So You're Such A Doctor Song
106 I Can’t Let You Watch In Vain
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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106 I Can’t Let You Watch In Vain

He felt that if he had any heart problems, she would be the cause.

He changed position and leaned deeper into the couch. He raised his chin slightly and even though he was sitting, his manner was imposing.

Changqing felt that it didn't make a difference whether she was standing or not and didn't dare to even match his gaze, only answering honestly with fear like a little wife. "I used to like him but that was when I was still studying. I was insensible, young and ignorant. I was just obsessed and liked him…"

Song Chuyi laughed coldly. Very well, she became smarter. She even knows to say she was young and ignorant.

Changqing gulped with difficulty. "I didn't tell you because I was afraid you would be unhappy. Fu Yu initially… snatched Guan Ying from you, so I was afraid you would combine the new and old hatred… and kill me."

"I feel like killing you right now." Song Chuyi stood up suddenly.

Changqing cowered and took two steps back, falling and sitting on the bed. She said quickly, "It was all in the past anyway. I made the password a few years ago and I never changed it. You know that I'm very lazy and I thought changing passwords was very troublesome. I swear to God and the Jade Emperor that I really don't like Fu Yu now; even if you lent me 10 nerves I would never dare to do anything to let you down."

Her eyes were full of sincerity along with the intention to fawn on him. It wasn't bad to admit her mistake, but Song Chuyi was simply angry. He was so angry that it seemed as though there was a furnace burning in his chest.

What situation is this?

His ex-girlfriend liked Fu Yu, and his wife also liked Fu Yu.

Am I such a failure?

Could a doctor not be comparable to a CEO?

Women nowadays are so shallow.

He said angrily, "Since you liked Fu Yu and he also liked you, why didn't you get together back then? Now Fu Yu's pestering you again. What are you guys up to?"

"Because… He was overseas then." It was a complicated situation that involved their families and Changqing didn't want to elaborate on it further.

"Overseas?" Song Chuyi scoffed. "Looks like he didn't really keep you in his heart."

Changqing couldn't help but frown. "You don't understand."

"Yeah I don't, and you do," Song Chuyi said coldly, "Since he's back and you know it too, why don't you get together?"

"That's enough." In the face of his mockery and ridicule, even though she was a paper tiger, Changqing also had a temper. "So what if I hid from you that I used to like Fu Yu? Who doesn't have someone they liked when they were young? Don't tell me you didn't. I didn't question you about the number of girlfriends you had. I didn't question you about your first time or who gave you your first kiss. I only hid all these things from you because I didn't want any conflicts to arise in our marriage. If you have to harp on it… there's nothing I can do."

She turned away, leaving him an unyielding back.

Song Chuyi stared.

Very well, now she even knows how to talk back and give me the look.

He took in a deep breath and nodded. "Fine, then I'll switch to another topic. Let's talk about the topic of whether women feel pain, shall we?"

Changqing's back froze.

Song Chuyi squinted his eyes again. "Or we can just talk about women."

Changqing's hair stood up.

Song Chuyi laughed coldly. "Otherwise, we can talk about…"

"AH AH AH, stop it." Changqing covered her ears in shame and shook her head.

She swore she had never been as embarrassed as she was at that moment in her entire life.

She never thought that not only did Song Chuyi find out her password, but he even saw all her browsing history and, needless to say, those films…

Changqing turned around, wanting to escape.

Song Chuyi hooked on to her collar and pulled her back easily, lowering his body and saying in a deep voice by her ear, "What are you embarrassed about? Why were you not embarrassed when you watched those films that gave me a shock?"

Changqing covered her face but no matter how tightly she covered herself, she couldn't hide her ears that were flushed red.

Finished. Her image in Song Chuchu's heart was destroyed. Would he see her as an exceptionally obscene woman?

She finally decided to justify herself. "It's not what you think. I was just curious about those things…"

"Really? If you were curious, you should've asked me. I'm a doctor and my understanding of the human body is at a professional level." Song Chuyi pulled her into his embrace with a smile, starting with a low tone, "Why did you go look at those men? They were so ugly…"

"Yes, yes, very ugly. They disgusted me." Changqing quickly agreed and nodded. "I just wanted to find a few with handsome male leads so I downloaded so many…"

She felt the danger behind her intensifying and Changqing wanted to bite her tongue off. Fine, it was a slip of her tongue.

"Handsome male leads?" Song Chuyi smiled slightly. "So did you find one? Which one were you most satisfied with?"

Changqing bit her lip guiltily and didn't dare to say another word.

Seeing as she wasn't replying, Song Chuyi changed direction. "Fine, what were your thoughts after watching them? What's your understanding of those matters?"

Changqing was about to break down. Why must I discuss such things with a man? When I watched those with Ruan Yang, Jiang Duoyao and gang in the past, I was only a silent viewer, collecting whatever they said silently.

"Nothing to say?" Song Chuyi's voice turned slightly husky. "You watched so much. I can't let you watch in vain, so why don't we do a live staging? Don't worry—my size and looks should be better than those in the films. Let me also teach you the different types of pleasure while we're at it. I guarantee I'll let you experience which ones are best personally."

"That… that… I appreciate your kind intentions but I don't need it. Thanks, really…" Changqing wanted to run away out of shame but the hands on her waist kept wrapping around her tightly like a vine.

"No need?" Song Chuyi pondered for a while. "Looks like you already understand it. Sure, why don't you exhibit what you learned? Am I not your husband? You should use what you learned on me. Don't tell me you want to use it on Fu Yu…"

"No…" Changqing exclaimed. She was suddenly thrown on to the bed by him.

She had yet to climb up when both her hands were quickly pinned above her head by him. Song Chuyi watched her with a smile in his eyes. "Changqing, you should watch less of such things; it isn't good for your body if you watch too much. If you want it, ask your husband. Your husband can satisfy you anytime. You know that?"

After saying that, his handsome face pressed down.

Changqing wanted to cry. She didn't know what to say to rebut him.

She had to remember next time to delete her history no matter what she watched.

From today onward, she had to remember that as a married woman, she wouldn't have much privacy.

However, she had to remind Ruan Yang, Jiang Duoyao and the others if they were to find husbands, to never find someone who knew how to hack computers. It was too scary.

She was embarrassed and covered her eyes, mumbling continuously, "Switch off the lights, the lights."

Seeing her like that, Song Chuyi was very satisfied and reached out towards the bedside table.

Changqing thought he was going to switch the lights off, but in the end, she peeked to see him opening the drawer to retrieve a condom.

She was astounded and was even more embarrassed. He scratched his chest and said, "You were talking about me, but you're already prepared…"

"You're the one enjoying it, yet you talked about me." Song Chuyi pushed all the blame she pushed on to him, back on to her with a smile.

In the dense night, things got messier.

This time, there were many things Changqing didn't have to go online to search for. She experienced them herself.

Not only that, but Song Chuyi even practiced two of the positions online.

In the end, Changqing still cried, but this time, she cried from pleasure.

When it ended, Changqing felt like she went to a hot spring at a sweltering heat of 40 degrees. Her delicate frame seemed to have fallen apart.

She felt like she had taken another shower.

However, Song Chuyi felt inexplicably better and not as angry as before.

He hugged the crying woman and kissed her face.

However, Changqing refused to let him kiss her. She hid in his embrace with embarrassment and wondered what she looked like now. She felt like she had no face to see anyone.

She scoffed at the women on TV last time. Now she wouldn't—some things were true.

"You're embarrassed. Why weren't you embarrassed when you watch those videos before?" Song Chuyi bit her ear, teasing her in a low and husky tone.

"Stop it." Changqing felt hot. She lifted her head and covered his mouth.

Song Chuyi stared at her with his dark eyes without blinking, making her feel flustered and she started to push his arm away, "Let me go. I'm going to take a shower."

Song Chuyi grazed her face with the tip of his nose. "Shower together."

When she was back on the bed, Changqing fell asleep almost immediately after she closed her eyes from fatigue.

However, Song Chuyi didn't sleep. He blew the tips of her hair dry with the hairdryer and watched the woman who was lying on his lap, lifting his lips into a smile while in a good mood.

She was so terrible and new the previous few times that he was about to break down. Although that time at the hotel didn't feel bad, she was still drunk and it felt like something was missing. Tonight, he was indeed satisfied.

Forget it. He would let her off about that matter with Fu Yu.

The next day, Changqing was pulled and woken up by someone.

The reason for that was simply to exercise.

Song Chuyi kissed her little face, saying, "Look, you don't like to exercise normally and your thighs are a little thick. I'm doing this for your own good. I'm helping you lose weight, and it's also good for your physical and mental health at the same time."

Changqing was about to cry. She had never seen someone with such thick skin. She wanted to sleep until she woke up naturally and although she got a little taste of this exercise, she really didn't get enough sleep.

"Wait…" Changqing suddenly stopped him. "My stomach hurts."

Her features contorted but Song Chuyi didn't believe her. "Changqing, don't make up such a botched lie."

"It's not. I'm really in pain." Changqing pressed her lips together and said like a wet blanket, "I want to take a sh*t."

Song Chuyi's face darkened. What a wet blanket. However, he could slowly sense that she really wasn't lying.

He let her go and Changqing didn't care for her image. She bent down while putting on her clothes and escaped into the bathroom.

Changqing's legs were sore and her stomach hurt while she sat on the toilet bowl. It was a life worse than death.

Song Chuyi waited for a while outside and rubbed his short, black hair. He put on his clothes and went downstairs to ask Auntie Zhang for medicine.
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》