So You're Such A Doctor Song
146 Don“t Urge Me To Stay
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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146 Don“t Urge Me To Stay

\"Really?\" Changqing was happy.

After their meal, Changqing pulled Song Chuyi over to the backyard to pick some waxberries.

Song Chuyi wasn't very fond of waxberries and also disliked that there were bugs on the waxberry tree, so he leaned lazily in a shady spot alone and watched the woman who was busy eating waxberries under the tree. He couldn't bear to watch her continue picking and eating anymore and said, \"Can you wash the waxberries first before eating them?\"

\"I can't; they're so sweet.\" Changqing pointed at the waxberry tree with delight. \"I personally planted this.\"

Song Chuyi smiled and glanced at Grandma Yan, who was standing by the window with a walking stick, sewing and mending clothes and he suddenly understood how Changqing could still be so innocent despite growing up in a single-parent family.

Actually, it didn't always matter whether there was only a parent. What was important was what kind of life given to you by the people around you.

\"Try it.\" After picking for a while, Changqing picked the biggest, reddest waxberry and ran over to Song Chuyi, putting it to his mouth.

Song Chuyi watched that pre-washed waxberry for two seconds, lowered his head, and ate it from her hand. It was sweet and there was hardly any sour taste.

\"It's good, right?\" Changqing was all smiles.

Song Chuyi's pupils shook a little and after a while, a gentle gaze rippled out.

After picking the waxberries, it was already past midday and the weather was no longer so warm. Chuyi brought Song Chuyi and Grandma Yan to Shouxi Lake.

Whenever they saw beautiful scenery, Changqing would stuff her phone into Song Chuyi's hands and make him take photos. After he was done, she would then despise his bad photography skills.

Grandma Yan was the same; she grumbled about how Song Chuyi made her look too old in the photos.

Song Chuyi was quite speechless. How was he supposed to make a senior with a head full of white hair appear younger in photos?

In the end, when they finished touring Shouxi Lake, Grandma Yan said very mindfully that she wanted to dye her hair black.

Changqing was all for it and in the end, the trio had dinner outside. After that, Song Chuyi accompanied them to a salon to have their hair dyed.

When they entered the salon, Grandma Yan said to the hairstylist, \"Dye my hair black. I want to look exceptionally young.\" After saying that, she paused for a while and pointed at the hairstyle on the wall and said, \"Qing Bao, do you think Grandma should get a perm?\"

\"That works too.\" Changqing felt that seniors should be trendier. \"Grandma, do you think I should get my hair dyed too?\"

\"Our Qing Bao would look good with any color. In my opinion, get a perm too.\" Grandma Yan gave her suggestions enthusiastically and didn't forget to include Song Chuyi. \"Little Song, what do you think?\"

\"Anything works.\" Song Chuyi was already accustomed to Grandma Yan's fashionable thoughts and was currently letting these two have their way.

Seeing that he nodded his head, Changqing grabbed a dye book excitedly for him to take a look. \"Which color do you think looks good?\"

Song Chuyi initially wanted to say that black would be best, but seeing how Grandma Yan looked like she wanted to have someone to dye her hair with her, he took a few casual looks. There were all sorts of red, blue, yellow and brown colors, and the shades didn't seem very different, making him dizzy.

At last, Changqing chose a burgundy color and showed it to him. \"What do you think about this?\"

\"Sure.\" Song Chuyi simply nodded.

Changqing immediately got the hairstylist to mix the colors.

Song Chuyi sat on the couch and fiddled with his phone. At first, he thought it would only take an hour to two hours, but they only dyed their hair after two hours and that made his scalp twitch a little.

His legs were numb from sitting, so he stood up for a while and walked to Changqing and Grandma Yan. Grandma Yan chuckled and asked, \"Little Song, is the wait getting tough?\"

\"…\" Song Chuyi braced himself and said, \"No.\"

\"Your grandson-in-law is really patient.\" The hairstylist said sweetly, \"I've been in this trade for so long and rarely do I see granddaughters and grandsons-in-law coming with their Grandma to do her hair. With one look, I can tell your family is very close-knit.\"

Grandma Yan was so happy she couldn't close her mouth. \"Is that so? This grandson-in-law of mine is amazing.\"

\"You're so fortunate.\" The hairstylist doing Changqing's hair agreed. \"I think your granddaughter looks a little like the female host, Yan Changqing, from Challenge to the End.\"

\"Haha, many people have said that I look like her,\" Changqing said jokingly. \"However, Yan Changqing is so beautiful I can't be compared to her.\"

Song Chuyi glanced at her. What thick skin.

The hairstylist said with a smile, \"No way, you're way prettier than Yan Changqing. In my opinion, Yan Changqing is nowhere comparable to you.\"

Song Chuyi walked away silently. It would be better if he were to drink his tea aside.

Changqing's expression froze. Should she be angry or not about having something said about her?

Changqing and Grandma Yan only finished perming and dying their hair after eleven in the evening.

When they returned to the old Yan family home, Auntie Zeng ran out to open the door. When she saw the two, she laughed out in surprise. \"Yo, look who's this? I could barely recognize you two.\"

Grandma Yan touched her shoulder-length hair. \"Look, don't you feel that I look ten years younger already?\"

\"More than just ten years; you look like you're forty years younger. I'm almost not as young as you are.\" Auntie Zeng was overjoyed. \"No wonder you got back so late. You're even trendier than me.\"

\"In my opinion, you should also get your hair done.\" After changing her hairstyle, Grandma Yan seemed to have even changed her spirits.

When they entered the house, she started taking selfies with Changqing.

Song Chuyi was already dizzy from waiting at the salon and went to Changqing's room to take a shower first.

This was the room Changqing grew up in when she was young. The backdrop of the headboard was full of certificates and also solo shots. When she was young, Changqing's face was round and she had two little braids. Her amorous eyes glowed and every smile of hers was sweet.

He looked on and suddenly discovered that there were several traces of photos torn off the wall in the midst of all the solo shots.

He touched the spots and the traces felt new as though they were torn recently. He suddenly recalled that when they just reached the old house, Changqing seemed to have found an excuse to go up to her room first…

The corners of his lips curled up into a cold smile and he roughly understood.

There must have been pictures of Fu Yu there before.

After coming out of the shower, he just lay on the bed and Changqing hummed a little tune as she walked in and said, \"Tonight, I'm going to sleep with Grandma.\"

\"Up to you.\" Song Chuyi was exhausted and felt that doing a nine-hour surgery wouldn't be as tiring as accompanying a woman to do her hair for four hours.

Changqing felt unsatisfied upon hearing that. \"You seem happy that I'm not coming back to sleep. You're not even urging me to stay.\"

\"…\" Song Chuyi said coldly, \"Then stay.\"

\"No.\" Changqing made a face at him before closing the door behind her.

Song Chuyi: \"…\"

He really felt like giving her a beating.

The next day, Song Chuyi woke up at seven from the birds on the balcony.

He got up to pull the curtains apart and walked to the balcony.

He then discovered that the balcony to Changqing's room was only two meters away from her neighbour's balcony. They were very close together.

He glanced at the courtyard of the house opposite. Although it wasn't as well-kept as the Yan family's, it was still full of plants like grapevines, loquat trees and waxberry trees. However, the waxberries were small. Perhaps the house owner was rarely at home and didn't give it enough fertilizer.

Just then, the door to the balcony on the opposite side suddenly opened. A big and tall silhouette walked out from inside. He was wearing a pair of dark green casual pants and a white T-shirt that clung tightly to his muscular body. His arms and calves looked lean and strong.

Two pairs of eyes met and both faces became black.

Song Chuyi's handsome face became gloomy. \"Fu Yu, is there a need for you to follow us here all the way to Northern City?\"

\"Did you get something wrong? This is my house.\" Fu Yu glanced at the bedroom behind him and only felt better after he didn't see Changqing. However, thinking about how Song Chuyi slept in the room Changqing stayed in since she was young, he felt unbearably pent up.

Song Chuyi recalled that Changqing mentioned Fu Yu was her neighbor at her Yangzhou family house but he didn't expect them to be such close neighbours. So close that the balconies could almost touch.

How many other things was this little rascal keeping from him?

\"Aren't you usually working in Northern City? Why did you come back so coincidentally when Changqing came back?\" Song Chuyi looked at him coldly. \"Are you done yet? Have I offended you before? You just had to snatch the woman I found. Remember that I even saved your mom.\"

Fu Yu said lightly while frowning, \"This really is a misunderstanding. I only came back to take a look because I've been exhausted at work lately and it happened to be the weekend. On top of that, the old family house hasn't been cleaned for a very long time. I never expected that Changqing would be back too. It seems like I have quite an affinity with Changqing.\"

Song Chuyi laughed coldly and turned, preparing to leave the balcony. Fu Yu's rueful voice suddenly came from behind him again. \"I suddenly recall chatting with Changqing every night on this balcony in the past and she wouldn't bear to go to sleep until eleven or twelve. I had to urge her to sleep every time. At that time, I always called her Qing Bao.\"

His footsteps stopped and Song Chuyi turned back, his eyes dark and gloomy. \"I'm sorry, the person sleeping with her in this room now is me.\"

The corners of Fu Yu's lips froze and he carried on. \"However, there are many selfies of us together at the head of the bed. Did you see them?\"

\"They were long torn off.\" Song Chuyi moved his lips. \"Do you think a married woman would dare to leave something like that in her room?\"

\"Really?\" Fu Yu appeared distracted for a while. \"Do you know why Changqing and my balconies were facing each other? This room used to belong to Changxin. However, Changqing wanted to be closer to me and always pestered Changxin to swap rooms with her. Over that, the two sisters even had a huge row. In the end, Changxin gave in and Changqing moved to this room. She just wanted to be closer to me.\"

Not far, a sparrow flew over and landed on the balcony, looking over at this side, then at the other side. It seemed to have noticed the tense atmosphere and flapped its wings immediately and flew off.

A hint of coldness stirred up in Song Chuyi's long and narrow eyes. \"Fu Yu, by telling me this, are you trying to make me jealous or are you just reminiscing the past? If it's to make me jealous, I'm sorry but I'm afraid it won't be that easy. Who hasn't had a young and ignorant first love? I've had mine too. Besides, there's really nothing about you that I would get jealous about. After all, no matter how many memories you had with her when you were young, her first kiss and first night were given to me. You were never together before and I'm sorry for that, but I would also like to thank you for liking a person for so long while never even bearing to take her first kiss away.\"

Fu Yu's fingers holding on to the railing became white.

It seemed he hit the nail on the head.

That was also his biggest regret in his life. At that time, he knew Changqing liked him so much but he couldn't bear to do it because of how clean she was. Now, someone else got lucky.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》