So You're Such A Doctor Song
145 Tonight You Will Know How Healthy I Am
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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145 Tonight You Will Know How Healthy I Am

"Then wouldn't Zhao Zhu hate me to the core?" Changqing's body shrank. "I didn't offend her before and she already dared to disfigure me; wouldn't she murder me now?"

"Are you stupid? If something happened to you, she'd be the first one the public would focus on. If she had any brains, she would finish the shoot obediently." Wen Tong said with a smile, "One more piece of good news—there's news from Boss Feng's side. Challenge to the End is only substituting you for one episode. There won't be any shoots this week, but next week there'll be two, so you'll be busy. Things are indeed different with Song Chuyi stepping out—when do you ever see a program pause filming? You're the only one who gets this treatment. I met Chi Yining this morning and her face was all distorted with wrath. I even gave her a ruthless round of shaming."

Changqing recalled that Song Chuyi still had a hold over Boss Feng and was pleased. "Good job. Next time, not only can you shame her once, but you can also do it twice or thrice."

"Of course. How many times has she insulted you before because she had Boss Feng to rely on?" Wen Tong laughed coldly. "In the future, the world is ours. I want to bully all those people who bullied you before once through."

After Wen Tong left, Changqing's mood wasn't bad.

However, she received a call from Song Chuyi in the evening saying that he wouldn't be back again and her mood plunged straight down.

When Yan Lei returned to have dinner, he asked casually, "Chuyi isn't coming back again?"

"He said he had a dinner gathering with the hospital director," Changqing said tepidly.

Yan Lei nodded. "Last time I heard Old Song say that he would push Song Chuyi for the position of the hospital director. It looks like it's true. A man should put his career first; you have to support and encourage Chuyi more."

"I know, I know," Changqing said while biting her chopsticks. "Grandma called me in the afternoon and said her eyes felt a little uncomfortable. I still have three days' rest and I'm thinking of going back to Yangzhou to visit Grandma."

"That's good; we've all been busy lately. It's time to go back for a visit. A pity I don't have the time." Yan Lei nodded in total agreement.

After ten at night, Song Chuyi came back dragging his exhausted body and saw a suitcase in the middle of the bedroom. There were a few pieces of clothes stacked inside. He frowned and looked towards the woman who stepped out of the bathroom, humming a small tune. He asked, "Where are you going again?"

"None of your business." Changqing rolled her eyes at him.

"Then whose business is it?" Song Chuyi said indifferently.

Changqing sat in front of the vanity while she said, "I'm visiting my Grandma tomorrow."

"I'll go with you." Song Chuyi said lightly, "I'm off tomorrow."

"Really?" This news came too suddenly and Changqing turned her head around in shock. "But I'm going for two days."

"It's perfect that I'm off this weekend." Song Chuyi walked towards the bathroom.

Changqing was in a daze as if she was still in disbelief.

Song Chuchu wanted to go back to her hometown with her.

Could this be considered their first trip together? Although she was very familiar with her hometown and she had been to all the famous sights tons of times, this was still her first outing with Song Chuchu.

Changqing was a little excited and was somewhat looking forward to it.

This resulted in her tossing and turning around in bed at night, pestering Song Chuyi as she muttered, "Have you been to Yangzhou before?"


"Our Yangzhou is stunning. There are many sights to see, especially Lake Shouxi. A pity that it's summer and it'll be a little hot. It's exceptionally beautiful in spring."


"Otherwise, April and May is also flower-gazing season. Since you haven't been to Yangzhou before, I must bring you to try Yangzhou fried rice. My Grandma's Yangzhou fried rice is really really exceptionally good."

"Why are you so talkative?" He turned over and blocked her lips.

This round of merry-making depleted almost all of Song Chuyi's strength. When it finished, he fell asleep without a shower despite being a clean-freak.

In contrast, Changqing might've felt physically exhausted but it wasn't like how she felt in the past.

It seemed that the more she did that kind of thing, the better her stamina became.

In the end, the person beside her fell asleep soundly and Changqing only managed to fall asleep after half an hour.

The next morning, it was one of the rare times Changqing when woke up first and Song Chuyi remained asleep.

She didn't disturb him and went to wash up first. Song Chuyi woke up with his complexion looking better than yesterday. After changing into a simple shirt, he looked young and energetic.

Changqing looked him up and down silently for a while. Grandma would definitely like the way he looked.

After breakfast, Changqing suggested getting some tonics and eye drops from the hospital for Grandma.

Song Chuyi asked for some of Grandma Song's old ailments and told the pharmacist about the specific type of tonics they would be getting.

Changqing felt content just watching. In the past, whenever she went back to her hometown, it was Changxin who helped Grandma buy these because Changxin was medically trained while she didn't know anything. Now, her sister had gone to Beijing but thankfully, there was Song Chuyi.

After buying the things, the two took a plane to Yangzhou.

On this journey, Song Chuchu took care of everything and Chuchu didn't need to worry at all. All she needed to do was carry her handbag and follow behind him obediently.

She watched as he collected the plane tickets, deposited the luggage, got off the plane and collected the luggage.

Things were effortless all the way until they were sitting in a taxi in Yangzhou.

Changqing told the driver the address and after a half-hour drive, the car stopped at a row of traditional courtyards. The dense vegetation in the courtyards extended out through the walls. It was tranquil and serene filled with traditional charm.

Song Chuyi counted the money and got off with Changqing.

After pressing the doorbell, an old lady with a head full of white hair came over to open the small gate beside the main entrance. When she saw Changqing, her wrinkled face was full of smiles for a long time. "Qing Bao, you're finally here. I've waited the whole morning for you and was just about to call to ask you where you were."

"Grandma, I missed you." Changqing hugged Old Madam Yan sweetly.

"Grandma also missed Qing Bao." Grandma Yan chuckled as she hugged her granddaughter for a while and let her go before noticing that there was still a young man standing by the side. "Aiyo, Qing Bao, don't tell me this is your boyfriend?"

"Hello, Grandma, I am Changqing's husband, Song Chuyi." Song Chuchu introduced himself in a gentle and well-mannered way.

Grandma Yan looked at Changqing then at Song Chuyi. Suddenly, her expression became serious and she said to Changqing, "Qing Bao, why didn't you tell me about something so serious like your marriage? Grandma didn't even attend your wedding. Did you even remember you had a Grandma?"

"Grandma, we hadn't had a wedding yet; we just registered our marriage." Changqing quickly clung on to the elder's arm and explained, "If I'm getting married, I'll definitely have to call you over. Even if I don't invite Dad, I'll definitely have to invite you."

"That's more like it. You lass, you're just good with words." Only then did Grandma Yan break into a smile and say to Song Chuyi, "Quick, come in."

Song Chuyi nodded and carried the things in.

The Yan family's old house didn't consist of a huge courtyard, but every flower and every piece of grass was neatly trimmed. There was even a little pavilion in the courtyard. Beside the pavilion, there was an old well.

"Grandma, where's Auntie Zeng? Why are you here alone?" Changqing stuck to Grandma as she walked in front.

"I got your Auntie Zeng to go to the market to buy some ingredients to make your favorite spare ribs," Grandma Yan said as she chuckled. After they entered the house, Grandma Yan turned around to pour some tea. Changqing quickly followed and poured some for herself. "Grandma, this is my house. Don't stand on ceremony. Quick, sit."

"I'm not standing on ceremony with you; I'm standing on ceremony with my grandson-in-law." Grandma Yan took a look at Song Chuyi, who was sitting on the couch and she then whispered secretly by Changqing's ear, "This husband that you've found isn't bad; he's quite handsome."

"Really?" Changqing felt a little proud inside.

"Better-looking than your father and your brother-in-law." Grandma Yan was all praises for him. "Our family has always had good-looking people. Someone who can marry our Qing Bao must definitely be as handsome as a superstar. Your taste in men is as good as your Grandma's when she was younger. Back then, your Grandpa was the most handsome man in the entire school."

"That's true. I wouldn't look for someone who wasn't handsome." Changqing agreed readily.

Grandma Yan returned to the living room and sat on the couch. Chuchu passed the tea over to Song Chuyi. Song Chuyi accepted it and when he saw the elderly opposite him staring at him with eyes full of smiles, he felt a little unable to adapt.

"Little Song, what do you do?" Suddenly, Grandma Yan asked with a smile.

"A doctor."

"A doctor is good." Grandma Yan slapped her thigh. Changxin is a doctor too."

"I work in the same hospital as Changxin," Song Chuyi said.

"Don't tell me you and Qing Bao were matchmade by Changxin?" Grandma Yan continued to probe curiously.

"No, it was a blind date." Changqing passed over the presents she brought. "Grandma, you said that your eyes weren't well, so I bought a few bottles of eye drops and these are for you to mix with water and drink. You get dizzy spells often too."

"I just have some small problems; I don't get seriously ill," Grandma Yan said to Song Chuyi. "Qing Bao is filial. She always comes back with many things that she bought for me. It's your good fortune to have married her."

"It is, it is." Song Chuyi nodded. "Your complexion looks quite good. There are very few seniors who still look as energetic as you at your age."

"It's all thanks to Changxin," Grandma Yan said with pride. "Whenever I feel any slight discomfort, Changxin immediately knows what I lack and gives me supplements. The few old ladies next door have been to the hospital several times and I'm the only one who is fine. Oh, right, when are you holding your wedding banquet? You'll have to let me know sooner so that I can make preparations to go over."

"Changqing and I are quite busy in the first half of the year, so it might have to wait till the end of the year. When the time comes, I will send a car over to pick you up," Song Chuyi said with a smile.

"Sure, sure, sure." Grandma Yan couldn't help staring at him. After that, she added another line: "This little fellow looks very energetic and is very handsome. Simply more handsome than Changqing's Grandpa back in those days."

Song Chuyi coughed unnaturally and felt a little awkward.

Just then, a middle-aged woman in her forties came in with a basket of vegetables. Grandma Yan quickly stood up and said, "Little Zeng, take a look, this is Qing Bao's husband. Ain't he good-looking?"

"Yes, yes, yes, even better-looking than those male celebrities at the broadcasting stations." Auntie Zeng smiled. "Changqing has also become prettier."

"This sounds a little fake." Grandma Yan said impolitely, "Qing Bao's face is full of acne; she's not as pretty as she was."

"Grandma." Changqing stomped her feet.

"It's just that you're not as pretty as before. I still like you the most in my heart." Grandma Yan was afraid her granddaughter would be unhappy and she replied quickly.

"That's more like it." Only then did Changqing smile.

During lunch, Auntie Zeng made a table full of food. Grandma Yan rarely saw her granddaughter and had much to say. "Qing Bao, the waxberry tree in the courtyard that you planted when you were young is huge and red this year."
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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》