So You're Such A Doctor Song
119 Why Did She Feel She Was Disappointing
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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119 Why Did She Feel She Was Disappointing

How was he going to start now that they were in this situation?

"It's so late already—why are you using the computer and not sleeping?" He chided in a low tone.

Changqing somehow felt that it seemed as though they had returned to the state they were in not long ago. He was also fierce from time to time but she was enjoying it a lot now.

She laughed secretly for a while and suddenly froze. Was that it—could she have become masochistic?

That wouldn't do; that was too despicable.

She quickly straightened her back and said, "I have something to do. Quick, tell me."

Song Chuyi coughed softly and said, "s-o-n-g-c-h-u-c-h-u-i-m-i-s-s-y-o-u."

Changqing typed it in seriously and after keying it in, she suddenly felt something was amiss and said again, "Say it again. I think I got it wrong."

Song Chuyi closed his eyes and could only resign to his fate and repeat it.

This time, Changqing realized something. Wouldn't this be translated to: Song Chuchu, I miss you?

She suddenly felt her face burning. She didn't expect Song Chuchu would be so childish. He actually changed Fu Yu's name to his.

Moreover, it was Song Chuchu, the nickname she gave him.

Changqing touched her blushing cheek with her left hand.

Done for, done for. Why did she feel that her heart was aroused by him again, to her disappointment?

Song Chuchu was so shameless.

Changqing resented it in her heart but she said in a soft and embarrassed manner, "Why did you change the password… to this…"

Her voice already sounded nice to start with, and over the long-distance international phone call, it was coy and delicate.

Song Chuyi failed himself as he felt his lower abdomen tightening.

He cursed in his heart. Was this the kind of situation a couple getting a divorce should be in?

Fancy that he even spelt it out alphabetically. When did this woman's brain become so agile?

Moreover, how was he going to answer this question? That he took the wrong medicine that day?

"Song Chuchu, I miss you," Changqing suddenly said from the other side.

His body suddenly stiffened and she continued, "Fancy that you could even come up with such a password."

His face burned from anger and he said coldly, "I just wanted to remind you that you were a woman with a husband. There was no other intention to it—don't overthink it."

He hung up after saying that.

Changqing was depressed too.

Her heart was already aroused by him but that was all he did.

It was too much.

How could she sleep tonight?

After that, Changqing really didn't sleep well. When she woke up the next day, she had two panda eyes.

In the morning, Yan Lei looked at her with disgust and said, "What are you doing back here again? Where's Chuyi? I haven't seen him for days."

"He… he went to Switzerland for a seminar," Changqing said with her head hanging low unnaturally.

"Is that so?" Yan Lei felt proud after hearing that. "I couldn't tell that Chuyi could attend a seminar overseas at such a young age. Look at your sis—she can only sit in and listen to these things in the city. Chuyi is more capable."

Yan Lei was full of praise. "With such a smart son-in-law like Chuyi, I won't have to worry that my future grandsons and granddaughters will have a low IQ."

"Dad." Changqing's face darkened. "Can we still chat merrily?"

It was early in the morning and she felt that she had been brutally attacked by her father.

Yan Lei laughed out loud. "I'll cut it out."

Changqing went to the broadcasting station after breakfast and on the way, she received a call from her sister. "Changqing, I saw in the news today that Zhang Zixin and Zuo Qian are going to share the stage at your program. Is that true?"

Changqing was quite speechless. "Sis, are you my blood sister? You didn't take the initiative to keep in touch with me after going to Beijing for so long, and now that you finally called, you're asking me about gossip? I really can't stand you."

Changxin chuckled with embarrassment. "Aren't I just too busy? You have to forgive me and it's not like you don't know that your Sis is Zhang Zixin's loyal fan. I was obsessed with her during my university years and I've always hoped she would reconcile with Zuo Qian. They're an ideal couple; how compatible."

Changqing sighed. "We're going to film soon. Zhang Zixin's going to come over to Northern City tomorrow for rehearsal. The recording will be at night."

"My god, they really are going to share the stage." Changxin was excited. "I really want to see Zhang Zixin with my own eyes. If I come back, can you help me get tickets to see them?"

"… yes." Changqing had no choice. "Sis, tomorrow isn't the weekend. Are you able to come back?"

"I can take medical leave and change my shift with someone. I'll be back tomorrow at noon," Changxin said joyously, "Right, your husband seems to also be landing in Beijing tomorrow afternoon too. We might be taking the same flight back. Aye, why don't I invite him to watch them with me?"

Changqing became excited after hearing that. "How do you know he's coming back tomorrow? You keep in touch?"

"You don't say! We're from the same hospital; could we not keep in touch? I even got him to bring back tons of chocolates and perfumes from Switzerland for me," Changxin said delightedly, "The chocolates there are exceptionally delicious. He'll definitely bring some back for you."


Changqing really wanted to curse. We're already going to get a divorce—where would the chocolate come from?

As a wife, she couldn't even compare to her sister. She was extremely unhappy. She also wanted to eat chocolate.

Over on the other side, Changxin was still mumbling, "Aiya, I really envy you. With such an excellent husband like Dr. Song, he's already gone to Europe on business trips many times. With your money-faced personality, you must've probably gotten him to buy you lots of luxury items. When the time comes, share some with me. I don't need a lot—just a bag will do."

Changqing felt like if she continued this conversation with Changxin, she would definitely die from a heart attack.

"Tell me, as someone who works in the hospital every day, what's the point of carrying so many good bags? Don't waste them," she said in a huff. "I have to drive, bye."

"Petty. I've been nice to you for nothing." Over on the other side, Changxin grumbled into her phone.

At the broadcasting station, Changqing told the general director that her sister also wanted an entrance ticket. Mei Zong was unexpectedly generous and gave her a ticket. Afterwards, the writer passed her the script that was just completed.

Changqing took a look at it. In this week's show, there were various kinds of ambiguities between Zuo Qian and Zhang Zixin.

She took a look at Mei Zong's radiant smile and couldn't help but say, "Director Mei, have you let Zhang Zixin's team see this script already?"

"Yes, and her manager agreed to it." Mei Zong was in a good mood and talked to Changqing in a rare, amiable way. "Aye, say, do you think this Zhang Zixin hasn't forgotten our Zuo Qian?"

Changqing was horrified. Mei Zong was gossiping with her—why did she find this strange? "This… I'm not sure."

Mei Zong stroked his chin with his fingers. "I even thought it'd be difficult to invite her at first. To think that she accepted the invite so straightforwardly."

Changqing liked that others were discussing Zuo Qian behind his back, but Zuo Qian was her teacher and she was also a gossipy woman who couldn't hold in her curiosity. However, when she spoke, she was still very mindful. "I thought Teacher Zuo and Zhang Zixin had already broken up when I entered the broadcasting station. Director Mei, you've known Teacher Zuo for the longest time. You should know more than me. Weren't they university lovers? How did they break up?"

"According to what I know, it seems it was Zhang Zixin who was too aggressive. Once she thinks something is right, the other party has to listen to her no matter what he thinks." Mei Zong suddenly looked at her in a weird way and smiled secretively. "Men in general still like docile women."

Changqing felt goosebumps popping up after being stared at like that and joked, "Director Mei, not every man likes docile women. I don't believe Teacher Zuo would be so superficial."

"You don't know. A docile woman is easy to get along with. Too much aggression will make a man tired. 90% of men think that way." Mei Zong laughed in a low voice and turned away to busy himself.

Changqing also went to Zuo Qian's office to practice their lines.

There was one segment in which she had to ask Zuo Qian and Zhang Zixin why they broke up initially.

This question was pretty awkward and Changqing said to Zuo Qian apologetically, "Teacher Zuo, if you really don't want to answer this question, I won't ask it on stage. At worst, I'll just get a scolding from Director Mei."

"This question is the main reason behind the entire program's hype," Zuo Qian said with a helpless smile. His refined face was still gentle. "Since I agreed to it, it proves I've already let go."

Changqing felt an inexplicable sense of sentimentality and melancholy. "Teacher Zuo, both you and Teacher Zhang are very outstanding people. In my eyes, you're a golden couple…"

"Changqing, it's easy to be in love but difficult to be together." Zuo Qian knew what she was about to say and interrupted her softly, "Our personalities don't match. The first two years when we started going out, we were deeply in love and it was quite sweet. Our love was still there and even though there were conflicts, we could tolerate each other, but as time passed, these conflicts started to obliterate our love bit by bit. If we persisted, it would be forcing it and we would become enemies."

Changqing was startled after hearing that.

She thought of her and Song Chuyi.

Were they forcefully making do with life after they got married?

She didn't think so.

Every day they squabbled, argued then rode…

It seemed as though their life was quite enriching.

Yan Changxin was right.

If they weren't in the midst of a divorce, he would probably have brought lots of good stuff from Switzerland for her this time.

She wanted presents.

And still wanted this husband to her disappointment.

Lunch, in the canteen at the broadcasting station.

Wen Tong looked at the woman across her mixing the food in her lunchbox listlessly for a good 20 minutes and knocked on the back of her hand unhappily. "Can you hurry up and eat? You still have to rush to the production set to shoot after this."

Changqing held her face with her hands and looked at Wen Tong with a pout. "Xiao Wenwen, say, if I told Song Chuchu I don't want to get a divorce, will he look down on me?"

Wen Tong chuckled. "When has he not looked down on you?"

Changqing: "…"

It seemed to be true now that she put it this way.

In the afternoon, Changqing's scene was shot under the sun and she had to wear a thick puppet costume to shoot.

The afternoon sun was unexpectedly vicious. Director Su could feel the heat all around despite waving his fan. "The weather is too hot; use a double."

"No need, Director Su, let me do it myself." Changqing went up righteously. "Director Su, this is my first drama and there are many things I want to do myself. Although you can't see the face wearing this puppet costume, our teacher told us before that bodily acting is the most difficult type of performance. I don't want to miss such a good chance to develop my skills."
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》