So You're Such A Doctor Song
161 Where“s The Candle-lit Dinner They Agreed On?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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161 Where“s The Candle-lit Dinner They Agreed On?

\"Your Dad looks like he's only 60. It's only normal that he would find you a stepmom.\" Song Chuyi said lightly, \"Actually, at their age, life would be less lonely with a companion.\"

\"You sound as if you understand people at that age very well,\" Changqing grumbled.

Song Chuyi muttered, \"I've seen a lot of old people at the hospital. It's not that they don't have children but it's like they've been leading solitary lives. Most of their children have gotten married and have their own children or career to busy themselves with, thus neglecting the elderly at home. Some elderly stay alone and when they're sick or when their diseases act up, there's no one by their side and by the time they're sent to the hospital, it's too late. I have a friend who works as a coroner. He told me that he came across an old man who lived alone and he was only discovered to have passed away at home by his neighbors when they smelled the foul smell of his corpse after half a month.\"

\"Cut it out, cut it out.\" Changqing covered her ears. The more she heard, the more afraid she became.

Song Chuyi only caressed her head indifferently and went to sleep.

Changqing couldn't fall asleep. The next morning, when she came across Yan Lei, who was preparing to leave the house, Changqing went up to give him a hug.

It had been a long time since his daughter hugged him and acted coquettishly. Yan Lei was quite pleased. \"Speak. How much do you want?\"

\"What?\" Changqing was puzzled.

Yan Lei found it funny and said, \"Aren't you out of money? You only behave like this whenever you want to ask me for money or you've done something wrong.\"

\"That's not true—I just wanted to give you a hug. Can't I?\" Changqing said, refusing to accept it. \"Dad, your daughter isn't so realistic.\"

\"Really?\" Yan Lei seemed suspicious.

\"You people are too scheming.\" Changqing snorted and turned around as she sashayed away for breakfast.

For the entire day, Changqing didn't have much going on for her at the broadcasting station. After she was done at four, Changqing packed up to prepare to go home.

Zheng Yan invited her to go shopping together but Changqing turned her down.

\"You don't socialize every day; what are you going back so early for?\" Zheng Yan asked suspiciously. \"Don't tell me you have a boyfriend?\"

Changqing only smiled without a word, making Zheng Yan increasingly curious. After an intense interrogation, Changqing finally admitted to having a boyfriend but didn't mention who it was.

When she left the broadcasting station, Changqing immediately called Song Chuyi. \"I'm done with work and am on the way home. When are you coming back? Where's my Wagyu beef?\"

\"I'll have to stay till after six. I'll get Shaobin to bring the beef over later. Wait for me at home first,\" Song Chuyi said.

\"Are there any ingredients that I have to buy? Things like garlic, onions and stuff,\" Changqing said with rare attentiveness.

\"… No,\" Song Chuyi said lightly.

Changqing was happy. It was great to be married to a husband like Song Chuchu. She didn't have to do anything and was only in charge of eating.

Changqing felt very very blessed.

When she reached Lakeview Residence, she watched television programs for a while until around 6:20 pm when Song Chuyi came back carrying a few bags of things.

Changqing went over to take a look. The Wagyu beef looked like it was around two to three kilograms in weight. In addition, there was king crab and arctic surf clams.

\"So much…\" Changqing burst with joy upon seeing the food. \"Li Shaobin brought all of this over from Japan?\"

\"Mm, the freshest ingredients,\" Song Chuyi said lightly. As Li Shaobin was a glutton, he always picked these up time and again.

\"Li Shaobin is really incredible. Whoever becomes his wife will definitely have a fortunate mouth.\" Changqing was filled with envy.

Song Chuyi was very speechless. Who was the one who kept bad-mouthing Li Shaobin last night?

Indeed, once food was involved, integrity and moral principles were like fleeting clouds.

With her like this, it was a miracle that no men had used delicacies to swindle her away.

\"Aye, but why didn't you buy candles…\" Changqing looked through the bags and felt that something was missing. Where's the candle-lit dinner we agreed on? Without candles, how could it be a candle-lit dinner?

\"Go get changed. We'll get these cooked in a restaurant outside,\" Song Chuyi said as he coughed in a low tone.

Changqing was astonished and blinked her eyes. \"Didn't you say we would eat at home yesterday?\"

\"I'm too tired today and there are too many things. I'm not sure how to cook all this; we'll do it next time. \" Song Chuyi said in a largely unnatural way, \"The restaurant outside is owned by a friend of mine; it isn't too bad.\"

Changqing pouted and felt like she was hurt and cheated.

She was still thinking about how he was so nice and that all she had to do was go back home and open her mouth to eat.

Now she had to change her clothes.

So that was an overthought on her part.

However, being able to eat beat having nothing to eat.

Changqing went back to her room to change into a white dress and took Song Chuyi's car to the restaurant he mentioned.

She had never been to this place before and it was quite obscure too. It was an outstanding French restaurant in an alley under a Chinese parasol tree. The people who entered also seemed to have made reservations a few days in advance.

The environment there at night was quite dark. The warm, yellow light cast on the dining table, coupled with the wooden table and the red velvet couch created a romantic ambience.

Changqing felt a little better.

A foreign man who looked quite handsome walked over with a smile, speaking fluently in Mandarin. \"Dr. Song, this must be your wife. She's beautiful.\"

\"Thank you.\" Song Chuyi passed the ingredients over to the foreign man and made introductions. \"This is the head chef of this restaurant, Warsun. He's not only skilled in French cuisine, but he's also very adept in Japanese, Korean and Italian cuisine.\"

\"The only cuisine I don't know is Chinese cuisine,\" Warsun said with a smile.

\"Of all the foreigners I've met, you're the most fluent in Mandarin,\" Changqing said with admiration.

\"Thank you.\" Warsun let out a laugh. \"Do you want to open a bottle of red wine?\"

Changqing wanted to agree to it when Song Chuyi rejected the idea straight away. \"No need; let's have some fresh fruit juice.\"

\"Sure.\" Warsun brought them to an outdoor greenhouse suite with a grass carpet on the third floor. There were velvet couches inside, and it was designed for comfort.

Changqing felt that the ambience there was extremely good.

\"Take a seat here for a while. I'll personally prepare your meal.\" Warsun smiled politely and turned to leave.

Not long after Warsun left, a service staff presented a fruit platter.

There were grapes, blackberries, kiwis, mangoes, cherries and more.

The various fruits were pieced together and plated beautifully. Changqing's appetite was enticed just by looking at it and she ate quite a lot until Song Chuyi started tapping the back of her hand. \"Eat less. If you eat too much, you won't be able to eat anything else later.\"

Changqing thought about the tender Wagyu beef and king crab and forced herself to stop. She looked around and was surprised to discover that this place didn't seem very private, but once she scrutinized it, she realized it seemed extremely well-covered up.

Because of the surrounding plants, everything that needed to be blocked was all covered up and they could still admire the moon above their heads.

Changqing stood up gleefully and sniffed the cluster of flowers beside her. Afterwards, she scuttled to the velvet couch Song Chuyi was sitting on and kissed his chin delicately. \"Chuchu, thank you.\"

Song Chuyi lowered his head and watched that little face that looked like a peach. His eyes moved and he asked, \"Thank me for what?\"

\"Other than my colleagues and friends, this is the first time I've come to a place like this with my other half for a date.\" Changqing leaned her head against his chest. In the past, she often went to romantic places with her friends but the bills were always paid by her friends' boyfriends. She either went as a lightbulb or with a few good friends and colleagues to look for a private place with a good ambience to hang out. For Changqing, who had never dated before, this was a first.

Song Chuyi blanked out for a few seconds and he put his arm around her shoulders, gently embracing her.

Changqing rubbed herself against his chest more unrestrainedly as though encouraged by his actions.

It was good to have a husband.

In the future, she didn't need to be envious of others.

Song Chuyi lowered his head and looked at the little woman in his embrace with a face full of satisfaction and a complicated smile flashed past his face.

Perhaps he had been too busy with work previously and indeed wasn't good enough to her, causing her to be so excited and look forward to a simple western meal.

\"However…\" Changqing suddenly lifted her head again. Her amorous eyes shone like the stars overhead, gleaming with an expectation she didn't conceal. \"… Don't you think that with such an ambience, it would be better to receive a bunch of fresh flowers?\"

Song Chuyi \"…\"

\"Are you trying to hint at me to give you flowers?\" Song Chuyi exposed her straight away.

Changqing pouted and was a little embarrassed. \"Since you know it was a hint, why did you have to expose me?\"

Song Chuyi revealed an apparent smile. He really had to take his hat off to her shamelessness. \"Give you flowers? Let's see my mood.\"

\"Petty.\" Changqing snorted. It was her first time asking a man for flowers and she even got rejected. She left his embrace with embarrassment and went back to her couch on the other side again, ignoring him as she lowered her head to play mobile games.

However, when the food came, she had totally forgotten about that episode.

That was because there were simply too many delicacies.

Besides, Warsun's plating skills were superb too. There were various kinds of sashimi, king crab, prawns and he also made some delicious-looking sushi.

Not to mention the freshly-grilled teppanyaki with a texture so tender and fresh it was the best and most authentic Wagyu beef Changqing had ever eaten.

Afterwards, Warsun was afraid they would be sick of eating teppanyaki and changed to serving steak.

The entire night, Changqing felt as though she was at the top of the food chain. As a glutton, life had never been better.

Even the sashimi, which was pungent because of the wasabi, melted in her mouth.

However, because there was too much food, no matter how much Changqing's small stomach could hold, she still couldn't finish it.

She looked pitifully at the food and wanted to continue eating to avoid wasting it until Song Chuyi consoled her after not being able to watch on further. \"Stop eating. I'll get Shaobin to bring more food back next time.\"

\"When's the next time?\" Changqing looked at him pitifully. Her lips were red and full after eating.

\"When you return from Hong Kong,\" Song Chuyi said helplessly. \"Take a break first; there's still cheese tarts coming up later.\"

\"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I'm bloated right now.\" Changqing lazed over from her couch once again and rubbed her protruding tummy. \"Help me massage it so I can digest faster.\"

She placed his huge palm on her stomach and her abdomen which used to be flat was now as round as a little balloon.

\"Where are you touching??\"

\"You only told me to massage; you didn't specify a spot.\"

\"… Gangster. Let go.\" Changqing pushed him away frantically as her face blushed.

Changqing shuddered and her lips trembled slightly with a shiver all the way to her heart.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》