So You're Such A Doctor Song
148 You Were Made A Solid Cuckold
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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148 You Were Made A Solid Cuckold

Being in the comfortable business class felt like sitting on pins and needles for the first time. Changqing's gaze kept sweeping towards Song Chuyi and she noticed he didn't look towards her, only flipping through the airline magazine expressionlessly.

Changqing felt uneasy and couldn't guess his thoughts.

\"Changqing, buckle up your seatbelt. The plane is about to take off,\" Fu Yu reminded her gently.

\"Oh.\" Changqing buckled up quickly.

After half an hour, the air stewardess started to give out the in-flight meals. The business-class meals were very sumptuous. There was red wine, salad, dessert and a great variety of drink choices.

\"Changqing, cheers.\" Fu Yu smiled and raised his glass towards her.

Changqing's little heart almost froze. At that moment, she heard a slight movement from behind.

\"Sorry, my apologies.\" This came from a beautiful woman dressed in red with red lips and long hair seating beside Song Chuyi. She must've accidentally spilt some red wine on Song Chuyi when she was accepting it from the air stewardess. The beautiful woman passed him some serviettes apologetically.

\"It's okay.\" Song Chuyi took the serviettes and wiped the red stain on his white shirt. He looked up and saw the air stewardess looking uneasy and said, \"Give this lady another glass.\"

\"Thank you.\" The beautiful woman was very grateful and after she took a new glass of wine, she said casually, \"Sir, your shirt looks like the latest style from Lanvin.\"

Song Chuyi took a look at her after hearing that.

The beautiful woman quickly said, \"Actually, I'm the top executive of Longines in Northern City and I'm pretty familiar with brands. Your shirt must've been very expensive. Could you give me your phone number and I'll get you a new one once we've reached Northern City?\"

\"There's no need.\" Song Chuyi took a sip of red wine. He frowned and placed the glass back down.

Seeing that, the beautiful woman also took a sip and after that, she placed her glass down and said, \"This red wine must've been recently produced by Zhang Yu. Its market price shouldn't exceed two hundred a bottle.\"

\"You're well-versed with red wine?\" Song Chuyi moved the corners of his lips.

\"A little.\" The beautiful woman revealed a stunning smile. \"From your accent, you sound like you're from Northern City. Did you come to Yangzhou on holiday?\"

\"No,\" Song Chuyi said lightly.

\"Then let me guess your occupation.\" The beautiful woman observed him with interest. \"I think you must be in a career related to medicine.\"

Song Chuyi raised his brows. \"What made you think so?\"

\"When you were reading the magazine just now, you flipped past the other pages casually and only stopped at an article on medical research for a few minutes.\" The beautiful woman tilted her head and said a little cheekily, \"Am I right?\"

Song Chuyi lifted the corners of his lips and smiled lightly.

\"Looks like I was spot on.\" The beautiful woman said, \"Actually, I really admire doctors. I used to have an intention to study medicine, but afterwards, I found dealing with corpses and organs quite terrifying.\"

\"There are also many girls studying medicine,\" Song Chuyi said after a moment's silence.

Sitting in front, Changqing only felt that the two behind were enjoying their conversation more and more. The air stewardess in business class was quiet, so the woman's laughter could still be heard by Changqing even when the pair were just conversing softly.

She felt a fire burning in her heart and silently cursed Song Chuyi and all his ancestors.

This hateful Song Chuchu could even joke around and make eyes with a woman on a plane ride. Could his usual aloofness be an act put up just for her?

And he kept giving her those looks on the way there. Too much, it was just too much.

\"Changqing, don't you like to eat cake? I'll give you my share. I don't eat sweet food.\" Fu Yu passed his tiramisu over.

\"Alright.\" Changqing increased her volume purposely and pretended to be overjoyed, saying, \"I love tiramisu, Brother Fu Yu, you're the best.\"

\"Silly lass.\" Fu Yu stroked her face and looked lovingly at her.

Song Chuyi squinted as he looked over at them. His face became gloomy all of a sudden.

The beautiful woman beside him asked with concern. \"Mr. Song, what's the matter?\"

\"Nothing,\" Song Chuyi said lightly.

The beautiful woman continued the conversation about medicine with him excitedly.

An hour-plus plane ride had never seemed so long. Changqing wanted to take a nap but she couldn't fall asleep, and beside her, Fu Yu kept chatting with her occasionally. Changqing tried to listen to him and not the pair at the back.

She finally endured it until the plane landed at Northern City's airport. Changqing unbuckled her seatbelt and while not looking at Song Chuyi, she said to Fu Yu only, \"Let's go quickly.\"

After saying that, she left the plane first in a huff with Fu Yu catching up hurriedly.

When Song Chuyi stood up, he was blocked by the people in front and was lagging behind by a few seats. When he got off the plane, the beautiful woman also followed him closely. \"Sir, to meet is a form of affinity. Since we're both from Northern City, why don't you leave your WeChat info with me?\"

\"Sorry, I don't use WeChat.\" Song Chuyi's face was cold.

\"I can't believe there's someone who doesn't use WeChat. How about your number?\" The beautiful woman was relentless. A good quality handsome man was a rare find. There was no harm in taking the initiative.

\"I don't give my phone number out casually to people.\" Song Chuyi took big strides off the plane. In front, he had already lost sight of Changqing and Fu Yu.

He wanted to walk towards the baggage pickup area. However, thinking back at how the two looked so close the whole day, he was raging with fury and headed straight towards the exit.

Li Shaobin's impressive sports car stopped by the airport road. Seeing him coming out with his face as cold as ice, Li Shaobin asked curiously, \"Why are you alone? Where's Yan Changqing?\"

\"With another man.\" Song Chuyi got in the car and slammed the car door shut.

Li Shaobin opened his mouth wide and after spouting the word \"f*ck\", he quickly got in the car. \"What happened? Why's she with another man? Who's she with?\"

\"Who else could it be?\" Song Chuyi scoffed.

\"Fu Yu?\" Li Shaobin sucked in a breath of cold air. \"Fu Yu really is everywhere. So are you just going to let it be? Old Song, I'm going to look down on you already. He snatched your wife and you're going to leave just like this? You're not going to snatch her back?\"

Song Chuyi chuckled.


She hadn't even set her eyes on him properly. On the plane, the air stewardess even took them to be husband and wife. He just felt like a f*cking lightbulb the entire day, sitting at the back and watching them pass their desserts around, clinking glasses, and making their in-flight meal look like a candle-lit dinner.

When getting off the plane, she left without waiting for him. Why should he still go over and stick around? To give up all pride?

\"Maybe she's still at a certain corner of reminiscing her childhood stories.\" He scoffed.

\"Old Song, your skin is too thin.\" Li Shaobin said resentfully, \"If it were me, no matter which corner they were in, I would have to pull them out. If I'm not happy, no one else can be happy. Also, I would stick my finger at their noses and scold them in the airport until they wished they could transform into cement and seep through the cracks in the floor.\"

Song Chuyi shot him a cold glance. \"Easy for you to say. Wait till you're actually in this position. You would be more cowardly than anyone.\"

The glow on Li Shaobin's face disappeared with despise and at that moment, he happened to see Fu Yu and Changqing exiting the airport together. Fu Yu was even pushing Changqing's luggage. Changqing had her head hanging low and Fu Yu kept glancing at her from time to time and even stroked her head occasionally.

\"F*ck, f*ck, Old Song, you were made a solid cuckold.\" Li Shaobin could clearly see in the car and said angrily, \"I'm going to show you whether I, Master Bin, am cowardly or not.\"

After saying that, he opened the car door and took big strides towards the two.

Fu Yu's car happened to be parked by the side of the road. Right after he opened the car door, he heard a low \"Fu Yu\" suddenly from behind.

He looked up and a man wearing a flowery shirt walked towards him, his face filled with maliciousness. There was even a small earring hanging from one of his ears. The gold chain on his neck made Fu Yu dizzy from looking at it swaying from side to side.

Fu Yu was still wondering who this person was.

A punch landed on the bridge of his nose.

\"Fu Yu…\" Changqing was in shock and quickly supported him.

Fu Yu covered his nose with a hand and pulled Changqing behind his back with another hand. Immediately after that, Fu Yu's chauffeur came out from the car quickly and stood in front of the two, protecting them.

\"Fu Yu, you have the balls to hook up with someone else's wife? Who do you think you're hiding behind?\" Li Shaobin beckoned him with his finger. \"Get out here. See if I don't maim you from the waist down. You take advantage of Old Song for being soft, but as his brother, I won't let this go. I've wanted to give you this punch since long ago.\"

Fu Yu finally grasped an understanding of the situation. So this person was Song Chuyi's brother.

From his looks, he could immediately guess who this person was.

\"Li Shaobin, are you sick?\" Changqing said angrily, \"What hook up? You're making it sound too bad. What does Song Chuchu think he's doing, getting you to come here? Call him over.\"

Li Shaobin snorted. \"Old Song has a thin skin and doesn't have the guts to embarrass himself. What would I call him out for…\"

Song Chuyi, who just got out of the car, happened to hear this and his handsome face sank. He walked over and asked, \"Who did you say didn't have the guts?\"

Li Shaobin froze and coughed as he turned back, saying with a face full of embarrassment, \"Old Song, why did you come out? You should stay in the car now. Let me handle this kind of thing.\"

Song Chuyi swept him a cold glance and took out a packet of tissues from his pocket and took two pieces out to pass to Fu Yu. \"Sorry, this brother of mine is a little too irritable.\"

Fu Yu took a look at Li Shaobin then at Song Chuyi. He reached out to take the tissue and covered his red nose. He said hoarsely, \"It's okay; it looks like a misunderstanding. However, I feel that you should explain things to your brother properly next time. It's okay if I get beaten. Most importantly, Changqing's reputation shouldn't be damaged.\"

Upon seeing that he was still so concerned for her despite being hurt himself, Changqing felt a sense of warmth through her heart, and at the same time, she recalled that Song Chuyi came out of the airport without waiting for her just now. What did he take this wife of his for? Besides, Li Shaobin definitely wouldn't hit anyone without any reason. Song Chuyi must've told him things.

Thinking about this, she couldn't help but stare hatefully at Song Chuyi. This man was too much.

Not to mention that he ignored her on the plane and even hit on a woman and chatted with her. This was too much right now.

\"You're right; I didn't make myself clear.\" Song Chuyi moved his lips lightly and asked Changqing, \"Are you taking my car or Fu Yu's car?\"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》