So You're Such A Doctor Song
126 She Had Never Been So Embarrassed In Her Entire Life
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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126 She Had Never Been So Embarrassed In Her Entire Life

Changqing snuggled there without moving, lying like a little rabbit. She didn't want to see Ruan Yang again.

"Alright, alright, she didn't see anything—the blanket was half-covering us." Song Chuyi carried her out from the covers. Seeing her cute look with her cheeks bright red, he couldn't help but kiss her on her cheek. As he kissed her, he started biting her ear.

Changqing twisted her body from being tickled and said delicately, "Don't—Ruan Yang is home. We should get up. Otherwise, Ruan Yang will think we're doing something again."

"… Alright, you get up first," Song Chuyi let her go and placed his hands behind his head.

The thin blanket was rolled up halfway, revealing his chest. His hair was slightly messy and his eyes looked a little intoxicated. His handsome face was sexy and mesmerizing.

Changqing felt her throat was dry and she pressed her lips together as she said, "Look away. Don't look."

"I've seen it all. What's there to be embarrassed about?" Song Chuyi teased with a smile.

Changqing couldn't be bothered and went up to turn his face to the other side, warning him, "Don't you dare turn around."

Song Chuyi wanted to tease her initially but they were at someone else's house, after all.

Changqing quickly put on her pyjamas and turned around to look at him, saying gloomily, "I'm going to look for Ruan Yang."

"Mm." Song Chuyi nodded.

Changqing massaged her sore legs before leaving the bedroom. When she looked down from upstairs, she couldn't see Ruan Yang, so she turned towards the master bedroom.

The sound of water splattering came from the bathroom. Changqing took a look at the glamorous silhouette on the frosted glass door and the suitcase on the floor. The suitcase was open and there were some local products from the Maldives inside it.

Changqing took a packet out and a small medicine box fell out.

She picked it up to take a look and was astounded that it was contraceptive medicine.

She opened the little box. Three pills were taken.

She frowned and counted the days Ruan Yang was gone for. It was only five to six days.

She didn't take this every day, did she?

Changqing placed the box back into its original position and left the master bedroom. She went into the hallway and happened to see Song Chuyi leaning at the door in a bathrobe. He told her, "Help me get my clothes from the bathroom downstairs."

"Ruan Yang is bathing—get it yourself. It's okay." Changqing knew what he was thinking about.

Since that was the case, he went down himself and took a bath while he was at it. When he came out, he was refreshed. "Is your friend out?"

"I think she's blow-drying her hair." Changqing heard the sound from the hairdryer from upstairs.

"Then tell her I'm dashing off. I still have an important meeting to attend in the morning and I'm running late." Song Chuyi looked at the time and said, "When are you moving over? I'll get someone to help you move."

Changqing thought about the sorry state she was in when she left and pressed her lips together with grievance, not wanting to move back so easily all of a sudden. "I'll see how things go. Ruan Yang just came back and I want to keep her company for a couple of days."

She observed Song Chuyi's expression after saying that. Who knew that he would only ponder it for a while before nodding immediately. He even said, "That's fine. We'll talk about it again after a few days."

Changqing suddenly became unhappy. "Looks like it seems fine to you whether I come back or not. Are you actually hoping I won't move back?"

"No." Song Chuyi stroked her head. "I just came back from Switzerland and I have a bunch of things to settle at the hospital and two more large-scale operations to do. I have to discuss the operational procedures with the people at the hospital and have to work the night shift tomorrow. I might be busy for a few days."

"Oh, it's like that." Changqing felt better inside but also felt sorry for him. "Then you'll have to watch your health too."


Changqing saw him to the door and watched him with her lovely, amorous eyes.

Song Chuyi watched her for a while, lowered his head and kissed her on the lips before turning to enter the elevator.

Changqing stood alone at the door, covering her mouth as she smiled sweetly. After smiling stupidly for a while, she turned back to see Ruan Yang, who was smiling and watching her from the second-floor hallway. She got a shock and felt embarrassed from head to toe. "You… you didn't even make a sound when you came out."

"I did, but you were too engrossed in smiling stupidly by yourself." Ruan Yang brushed her hands through her hair which she took so long to blow-dry and smiled ambiguously. "Looks like many things have happened these past few days while I was gone."

"It's not much," Changqing said shyly, "We just made up, Ruan Yang. Do you look down on me?"

"This is nothing; you like someone and it's not something you can let go of easily." Ruan Yang walked down the stairs alluringly while holding on to the railing, the corners of her lips rising into an apparent smile. "However, I didn't think you were quite active in that aspect?"

"Ahahah, it's not what you think." Changqing knew she would mention this matter and she had indeed guessed her position with Song Chuchu. She covered her blushing face and wished she could hide somewhere.

Upon thinking of this, Changqing would rather Ruan Yang saw her instead.

"Wow." Ruan Yang sat beside her and rubbed her shoulder. "Dr. Song must be impressive."

Changqing glared at her with embarrassment.

What's impressive?

I've never tried it with anyone in the past before; how would I know?

However, I cried many times, so he should be considered impressive.

Changqing pondered it for a while seriously and when she came back to her senses, she saw Ruan Yang's face overflowing with smiles and felt even more embarrassed and angry. She decided to go all out. "What's the big deal? Don't tell me you haven't done it with your boyfriend yet?"

With the mention of the word "boyfriend", Ruan Yang's expression changed. The smile on her face became a little forced.

Changqing suddenly thought back to the suspicion she had and quickly asked, "Right, I'm still confused. You said before that you'd be gone for a week but it's only been five days. Why are you suddenly back?"

Ruan Yang leaned into the couch and curled her legs up. Her beautiful lips lifted into a melancholic arch. "We broke up."

Changqing was in a daze. "Why? Who brought it up?"

"I did." Ruan Yang pressed on her temples and her long hair covered half of her face.

Changqing felt quite sorry for her. "Why did you break up with him?"

Ruan Yang smiled in self-mockery. "Because… because he left me alone in the Maldives and went off first."

Changqing was astonished. "How could he do that? Does he like you or not?"

"Who knows?" Ruan Yang shrugged.

Changqing gazed at Ruan Yang's perfect, sexy face while feeling conflicted. She really couldn't understand what kind of man would let her become like this. "That's too much, Ruan Yang. You were right to break up. Even though I've never seen this boyfriend of yours, I really don't like him. No, I hate him. Just now, I accidentally saw the contraceptive pills you took in your suitcase. Although I haven't taken them before, I know that taking contraceptive pills can cause great harm to your body. He simply doesn't care about your feelings for a moment of pleasure."

Ruan Yang smiled forcefully at her. "It's indeed different now that you're married and have tried it. You know quite a lot."

Changqing waved her hands with her face hot. "I'm talking about you. Ruan Yang, I actually can understand what it feels like when you like someone but the other party doesn't care enough about you. It really hurts and you feel helpless and at a loss. Just like how I liked Fu Yu for so long before but I still let him go. I'm not as smart as you, nor am I as pretty or popular as you. You will definitely meet someone better in the future."

Ruan Yang nodded as she laughed softly and picked up some pudding on the table, tore the package open and took a look at the amorous eyes filled with concern beside her. She sighed softly in her heart and asked, "When are you going to move back?"

"In a few days. I want to keep you, who've just fallen out of love, company in the meantime in case you get too depressed." Changqing watched her closely.

"It's good that you're staying for a few more days." Ruan Yang nodded. "It will make you seem too cheap if you move back immediately after you make up."

Changqing suddenly rejoiced. Luckily she didn't want to move back eagerly. Actually, she wanted to move back too but it was rare for Ruan Yang to come back and it wasn't her style to value sex over friendship.

Seeing her innocent face, Ruan Yang laughed. "Think back to when you left—did he make you stay? Just rest assured and stay here. Stay until he comes to pick you up personally and also when he says he really wants you to go back. You have to take an active role and can't always let him have his way."

Changqing agreed while listening to her.

In this marriage, she really had no say.

However, thinking back to Song Chuchu's cold and aloof tone, she suddenly felt that it was difficult for her to take on an active role even just a little bit.

In the morning on the set, Changqing basically still only had Wen Tong for company.

After the shoot, a bunch of people crowded around Zhao Zhu, Chi Yining and the rest, chattering to each other. Changqing didn't go over to join in the fun, scrolling through Weibo on her phone alone instead.

Weibo brought a lunch box over and saw her taking some photos to upload on Weibo without any captions, only uploading a few smiley faces.

"Are you trying to say that the weather is hot or that you made up with Song Chuyi?" Wen Tong passed her the lunch box.

Changqing looked at her like she had seen a ghost. "How do you know everything?"

She shrank back. "Don't tell me you planted a bug on me?"

"With this face of yours, do I still need to plant a bug on you? Everything is written all over it." Wen Tong gave her a "tsk". "There will be reporters coming over to do an exclusive this afternoon, so you better doll yourself up."

"Oh." After Changqing took the lunch box and finished her meal, she went to look for the makeup artiste, Asa, to touch her up in high spirits.

"Changqing, you have such good skin," Asa complimented her while touching up her makeup. "It's always the easiest to do your makeup. Your eyes are so huge that there's basically no need to draw anything. Eye makeup can really take a lot of time."

Wen Tong said at the side, "Still use some eyeliner for her—it's the first time the production team has allowed reporters to come in to do interviews today."

"Don't worry, I will definitely make Changqing the prettiest out of everyone," Asa said with a smile.

After 20 minutes, Changqing looked at herself in the mirror and was quite pleased.

After the reporters came, they did an exclusive with the few main actors separately, especially Ke Yongyuan, the male lead. Zhao Zhu, who replaced Guan Ying's character, also had a 20-minute interview because he was a hot topic. When it was Changqing's turn, they only spent 10 minutes.

When it ended, Wen Tong was angry. "Why is Chi Yining's interview time the same as yours? She's just the fourth female lead."
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》