So You're Such A Doctor Song
158 Why Aren“t You Tired At All?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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158 Why Aren“t You Tired At All?

It wasn't until she underwent the beating rain and raging wind, when she almost became a wilted little flower lying on the bed after being battered by the rain, that Changqing realized she wasn't dreaming.

She lay on his chest, grumbling weakly, \"Chuchu, why aren't you tired at all after doing the night shift?\"

Song Chuyi kissed her forehead and didn't say anything. Of course, he didn't dare to tell her that after she left, he kept thinking about the thing they didn't manage to finish. \"My stamina's good. You, on the other hand, came back quite early. Why are you still so tired?\"

\"… Didn't get enough sleep.\" Changqing pouted. She also didn't dare to tell him that she was so excited last night that she couldn't fall asleep for a very long time.

Song Chuchu caressed her skin and closed his eyes, falling asleep within a minute.

Changqing hugged him and slept for an hour plus until Wen Tong called to rush her.

Wen Tong's car was parked in the Yan household's courtyard. When Changqing got into the car reluctantly while holding her breakfast, she was still pouting. Her face was charmingly flushed and her pair of amorous eyes was exceptionally alluring today.

\"Yo, were you moisturized in the morning?\" Wen Tong smiled as she leaned in. \"Look at that little face—so moving and moisturized.\"

Changqing stuffed a piece of cake in her mouth with her face all red. After that, she opened the mirror in the car and took a look at herself. Was it that obvious? Why did she not realize it?

After looking in the mirror, she said to Wen Tong, \"Don't talk about me. I don't believe you haven't been moisturized by your man in these past few days.\"

\"I've really had no time to be moisturized lately,\" Wen Tong said. \"I heard that the new script has been finalized. If I'm not wrong, filming will be in Hong Kong and you'll have to go too. I think for the upcoming period, you'll have to fly back and forth.\"

\"Really?\" Changqing was astounded. \"Weren't those the female lead's scenes?\"

\"Told you you'll have as many scenes as the female lead.\" Wen Tong said, \"I had a call with the scriptwriter yesterday. She said that although the male lead would be with Zhao Zhu in the end, according to how the script goes, your character will be more favored by the public.\"

\"Oh.\" Changqing blinked.

She didn't want to leave Northern City; she couldn't bear to leave her Chuchu.

Shang Wei, 9:50 am.

It was the first time Changqing walked into the hall. She looked up and saw the magnificent Roman columns and fountain and clicked her tongue.

Shang Wei was luxurious indeed; it was just a hall, yet they had to get a fountain in.

She heard that Shang Wei was created by Fu Yu from scratch. Even though she knew from a young age that Fu Yu was smart, she had never expected that she would be so many miles behind.

How much money must be invested to create such a huge company from scratch?

\"What are you looking at? Can you not behave like a country bumpkin who hasn't seen the world?\" Wen Tong pulled her along.

Changqing pressed her lips together. She had seen even the most glamorous things. It was just that this was the company her childhood friend opened.

The staff at the service counter brought them straight up to the meeting room on the twelfth floor. Half of the production team had already arrived. Changqing walked in and Director Su stood up immediately, saying, \"Changqing, I finally get to see you today. I've always felt very sympathetic about your face. Luckily, the production team managed to find the real culprit and your face seems to have improved significantly, right?\"

\"It's much better.\" Changqing immediately noticed Zhao Zhu walking towards her too. In the past, Zhao Zhu would always ignore her, but this time, her face was apologetic. \"Changqing, I'm sorry, it was all because my assistant was narrow-minded and petty. I didn't think she would do this kind of harmful act behind my back. When it happened, I felt very sorry and wanted to apologize to you, but I couldn't contact you.\"

Changqing looked at her face and thought to herself that her acting skills couldn't even compare to Zhao Zhu's amateur days.

\"Apologize?\" Changqing laughed. \"Why do I seem to recall that my assistant's phone has always been contactable?\"

\"It is; I'm puzzled too.\" Wen Tong laughed too. \"Previously, I received a call from Miss Zhao's assistant, but it was just to ask me to publicize an explanation and there were no apologies. Perhaps I missed something.\"

Zhao Zhu's pretty face was clouded with embarrassment. However, she covered it up with a cold laugh and said, \"I called, but the line was really busy.\"

Wen Tong even wanted to say that her phone had an incoming call alert, but at that moment, there were sounds of movement from outside.

Fu Yu walked into the meeting room dressed in a smart shirt and suit with four white-collared people following behind him, creating an imposing aura.

His gaze landed on Changqing's face and he paused for a while before saying in a dignified and low tone, \"Let's take a seat.\"

Fu Yu had spoken and everyone found their respective seats and sat down quietly.

Fu Yu started this meeting with an opening speech first. \"Firstly, due to the makeup poisoning incident which happened on the production team previously, I'm representing the company in offering a sincere apology to Miss Yan Changqing. I never thought that someone would do something so demented because of a little personal feud. I hope that the production team will finish filming this drama smoothly and peacefully. If any similar incidents happen again, that person will be thrown out of my production team immediately, and I will announce to the media to block all the activities and schedule of the culprit. I mean what I say.\"

His voice was cold and tens of people in the meeting room didn't dare to even let out a breath.

\"Also, I've changed the producer. The previous producer has disappointed me greatly. From today onwards, Liu Qiangren will take on the role of the producer. Director Su, you can discuss things with Producer Liu in the future,\" Fu Yu said.

\"I will, I will.\" Director Su nodded immediately. Who knew that this Liu Qiangren was actually Fu Yu's trusted aide? Sending his trusted aide up showed how much importance a certain someone on the production team was to him.

\"Director Su, I'll now pass the direction of the meeting to you.\" Fu Yu leaned back in his leather chair. \"I heard the new script is out already.\"

\"Yes.\" Director Su stood up quickly and passed the script out personally.

When the script reached Changqing's hands, she flipped through it casually and felt that her lines had increased significantly compared to the past and she was also involved in the scenes in Hong Kong and France.

She took a sneak peek at Zhao Zhu's face and it was horrible, but it seemed like she was holding it in.

Following that, Director Su also talked about the changes in the script and the filming schedule, with filming to be commenced in Hong Kong in two days.

The meeting ended and just when Changqing was contemplating whether or not she should go up to Fu Yu to greet him, he walked towards her with a smile in front of everyone. \"Changqing, it seems like this is your first time coming to my company, right? It's still early, so why don't I show you around?\"

\"Eh… It's okay, I still have stuff to do back at the station,\" Changqing said.

\"Alright then, let me see you downstairs.\" Fu Yu didn't force her to stay.

\"It's okay, I can go down myself.\" Changqing still felt uneasy. It wasn't easy for her to make up with Song Chuchu.

\"Didn't we agree last time that I would become your brother in the future and you don't have to guard yourself against me like in the past? Also… do you not want to interact with me?\" Fu Yu suddenly looked very upset, watching her bitterly.

Changqing suddenly recalled that Fu Yu warned Song Chuyi and she felt very apologetic, subconsciously nodding her head.

\"Let's go.\" Fu Yu spread his arms out and led her outside. \"Oh right, I forgot to ask you afterwards if you've made up with Song Chuyi. Actually, I felt very sorry that day but I was already trying my best to control my emotions.\"

\"I'm the one who has to apologize to you for that day. I caused you to be punched.\" Changqing felt increasingly guilty. \"Brother Fu Yu, does your face still hurt?\"

\"I rubbed it with an egg when I went back and it was no longer swollen and painful.\" Fu Yu smiled slightly.

\"I'm really sorry…\"

\"It's okay. It's just that I felt a little angry seeing how Song Chuyi treated you at the airport that day.\"

\"However… we've made up already. We were both in a bad mood that day and that was why it happened,\" Changqing explained hesitantly.

\"Really?\" Fu Yu felt his heart wringing and twitching in pain. He had never expected them to make up so quickly. \"That's good.\"

Fu Yu led her down in the CEO's elevator and told her with concern, \"When you go to Hong Kong to film in a few days' time, if you feel wronged at any point, you can tell Producer Liu. I will get him to be mindful of it in case anyone on the production team tries to harm you again. Producer Liu is a very smart and meticulous person; you don't need to feel scared over there. All you have to do is concentrate on filming.\"

\"Mm.\" Changqing wasn't stupid. She could tell that Fu Yu did all of this mostly because of her. \"Thank you, Brother Fu Yu.\"

\"Don't keep thanking me. It's my duty to take care of my sister.\" Fu Yu's face was filled with gentleness as he caressed her head.

The elevator door opened and Guan Ying's face suddenly appeared on the side, waiting for the elevator. She glanced over and there weren't many changes in her face. There was only a deep sense of repugnance in her gaze.

Changqing froze and forgot to move for a moment. It was Fu Yu who stopped the elevator door from shutting and walked her out with his arm over her shoulders.

\"CEO Fu.\" Guan Ying nodded and greeted him. When her gaze landed on Changqing, she also called out lightly. \"Changqing.\"

Fu Yu looked at her and could sense the frozen Changqing. His pupils moved and he said, \"Guan Ying, aren't you supposed to be recuperating at home? What brought you here today?\"

\"Brother Xue told me to make a trip over,\" Guan Ying said in a low tone.

Fu Yu nodded. \"Then go on up first.\"

After saying that, he led Changqing out to the exit and asked while walking, \"Things seemed weird between you and Guan Ying. Weren't you quite close before?\"

\"We've always been very close. It might've been because you were around that we're a little uncomfortable.\" Changqing answered listlessly. \"Alright, Brother Fu Yu, this will do.\"

\"Alright, drive carefully.\" Fu Yu stopped in his tracks and waved his hand, watching as she drove off.

Back at the office, Fu Yu sat down in his leather swivel chair and pondered for a while. He pressed on the internal line to contact his assistant. \"Get Guan Ying to make a trip up later.\"

15 minutes later, Guan Ying knocked on the door.

\"Come in.\" Fu Yu lifted his head up from his deep thoughts. Guan Ying walked in slowly.

\"Are you feeling better?\" Fu Yu asked casually.

\"If I have to attend any company events, I'm afraid I will still need a month.\" Guan Ying wore a simple skirt and looked clean and neat. \"Does CEO Fu have any reason for calling me over?\"

Fu Yu knocked on the table. \"What's going on between you and Changqing?\"

Guan Ying's face froze. She lifted her head up and her eyes met Fu Yu's for a while. She wasn't as afraid as she thought she would be. In any case, Fu Yu had always been helping her because of Changqing. If Fu Yu intended to give up on her now, she was already mentally prepared. \"Regarding this, I don't believe CEO Fu doesn't understand.\"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》