So You're Such A Doctor Song
112 Frightened
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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112 Frightened

The more Changqing listened, the more downhearted she became. She looked towards Fu Yu and her gaze turned slightly cold. "Brother Fu Yu, what do you think?"

Fu Yu frowned and stood up. "Changqing, Guan Ying is an artist under our company. The company will take responsibility for all her medical-related expenses for her injury this time. Also, we'll give her a lump sum as compensation. When she recovers, the company will arrange new dramas for her and I promise you it would also be a female lead. Changqing, if we stop the shoot right now, our company and your broadcasting station would have to bear a substantial loss."

Changqing understood. The "No"s in Fu Yu's mouth would always sound as gentle and subtle like this.

But she still felt terrible hearing it. She felt terrible for Guan Ying.

Guan Ying waited too long for this opportunity. She had worked hard for so long, but right at this crucial moment, she was so severely injured. Now, her mother was still lying in another ward.

She covered her face and would've preferred it if Guan Ying didn't save her.

It didn't matter to her if she was hospitalized and lost this opportunity.

"Changqing…" Fu Yu held her shoulder.

"Brother Fu Yu, can I bother you with a favor?" Changqing said softly, "When Guan Ying wakes up, tell her what you told me once again. She'll be at more ease with a promise from you."

Fu Yu watched her for a while before slowly nodding. "Shall I accompany you to wash your hands and face?"

Changqing lowered her head and only noticed now that the blood on her face hadn't been washed off. "No need, I'll do it myself."

There was a private toilet in the VIP ward. Changqing walked in and turned on the tap, washing her hands and face with warm water. When she came out, an elegant silhouette wearing a white coat was watching Guan Ying, who was in bed with his back facing her.

Fu Yu had a straight face. When he saw Changqing coming out, he laughed coldly. "Dr. Song, are you here to visit your ex-girlfriend?"

"Fu Yu…" Changqing began to get nervous, afraid Guan Ying would hear him when she woke up.

She quickly walked over to Song Chuyi's side and asked him anxiously, "What are you doing here?"

Could he really be here to see Guan Ying?

If he was, she wouldn't stop him.

Guan Ying would be very happy to see him when she woke up.

Changqing's expression was slightly desolate.

"… I'm here to see you." Song Chuyi suddenly pulled her towards the door of the ward.

Fu Yu took one big step in front of them and blocked their path.

Song Chuyi's refined and handsome face sank. "Fu Yu, move out of the way. We have something to talk about as husband and wife."

The simple term "husband and wife" was like a sharp arrow that shot Fu Yu in his heart, making it hurt unbearably, but he didn't want to let Song Chuyi take Changqing away right before his eyes just like that.

Both were deadlocked. Changqing looked at Song Chuyi then at Fu Yu. Suddenly, Guan Ying's moan came from behind.

Changqing felt flustered and subconsciously pushed Song Chuyi away quickly.

Song Chuyi frowned and turned to look at her. Changqing walked towards Guan Ying evasively.

"Xiaoying, you're awake?" Changqing waved her hands before her eyes.

Guan Ying's eyelashes moved and her eyes opened strenuously. The corners of her lips moved. "Changqing…" her head turned slightly and when she saw Song Chuyi and Fu Yu at the side, she was astounded. "CEO Fu, Chuyi…"

She tried to sit up with much effort and felt a sudden pain in her chest.

"Stay still." Changqing was anxious. "The doctor said you have a fracture in your chest."

"Fracture?" Guan Ying's pale lips moved and she suddenly turned to look at Fu Yu. "Then the production team…"

"You won't be able to film for now," Fu Yu said, "But don't worry. After you recover, I'll arrange for you to take other dramas and they'll all be female lead roles."

There was distress in her eyes. "CEO Fu is implying that… My role as the female lead has to be given to someone else?"

"At the moment… that's the only solution." Fu Yu gazed at her lightly without much change in emotion.

Guan Ying gripped onto the corner of the blanket tightly, not moving and not saying another word.

Changqing looked at her with understanding. Every time she encountered a setback, Guan Ying would always have this expression. She cried out in self-reproach, "Sorry, Xiaoying. If it wasn't to save me, you wouldn't have been stepped on by the horse."

Song Chuyi was startled and couldn't help but take a glance at Guan Ying and saw her fighting back her tears, comforting Changqing. "At that time… it was subconscious and I didn't think much about it. Forget it—now that things have turned out this way, don't think about it too much."

However, she didn't know that the more she said it that way, the more uneasy Changqing felt.

Fu Yu took a step forward at this moment and said softly, "Changqing, let's go first. Let Guan Ying and Dr. Song talk for a while."

Changqing was in a daze and seeing that Guan Ying didn't oppose, she suddenly understood.

Guan Ying also wanted to have some time alone with Song Chuyi.

If this was the past, she might not be able to do it, but now she was facing Guan Ying, who pushed her away in the nick of time when she was facing a life and death situation.

"Fu Yu…" Song Chuyi frowned angrily and looked towards Changqing.

Changqing hung her head low from start till the end and allowed Fu Yu to pull her out of the ward mechanically.

Song Chuyi's expression slowly became cold and gloomy.

"Chuyi, are you here to visit me?" Guan Ying looked at him, trying to control herself but at the last word, her eyes and nose turned red. "I'm really happy I saw you the moment I woke up."

Song Chuyi opened his mouth with a distant gaze and finally became a little powerless. "Alright, rest well. It'is still my working hours. I'll get going first."

"Wait, Chuyi…" Guan Ying reached out towards him anxiously, trying hard to grab on to the corner of his shirt but didn't manage to touch it and instead, fell off the bed.

Song Chuyi turned back and his face changed, quickly carrying her up and he said with a straight face, "Are you mad?"

Guan Ying only clutched onto his white coat tightly, her forehead and features so pale that she couldn't say a single word. Her eyes hurt so much that they flipped and looked as though she could barely breathe.

Song Chuyi put her onto the bed but she still didn't let go. He could only reach out to press the bell on the side and after the thoracic doctor rushed over, he anaesthetized her regionally and proceeded to reset her dislocated ribs.

Throughout the entire procedure, even though Guan Ying was unconscious, she never released her hold on Song Chuyi.

The thoracic doctor also felt a little awkward when he saw this scene. "Dr. Song, this Miss Guan is your friend. You must remind her not to move around randomly. It takes a hundred days to recover from a serious injury. If she were to do this again, it would be difficult to recover even in 200 days."

"My apologies to trouble you again, Dr. Wang," Song Chuyi said in an apologetic tone, "I'll have to trouble you to let your nurse take care of her. I still have things to do in my department."

He took the unconscious Guan Ying's hand away and turned to leave.

In Fu Yu's car.

Changqing didn't say a word from the moment she got into the car and had been in a daze. When she finally came back to her senses from the emergency, she found herself on an unfamiliar road in a mountainous area.

"Where is this…" Changqing was astounded, quickly sitting up straight.

"You hadn't eaten much for the entire day today, and I remembered there was a pretty good private gourmet restaurant nearby and wanted to bring you there to try," Fu Yu said.

Changqing felt tired and frustrated. "Didn't I say to take me home? I'm not in the mood at all."

"You'd only feel more terrible if you went home now," Fu Yu's gentle gaze was overflowing with deep concern. "Listen to me, go eat some good food, look at the beautiful scenery and I'll take you to visit Mom later. My mom is recuperating nearby. She's been missing you and told me many times to bring you over but you've been busy lately so I didn't ask you. I'm busy with work and don't have much time, and you don't know how bored and lonely my mom is usually."

Thinking of Shen Lu, Changqing felt suffocated in her heart. Indeed, she hadn't visited Shen Lu for a long time. Now that Fu Yu asked, she would feel embarrassed to reject him no matter how unwilling she was.

More than 10 minutes later, they arrived at that private gourmet restaurant Fu Yu mentioned.

The restaurant was located by the side of a blue lake mid-way up the mountain, surrounded by mountain peaks. The scenery was beautiful.

It was the first time Changqing came to a place like this. If this was in the past, she would definitely be happy, but today, she really couldn't bring her spirits up and when she was eating at the table full of delicacies, all that was in her mind was the gaze Song Chuyi gave her when she left the ward.

What was he doing now? Accompanying Guan Ying?

Would he be angry at her?

Changqing felt frustrated. She usually got hungry easily but she didn't have any appetite today and as it happened, Fu Yu kept helping her do the dishes.

"Brother Fu Yu, stop getting food for me, I can't finish it," Changqing grumbled and pouted.

"Then I'll help you eat some." Fu Yu moved some rice and sides from her bowl into his own.

Although they often acted like this when they were young, now that they were grown up, Changqing felt a little unused to it. "Brother Fu Yu, I know how you feel about me, but I really…"

"Changqing, Guan Ying risked her life to save you like that. Can you get past your conscience to be with Song Chuyi peacefully?" Fu Yu's dark pupils suddenly looked straight at her.

Changqing froze. Her heart felt as though it was squeezed tightly with a hand.

She didn't say a single word for a while.

Fu Yu muttered while eating, "Honestly, I really didn't think Guan Ying would risk her life to save you. In the past, you said she was your good friend but I always thought she had other motives. Now I see it—she's sincerely your friend."

"Yeah…" Changqing lowered her head, looking at the rice grains in her bowl, murmuring blankly.

In the same situation, if she was Guan Ying, she might not have been able to do what Guan Ying did, because she was so afraid her limbs had dominated the whole of her.

No matter what feelings Guan Ying had towards Song Chuyi at the moment, she needed him at the very least…

After the meal, Fu Yu brought her to the countryside villa where Shen Lu was staying.

On the way, the weather was dark and gloomy.

When they reached the villa, Shen Lu was pushed out by the nurse in a wheelchair. When she saw Changqing, she was beaming with joy. "You're finally here to visit me."

"Auntie, I'm sorry. I've been too busy lately." Changqing saw that Shen Lu's complexion looked better and felt more comforted inside. She looked around this villa and said with a smile, "Auntie, no wonder you recovered so quickly. The scenery around here is so beautiful. You must have been leading the life of an immortal."

"Aye, I'm just as lonely as an immortal." Shen Lu sighed. She pointed to the nurse behind her. "Everyday, it's just me facing her, and her facing me. If there weren't any other people around, I would've become a statue."
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