So You're Such A Doctor Song
187 Is This Real?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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187 Is This Real?

Song Chuyi was in a daze. He spaced out for a while and suddenly squinted, staring at the man smiling broadly before him. "Why would you be happy, seeing my woman happy and cheerful? I remember you seem to like women with big breasts."

"Yeah, I like big breasts. You don't know how funny this Y is…" Li Shaobin continued excitedly. Suddenly, he felt a dangerous gaze shooting towards him and only then did he detect that something was wrong. He quickly smiled and said, "Er, don't misunderstand. Although your wife has big breasts, I wouldn't ever dare to think about my friend's wife. I just feel that living with someone like Yan Changqing definitely wouldn't be boring and would probably be quite exciting. Look, if you were with Yunyang, you would still have to constantly worry about your brother's feelings. Your brother's love for Yunyang is already deep in his bones. Say, how tiring would it be to constantly run around, chained down by those two?"

Song Chuyi's face turned gloomy once again. "How do you know that her breasts are big? Have you stared at them before?"

Li Shaobin was about to break down. "I could tell even if I didn't stare at her breasts."

Song Chuyi continued to watch him through squinted eyes.

Li Shaobin felt a chill down his spine and quickly said, "It's getting late; get into the car first. Get someone else to collect your car later."

"Mm," he agreed coldly.

When they got into the car, the atmosphere in the car was constantly silent.

Li Shaobin coughed and said, "I'll tell you something interesting. Two days ago, Yan Molun and I were having barbequed meat outside and we happened to run into your wife and her friend Jiang Duoyao. Aiyoyo, Molun and I were sitting next door but their room's sound-proofing wasn't very good. My ears were filthy from listening to them. Your wife and her best friend are such gangsters."

Song Chuyi's heart was heavy, but after hearing about this episode from Li Shaobin, he became totally speechless. "You're already the ancestor of filthiness, yet you dare to talk about others?"

"That's true." Li Shaobin said with a laugh, "Your wife said that she had special skills and you were begging her to spend money. Is this true?"

"…" Song Chuyi's face twitched. "How is that possible?"

"I knew it; this Yan Changqing really brags without limits, haha." Li Shaobin laughed merrily. "Her best friend is worse; she actually described little Molun to be an arrow. But it's true—she herself knows that Yan Molun's large arrow would definitely shoot her to Hades. How hilarious. Next time, I'd really like to look into it with her. What a fresh new phrase."

Song Chuyi deeply understood.

He really couldn't stand it.

However, he had already experienced for himself how filthy his woman was in private. If Li Shaobin knew Changqing secretly searched for the right positions to achieve maximal pleasure on the computer, he would know that this was nothing.

Changqing was rather free these next two days.

She would walk around the broadcasting station in the day and return home. At night, when she had nothing to do, she would walk Robben in the neighbourhood. However, this lecher dog Robben really couldn't stay still. When he saw female dogs, he would pounce over and grind on them. She had to pull him with all her might and drag him home angrily.

"Tell me how I can take you out in the future if you're like this?" Changqing lectured the depressed Robben while walking: "It would be troublesome if you accidentally had an illegitimate child on the outside. You're already troublesome enough at home. Your owner too. Ever since I came around, he simply tossed you here and didn't care about you anymore."

"Wuwu…" Robben hung his head and continued to be dispirited.

"Aiya. Alright, alright, don't be so depressed." Changqing sighed. "I'll discuss with Song Chuchu after a few days to see if we can get you a female dog. I know you're in your mating season, but you still have to withstand it. A dog has to be faithful too. You can't just go for it whenever you see a female dog…"

Not far away, in a black car, Song Yunyang watched quietly as the woman and dog entered the villa.

This person was Chuyi's current wife.

She should… know how to get a man's favor very well.

She was indeed very beautiful and her figure was the kind of sexy that couldn't be covered up.

However, the Song Chuyi that she liked was never such a superficial person.

Song Yunyang was unable to accept it. She opened the car door and walked out.

"Miss Song…" someone at the side suddenly called out to her.

She turned back and realized that there was a small car parked behind hers. An exceptionally tall man got out of the car and when he was right in front of her, he blocked the street light right behind her.

"Yan Molun, what are you doing here?" Song Yunyang was in a daze. "Don't tell me you've been following me?"

"I'm not following you." Yan Molun took a look at the villa not far away.

Song Yunyang understood it quickly and let out a self-mocking laugh in her heart. "Don't tell me you like her too?"

"I'm afraid my answer would have to disappoint you," Yan Molun said lightly without any expression.

Song Yunyang felt her nose turning hot. "Did my Second Brother send you here?"

Yan Changqing said with an unusually indifferent gaze, "Yan Changqing is innocent."

"Innocent?" Song Yunyang's eyes turned red as she laughed coldly. "I'm even more innocent. Yan Molun, even though I'm not very familiar with you, you saw how good Chuyi and I were then. The day I left, he said that he would wait for me. Is this how he waited for me? So many years on the outside, no matter how lonely I was, I never did anything to let him down."

"I don't know what happened between the two of you then." Yan Molun watched her and said after a moment's silence, "However, according to my understanding of Song Chuyi, he isn't one who would desert you after getting you. He must have his reasons. You're unable to accept it, but do you want him to get a divorce now and get with you? That would be unfair to Yan Changqing. She's a… very cute… and very innocent woman. She knows nothing about the two of you. She's been living in her own world every day and is very happy. Chuyi doesn't want to implicate her in this. He guessed that you would come over to look for her, so he got me to follow Yan Changqing secretly."

The sky had seemed to turn upside down in Song Yunyang's eyes because of his words.

She didn't even do anything, yet he thought she would do something to harm Yan Changqing?

She came back with hope but within days, she was filled with despair.

She lowered her head, tugged at the old necklace hanging on her neck and threw it on the ground. She got into her car without even turning her head around and drove off.

Yan Molun frowned and picked up the necklace. It was a really old necklace and its color had already long faded.

Yan Household.

The moment Changqing stepped into the house, she saw Changxin lying lazily on the couch and was surprised and delighted. "Sis, why did you suddenly come back without a sound?!"

"Dad told me to come back." Changxin took an apple and bit into it. "He said to ask Auntie Shen and Fu Yu to come over tomorrow for a meal. He said that he has intentions of settling down."

"So fast…" Changqing blinked.

Changxin sighed. "It's mainly because Auntie Shen isn't in good health and Fu Yu is usually very busy, so Dad doesn't feel very assured about Auntie Shen. He wanted to settle down and have her move over earlier so that he could take care of Auntie Shen."

"That's true." Changqing hesitated for a while. "Then… would Fu Yu be willing to come over?"

"In any case, Dad called him personally and so did I. It's up to him whether he wants to come or not." Changxin pressed her lips together. "I don't think Fu Yu is that selfish. Auntie Shen hasn't made few sacrifices for him. I don't even know what to say about his father. Auntie Shen was hospitalized for so long, but he didn't even call once. No conscience at all."

Changqing thought so too. It had been a few decades of marriage, and after all, their son was so old already. Not even a single call when she was close to death was acting too callous indeed.

"Right, invite Song Chuyi along too. He's a part of the family after all," Changxin said.

"Him? He's out of town on a business trip for these next two days."

"Business trip?" Changxin was in a daze. "For what?"

"How would I know?" Changqing said, "I always thought that doctors would stand guard at the hospital, but it was only after knowing him that I realized doctors have to go on business trips."

"However, it is common for doctors at the managing level to go on business trips. Perhaps the leader wants to groom him or something." Changxin suddenly said, "However… when men say they're on a business trip, we must not believe them 100%. There are so many men now who look for other women on the pretense of going on business trips."

Changqing nodded. "Sis, if you have the time to worry about me, I think you should worry more about Brother-in-law. You aren't in Northern City all the time, so be mindful of Brother-in-law…"

"I call to ask about him every day." Changxin rested her head on her hands and let out a sudden sigh. "However, if your Brother-in-law really did something to let me down, I could only blame myself for being unlucky or I would think our love isn't strong enough."

"Sis, why would you think that way? I was just joking." Changqing saw how negative she was and quickly said, "When you're not around, Brother-in-law comes over frequently too. He loves you so much; he definitely wouldn't do anything to let you down."

"Aye. Perhaps it's because I've seen too many messy things at the hospital." Changxin said, "Just like this hospital in Beijing where I'm studying, there are more people in that hospital than in Bo Han Hospital, and I'm working in the children's department. Last week, a man and woman brought a newborn child over to perform a check-up. Then I thought that this family of three was quite blissful. In the end, just as I was checking the baby, a woman rushed in crying and making noise. Turns out that this man brought his mistress and child out to see a doctor, but his wife was also pregnant and happened to bump into them while going to the hospital's gynecology ward. Say, how terrible was that? His wife even said while crying that they were together since high school.

"How dramatic is that? However, it's precisely things like this that keeps showing up at the hospital, whether it's a single woman with a child or a woman who's about to go into labor but has to come alone without anyone. Unfaithful men are abundant right now, and there are also many women who get cheated on."

Changqing felt her heart wringing after hearing all this. "Sis, don't tell me so many of these negative things. Our broadcasting station has a reality program that often digs up this kind of gossip and I usually don't listen to them talk about it. It's not good to hear too much of this stuff."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》