So You're Such A Doctor Song
109 I Don“t Want To Train My Body With You
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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109 I Don“t Want To Train My Body With You

Changqing looked at his fair-skinned face. Even if his hair wasn't properly combed, it was still unreasonably handsome. A man like that would indeed make women want to marry him at a loss, but why would he marry her?

"What are you doing squatting there? Do you want me to give you a bowl so you can sit on the floor to eat with Robben?" Song Chuyi wanted to make a dig at her upon seeing that silly look of hers.

Changqing pressed her lips together and sat on the dining chair.

Auntie Wang had already scooped some rice.

Changqing threw some bones into Robben's bowl after finishing her meat and Robben barked merrily as he ate.

Song Chuyi took a look at Robben and said, "Let's go for a walk together later. Robben seems like he's been bored these past couple days."

"… I'm not going. You can walk Robben." Changqing shook her head. Firstly, she was feeling vexed at the moment and secondly, tonight was a rare night when she didn't need to socialize. She just wanted to stay home and watch a drama or variety show quietly.

Song Chuyi was silent for a few seconds and nodded. "That's fine too. We can stay at home together and train our bodies."

Changqing realized what he meant and her neck shrank stiffly. "I don't want to train my body with you."

Song Chuyi laughed deeply and didn't speak any further.

After dinner, he put away the cutlery and asked Changqing, who was snuggled up on the couch, "Where's my fountain pen?"

Changqing was in a daze. "… In my room…"

She rushed back quickly to look for it, but after a long while, she couldn't seem to remember where she threw that fountain pen.

She was about to go mad; it was a hundred-thousand-dollar fountain pen.

"Tell me why you're always so forgetful?" Song Chuyi's face darkened. One day, she would drive him to his grave.

Changqing lowered her head in shame, saying softly, "It's somewhere. Sometimes, when you look for it deliberately, you can't find it, but it will suddenly appear when you're not looking for it."

Song Chuyi lifted his lips in a mocking way. "What an insight. So please enlighten me—when will my pen suddenly appear?"

Changqing scratched the back of her head awkwardly.

Song Chuyi snorted. "I'll give you 10 minutes. If you don't find it, you'll have to pay back in meat."

Pay back in meat?

Changqing's face suddenly became bright red from inside out.

She didn't want to pay back in meat.

She started looking for the pen furiously, checking even under the bed and table but 10 minutes was almost up and the pen was still nowhere to be seen. Changqing was anxious and at a loss.

"Robben, stop bothering me."

"I found it!" She quickly rushed out to Song Chuyi, who was sitting on the couch like a young master.

"Where did you find it?" Song Chuyi asked while taking it back.

"…" Changqing scratched her neck. "In my back pocket."

Song Chuyi: "…"

Changqing heaved a sigh of relief. Anyway, she didn't have to pay back in meat.

She turned to leave and a force from behind suddenly pulled her down. She fell on to the couch and Song Chuyi flipped her body over suddenly, pressing her under him, and giving her a deep french kiss.

Changqing couldn't catch her breath from his kiss and pushed him away slightly with all her might. She said frustratedly, "Didn't you say I'd only have to pay back in meat if I can't find it? You didn't keep your word."

"I meant it as in ham sausage [1. both sounds the same in Chinese]. What were you thinking of?" Song Chuyi grazed her cute, little pink ears and said in a husky, deep voice that couldn't get any deeper: "But I can make you a meat sausage. Do you want it?"

"I don't want it. I've had dinner." Chuyi suddenly noticed Song Chuyi's naughty smile and figured it out. Her brain exploded and she couldn't believe he would be so naughty.

"You're so disgusting." She raised her fist and pounded on him.

Song Chuyi took the chance again to fish her up and put her on his thighs, lifting her head up to kiss her passionately.

When the evening news ended, Changqing had already melted into a pool of water, lying on the couch.

Song Chuyi looked at her seductive charm and couldn't resist pouncing on her again.

Changqing whined and begged softly, "I have no more strength. I don't want it anymore."

"You're out of strength so quickly; your stamina isn't good. Why don't I train you again?" Song Chuyi was aroused by her pitiful look and instead, he wanted to bully her even more.

Changqing was about to break down. How could someone be so bad? "Song Chuchu, Nice Chuchu, Dear Chuchu, I beg you—I'm about to die from filming today and I still have a horse scene to shoot in the morning the day after tomorrow. How am I going to ride a horse like this?"

"You know how to ride a horse?" Song Chuyi's eyes brightened up with astonishment.

Changqing shook her head honestly. "I don't, so the Director wanted me to go earlier to practice."

"I know how to ride a horse. I can teach you.." Song Chuyi suddenly said.

Changqing was astonished. Just as she was about to open her mouth, Song Chuyi suddenly carried her and walked to the bedroom. "I'll teach you how to ride a horse right now."

When Changqing finally understood what it meant, it was already too late.

She wanted to use this leisure time to watch television programs and eat, but she didn't expect Song Chuyi would pester her to do a few hours of horse riding.

Initially, he taught her. Afterwards, she also started figuring out how to ride…

After they were done, she was really more exhausted than the previous night.

Song Chuyi wanted to carry her to take a shower but she was unwilling no matter what. Luckily, he didn't have another go in the bathroom.

Back on the bed, Changqing was thirsty and wanted to drink some water. She sat up while supporting her waist and collapsed from the soreness again. It was so unbearable that tears started welling up in her eyes. She threw a pillow at him. "I want to drink some water and I'm also hungry. I want to eat supper."

Song Chuyi took a look at the time. It was almost 11, but looking at her wet eyes, he knew she was indeed drained. "Then I'll make some dumplings for you."

"I don't want to eat dumplings. I want to eat barbeque. I want beef skewers and pork belly." Changqing shook her head coyly.

Song Chuyi didn't have his car and also found it troublesome. "I can't drive. Besides, eating all that at night would make you fat and also affect your stomach and intestines. Did you forget that you even had diarrhea this morning?"

"We have a place in the neighborhood. I don't care, I don't care, I want to eat it." Changqing pouted coyly, giving him the if-you-don't-buy-it-for-me-I-will-continue-to-be-unhappy expression.

Song Chuyi looked at her for a while before putting on a t-shirt and heading out.

Changqing didn't expect him to really go out and was in a daze for a while.

There was a street selling supper near Lakeview Residence. Song Chuyi walked over and bought some supper. By the time it was grilled, it was basically midnight.

Once he entered the room, Changqing was already sleeping like a log. He pushed her and Changqing used her foot to push him away, turning over to curl up in the blanket, continuing to sleep soundly.

Song Chuyi looked at the supper in his hands then back at the woman on the bed and could only go out to the living room to finish off the supper with Robben.

The next day, Changqing woke up and it was 8 o'clock.

Her sleep was too deep, and she only came back to her senses after being muddle-headed for a long while. She seemed to have thought of something and rushed out quickly, coincidentally knocking right into the person walking towards her.

"Pain…" She didn't care about the pain as she took a look at the couch. It was clean.

Auntie Wang happened to bring breakfast out and smiled when she saw her. "Breakfast is almost ready."

Changqing laughed awkwardly and could only think about how messy the couch and floor were with clothes strewn all over the place. Could Auntie Wang had seen it?

Finished. How embarrassing.

"I cleaned up afterwards yesterday," Song Chuyi's deep voice came from overhead. "Also, I wiped your tears dry too."

Changqing was astounded. "Tears? I didn't cry yesterday."

"The tears I was referring to wasn't those tears." Song Chuyi raised his brows and a hint of a smile flashed in his dark pupils once again.

Changqing blinked and it was around seven to eight seconds before she was shaken, looking at Song Chuyi with her face flushed red in disbelief. "You… you're too dirty and disgusting. I've never seen anyone more obscene than you."

From yesterday to today, he had practically erased all her morals.

"Changqing, actually, men are all very dirty." Song Chuyi wasn't angry at all. Instead, he calmly said, "Oh right, Robben chewed on your bra again last night."

"Are you sure it was Robben who chewed on it? You clearly used a lot of strength pulling on it yesterday." Changqing put her hands on her hips angrily. "Can you be more responsible? Admit it if it was you. Why do you have to keep pinning all the blame on a dog?"

Song Chuyi: "…"

He was actually speechless.

"I'm going to eat breakfast." Song Chuyi walked towards the dining table. After taking a few steps, he turned back. "I forgot to mention—next time, don't tell me to buy supper in the middle of the night again. Yesterday, you were sleeping like a dead pig after I came back with supper."

"You're the dead pig." Changqing stomped her feet. "If you call me a dead pig and you're my husband, that makes you a dead boar."

Song Chuyi pressed the spot in between his brows with his head throbbing. How childish.

In the dining area, Song Chuyi ate a sandwich before Chuyi finally came to the dining table slowly. She just washed her face and her face was moist with a tinge of red underneath her fair skin. Her skin reminded him of the egg in his hand that he just peeled.

He thought for a while and handed her the egg.

Changqing snorted, turning her face away in rejection.

She was still in a fit of anger.

It seemed that ever since she got married to him, she was in a fit of anger every morning.

"Forget it then." Song Chuyi realized you really couldn't treat this woman well. He ate half of it in a bite.

Changqing looked at him a little complicatedly.

She really believed he had most likely done that with Guan Ying. After living together these past few days, his needs were frighteningly high and he also knew all the different things about that aspect. He might've known a woman very well previously.

But why would he marry her? Could it really be he wanted to take revenge on Guan Ying?

She shuddered and felt a sense of fear.

"Song Chuchu…" She held on to a knife and spun it around, asking complicatedly, "Back then… why did you marry me?"

Song Chuyi's hand, which was holding a glass of milk, paused and he was astonished. "Why would you suddenly ask this? Didn't I tell you before?"

"I always felt… that you're not very reliable." Changqing bit her lower lip.

Song Chuyi frowned deeply. "Did someone say something to you?"

Changqing was astonished and shook her head immediately, denying flatly, "No."

Song Chuyi didn't really believe her. Changqing could only brace herself to say: "In the past, I saw you were a doctor and was even working in gynecology. I heard that men who often work in gynecology for a long period of time will… be incapable in that aspect. Actually, I thought you weren't normal, so…"

Song Chuyi scoffed. 'I disappointed you, right? You didn't think that I would be very normal."

Changqing lowered her head. "In the past… did you do that with Guan Ying too?"

"No," Song Chuyi said lightly.

"Impossible." Changqing didn't believe that and stuttered, "You… are so exuberant in that aspect. How could you have not? You were with Guan Ying for more than a year. Song Chuchu, I'm dumb but you can't lie to me too and take me for a fool."
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》