Wen Tong, Zuo Qian, Ruan Yang, Fu Yu and others called successively to ask about her.

Changqing felt the strong concern of friendship and felt full inside.

In the afternoon, when Dr. Song, the volunteer worker, was resting and having lunch, he took his phone out to take a look at Weibo since he had nothing to do. When he saw Changqing's latest post, the corners of his lips lifted speechlessly. He commented directly with one word: "Fake."

At night, when Changqing was eating dinner at the Yan's, she pointed at the comment by "delicate and beautiful" on her Weibo and said, "People nowadays are so extreme in their thoughts."

Changxin took a look and said, "Incisive and precise. I think it's quite good."

"You aren't my real sister." Changqing snorted at her.

Yan Lei asked, "Why didn't Chuyi come? Did you not tell him you were coming over for dinner tonight?"

"Dad, He had to do a night shift tonight and had no time." Changqing frowned and said, "Sis, what's wrong with your hospital? Volunteer work in the morning and night shift at night? That's too inhumane."

Changxin said, "There's no other option. Dr. Song is the best neurosurgeon. After he started his volunteer work, the director wanted to temporarily shift his patients to another doctor, but a few of them were unwilling, especially when it comes to surgery. There's a patient in urgent need of surgery tonight. I reckon it's going to last until 11 or 12. Even if the surgery is a success, he won't be able to leave until the patient is out of danger."

Yan Changqing frowned when he heard that, saying, "Changqing, go and take some supper to Dr. Song later. You'll be going off to shoot and after all, you will be gone for four or five days. A married couple should care for each other. Also, while you're at it, go and take a look at your Auntie Shen Lu. She's been very kind to you in the past, treating both of you like her own. Now that she's divorced and has no friends in Northern City, you should visit her more often."

Changqing nodded. She also wanted to drop by the hospital even without Yan Lei telling her to. After all, Song Chuyi went out in the middle of the night to buy her medicine last night and had to get up so early to go to work, not to mention having to work overnight. It seemed as though she had never seen him get enough sleep even after knowing him for so long.

"But what should I bring over for supper?" She scratched her head.

Changxin looked at her as though she was an idiot. "You're so bad at currying men's favour?"

Changxin sighed and said to Yan Lei, "Dad, it was fortunate that you introduced someone to her. Otherwise, I reckon she wouldn't be able to find anyone for the rest of her life. No man would want to marry such an insensitive person. Dr. Song is so pitiful. I reckon he didn't understand her well enough, marrying her just by looking at her appearance. He must be regretting it in his heart now."

"Yan Changxin…" Changqing stomped her feet in anger.

It was nine at night when Changqing went to visit Shen Lu.

Shen Lu said regretfully, "Fu Yu just left. If you came earlier, you would've seen him."

"It's alright. Anyway, we'll probably have a lot of opportunities to see each other." Changqing mentioned the drama Shang Wei was working on in collaboration with the broadcasting station and smiled meekly, "If not for Auntie Shen Lu doting on me, I wouldn't even have had this chance to take on the role of the second female lead."

Shen Lu was astounded and smiled. "What are you saying? It was Fu Yu who wanted you in—I never said anything about it in front of him."

"Brother Fu Yu is so smart. Even if you didn't mention it to him, he knew what you were thinking."

Shen Lu looked at her carefully a few times, laughing helplessly, "When did you become so dense?"

"Mm?" Changqing was confused.

"Forget it." Shen Lu shook her head and changed the topic. "How's your father's health?"

"He just has some ailments but he's still good. The doctor said he just has to take some medicine."

Shen Lu looked down, sighing slightly. "Changqing, you have to be filial to your father in the future. He spent his whole life on you and your sister."

Changqing nodded her head.

When she left, Shen Lu looked at the thing she was holding in her hand which appeared to be supper. A hint of suspicion flashed in her eyes. She asked, trying to sound her out, "Is this for you or for someone else?"
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》