So You're Such A Doctor Song
174 For Some Things, There Are Knots After All
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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174 For Some Things, There Are Knots After All

Changqing only smiled and continued to use her chopsticks to pick an egg up to eat, not expressing her opinion.

She had never intended to become close to Dai Ai.

"They seem to think that I broke their family up." However, Dai Ai seemed to have not sensed anything and continued softly, "But I think we won't become enemies because in this family, there's someone who doesn't like both of us."

Changqing was in a daze. Her brows slowly formed a frown and she said slowly, "I never intended on getting involved in this family's conflict."

"You will eventually." Dai Ai smiled while holding on to her flower tea. "When that day comes, you'll take the initiative to look for me. Perhaps you will understand that in this family, we're on the same side."

Changqing was startled once again.

She felt an inexplicable chill down her spine. What exactly did she mean? Why was she smiling so certainly?

Could there be something she didn't know about?

"I advise you to not tell Song Chuyi these things I've told you. There's no need because no matter how much he dotes on you, he will ultimately stand on his brother's side. The brothers from divorced families are usually closer than brothers from normal families." Dai Ai suddenly stroked her stomach as she sighed.

Changqing saw a trace of maternal love from her eyes and she felt a complicated feeling inside.

Why couldn't she feel any hate towards Dai Ai?

This was plainly a vain woman who was hungry for money and power.

"What are you talking about?" Suddenly, Song Chuyi's voice came from upstairs as he examined them carefully.

"I'm talking to Changqing about babies." Dai Ai smiled lightly. "You have no idea how many countless conversations married women can have on babies."

Song Chuyi looked at Changqing with a penetrative gaze. Changqing stood up and smiled sweetly, saying, "I've had my fill. I still have some things to do, so I should be going soon."

"That's okay," Dai Ai said gently.

Changqing went upstairs to get her things and when she came out from the bedroom, Song Chuyi was leaning by the door, blocking her path with one arm. "Where are you going? I'll take you."

"There's no need to; I'm going to the broadcasting station since I still have work in the afternoon." Changqing's mind was still in a mess. She needed to clear some things up.

Song Chuyi's frown deepened and after a while, he took his arm away.

Changqing walked past him and when she went downstairs, Dai Ai saw her and asked, "Isn't Chuyi taking you?"

"I told him not to." Changqing didn't want to say that they were quarrelling.

"It's inconvenient to get a ride here. I'll get the chauffeur to take you," Dai Ai said as she called to notify the Song Family's chauffeur.

When Changqing stepped out, a car immediately arrived. After she got in, the chauffeur asked her where she was headed. She was in a daze. Actually, she had yet to think of where to go. She just didn't want to stay at the Song Household.

She was a little annoyed by the atmosphere there.

Other than Grandma Song, everyone else seemed to harbor thoughts that she couldn't predict. Even Song Chuyi's thoughts had become filthy as though, she, as an outsider, was constantly eyeing them.

"To the Yan Household."

The car slowed to a steady stop at the Yan's. Robben pounced onto the window merrily.

The huge dog outside filled Changqing's embrace the moment she opened the door.

"Robben, did you miss me?" Changqing was very fond of his warm greeting style.

Robben barked passionately.

"You.. you have more conscience than your owner. So, I also bought you clothes from Hong Kong. Wait here; I'll help you put some on right now." Changqing thanked the chauffeur and ran towards the house with her luggage. When she saw that Yan Lei was home, she was shocked. "Dad, why aren't you at work at this hour?"

"Rest…" Yan Lei said with a smile.

"Don't tell me you knew I was coming back and specifically took the day off?" Changqing gave her dad a hug. "Dad, you're so good. Home is still the most comfortable."

"Why, you weren't comfortable spending yesterday at the Song's?" Yan Lei was very astute.

Changqing's face froze up and she quickly shook her head. "No."

"You're still lying to me. Your little eyes can never lie to me." Yan Lei said in a pampering tone, "Did you feel wronged at the Song Family's?"

"No, it's just that I don't really like that kind of atmosphere in their house." Changqing said, half-truthfully, "Maybe it's because they're too rich. However, our family isn't like that even though we're rich. Sis and I are fine. Usually, we just scheme after a little bit of your money but we've never thought about big amounts of money."

Yan Lei laughed out loud. "Our family's wealth cannot be compared to the Song Family's wealth. However, you and your sister are indeed unambitious. One only knows how to study medicine while the other is a small host, getting through every day happily, but after all, you two haven't experienced what it's like to be poor."

Changqing was in a daze. Subconsciously, she thought about Guan Ying.

"This is what I'm most proud of in my life. I wished for the two of you to not be troubled by being poor in the future too." Yan Lei said gently, "It's only when a person lives life satisfied that they don't want more and peace will be maintained between sisters. Changqing, the reason why you're like this now is that you grew up in a very healthy environment. On the flip side, the Song Family's environment growing up wasn't healthy. However, Chuyi is suitable for you because he's never thought of vying for the family inheritance. At the same time, he's financially stable enough to make you live happily. If you were married to a man who came from a poor family, then in the future, you might have to deliberate for a very, very long time if you wanted to spend a thousand dollars on a piece of clothing. Of course, It's not that that isn't good; it's just that my precious daughter would become a superwoman."

Changqing's eyes felt hot and red.

She buried her head into Yan Lei's chest silently.

Suddenly, she thought about the scenario if she hadn't married Song Chuyi and they didn't received any help from the Song Family. How would the Yan Family have turned out? Yan Lei would be in jail because of his debt and the Yan Family would've gone bankrupt. The villa, properties, and cars would've all been put up on collateral. She and her sister would've been left with nothing except for debt. Without support from the Song Family, Boss Feng wouldn't care about her anymore and at this competitive station, she would've been banished to the lowest level very quickly and been eliminated rapidly.

She had seen too many tragic hosts.

As for now, because of the Song Family, the people at the station were all very amiable towards her and even if she didn't put in any effort, her career would still rise steadily.

Her sister was currently furthering her studies at a big hospital in Beijing. When she returned, she would rise up in the ranks once again.

The Yan Corporation was also progressing steadily and Yan Lei's health wasn't bad.

Actually, she had no right to complain.

Compared to losing, she had gained much more.

Humans should be content.

Changqing suddenly turned her tears into laughter. She raised her head and was still smiling widely. "Dad, I'm no longer unhappy now."

"That's best." Yan Lei stroked her head.

At this time, Yan Lei's phone rang. He turned around to pick up the call and said in a gentle tone, "Alright, then I'll come over to pick you up later…"

Changqing stared at his gentle demeanor and felt a sense of jealousy inside. "Dad, where are you going? Who are you picking up?"

"Your Auntie Shen." Yan Lei said slightly apologetically, "Your Auntie Shen said she hasn't returned to Yangzhou for a few years. I'm accompanying her back to take a look and visit your Grandma at the same time."

"Oh, so you didn't take the leave because of me." Changqing pouted and grumbled, "Dad, are you going to… marry Auntie Shen?"

Her big, dark eyes watched Yan Lei. It was so pure and clean inside that Yan Lei didn't have the heart to tell her. He pondered for a while before saying softly, "Your Auntie Shen has toiled for half her life. In the past, she endured the pain and left Yangzhou for you and Fu Yu. Now that the obstacle of you and Fu Yu is no longer around, we can finally get along like this worry-free. Actually, at our age, we haven't thought about all the love of you young people. We just both want a companion so that when we're old and retired and when the children are married, we won't be too lonely."

"Dad, if it's Auntie Shen, I don't object." Changqing held back that choking sense of loneliness and squeezed out a smile, saying, "Auntie Shen is a very nice person. She treated me like her daughter when I was young."

"Yeah, your Auntie Shen went through a major illness. Although she's been through an operation, she isn't as healthy as before." Yan Lei sighed, "Also, Fu Yu is busy with work and every day, there's only a servant and a nurse to accompany your Auntie Shen. Actually, she's very lonely."

"Mm." Changqing took in a deep breath and pushed him. "Dad, you'd better get going. Don't let Auntie Shen wait too long. Also, help send Grandma my greetings."

"Then be careful at home. Don't quarrel with Chuyi. I'll be back tomorrow." Yan Lei urged her once more before leaving. Suddenly, the living room was quiet.

Changqing went back upstairs and for some reason, she felt empty in her heart. Afterwards, she cried.

Robben snuck in through the crack of the door and whimpered as he wagged his tail at her.

"You're here to get your new clothes? Let me put them on for you." Changqing sniffed, found Robben's dog costume and put it on for him.

Robben had never worn clothes and was quite curious, being exceptionally cooperative with her.

He was dressed in a pink shirt and it even came with a hoodie. At his tail area, there was even the extra small tail of a dinosaur.

Changqing watched and started laughing, carrying him as she said, "Robben, you're too cute. Come, give me a kiss."

On the landing area of Yi Ding Hotel.

Li Shaobin took his phone out to take a selfie with a flirtatious face until someone beside him reminded him: "Young Master Li, Dr. Song is here."

Li Shaobin turned around. Song Chuyi, dressed in a white shirt and white pants, with a pair of sunglasses sitting on his nose, came walking over expressionlessly.

"Yo, Old Song, didn't you say previously that you have to accompany your wife? Why did you come over?" Li Shaobin said with a grin as he patted the helicopter before him. "How's this? Isn't it impressive? My two older brothers bought it for me for my birthday. With it around, I don't care for your company anymore."

Song Chuyi's face suddenly turned colder. He glanced at the helicopter in front.

Li Shaobin said delightedly, "Don't you think that my brother is more generous than yours?"

Song Chuyi swept him a glance slowly. "Didn't you say before you would invite me to give me a ride on your helicopter?"

"Tsk, I'm just your spare tire. Do you only think of me when your woman doesn't want to keep you company?" Li Shaobin snorted and took the keys out, climbing into the helicopter.

He had a flying license and it didn't take him long before he flew into the sky skillfully.

The helicopter flew by the beach. Li Shaobin glanced at Song Chuyi with a radiant smile but the other party was still as cold as ice. He said unhappily, "Old Song, you're such a wet blanket. Tell me honestly—did you quarrel with your little treasure again?"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》